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The East Bay Regional Park District began acquiring land for Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve in the early 1970s. Today, most of the mining district is within the Preserve's nearly 6,096 acres. The area is an ideal location for hiking, picnicking and nature study. Naturalists conduct a variety of programs relating the Preserve's natural and historic resources.

1 day ago

It was a good hike except for the fact that I saw THREE coyotes throughout the four miles. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure whether they were all coyotes. Two of them could’ve been grey foxes. Either way, each encounter left me feeling uneasy. The first one I encountered was small and it quickly ran away when it saw my dog and I. The second one (about a mile later) stood its ground and did not move even after I made loud noises to try to scare it off. Then as we were finishing up Miners Trail , I heard what sounded like a barking dog. As I looked around to see if there was a lost dog around I realized it was yet another coyote! I will come with larger group next time and better educate myself on what to do if I spot other wild animals on the trails.

this trail is one of my regulars. absolutely love anytime of the year and there's never really anyone else on the trail once you get past the cemetery.

loved it so peaceful

Loved this trail! The tunnel is amazing! Definitely worth a stop to explore and look at the tunnel walls. We even saw tiny frog in the cave. Wouldn’t rate this hard though, probably higher end of moderate.

We looped this hike by staying on Stewartsville Trail and added a bit more to the hike. We finished the day at 8 miles.

I only hike once a week and I felt this hike should be rated as moderate instead of hard. It starts of with several inclines for the first 2 miles after that it’s pretty easy. What I like about the hike is there are 2 caves you get to see on the way, as well as an amazing panoramic view of the city that no photo can explain. The trail does get narrow at times. Can be difficult for pets and young kids.

Haven’t hiked in so long and it felt great. Not a lot of people on the trails so it was nice to be able to pace myself good. The view from the tops of the mountain was breath taking. Can’t wait for my next adventure.

2 months ago

These two trails are fire roads. Lots of runners, bikers, and a few hikers. Once you get out a couple of miles, it becomes nice and quiet. There is very little shade, so do this in the spring/fall and take water.

The trail is very pretty on the backside. Once you make it up Stewartville trail to the junction of Ridge trail, turn around and look at Mt Diablo - what a beautiful sight! There is a nice little bench there to sit and look at the beauty and cool down.

I saw crows, hawks, and one long eared rabbit.

There is a ton of dog poop all over the trails. I wish East Bay parks would just ban all dogs off the trails. I am a responsible dog owner and still saying this because it is unhealthy for human and dog alike to be around a lot of dog poop. If you don't want to carry your dogs poop around the trail with you in a bag, then don't take your dog. Take some responsibility and give respect to the trails and those that use them.

What can I say about this hike? Amazing views, history and elevation galore! Will do it again!

3 months ago

Decent hike..a lot drier than I had anticipated but normal for this time of year. Not a hike you want to take on a hotter day as there is not a ton of shade to rest along the way

This was a pretty good workout!! I was planning on doing this alone, but glad I didn’t. There were3 gates that had to be hopped over in order to follow the route. It always makes me wonder if I’m doing something I shouldn’t. There was not as much for views as I was hoping. Lots of cows to look at adjacent to Black Diamond Way. I think there are probably better hikes to take. I gave it 3 stars for lack of a true trail because of the gates and the lack of scenery.

4 months ago

Great hike. Definitely moderate if you’re just doing Miners Trail. If you add in the Corcoran Trail the difficulty and work out goes up.

it was a good hike and you get a workout, especially with the hill climb. I went clockwise, but I think in the future I'd do it counterclockwise. There was a lot of smoke in the distance because of the fires.

4 months ago

Various trails at this park

mountain biking
4 months ago

It has a very strong slope, needs to climb up the right side of the mountain. On the left side difficult to climb pedaling.

5 months ago

Excellent hiking area. Trails are marked and easy to navigate. Mines are short but cool. Scenic!

Loved this trail, very clean. Lots of beautiful scenery and very interesting hike!
Would not come here on a hot day, not a lot of shade.

6 months ago

This loop was one of the best hikes I have done in a while. I followed the red trail marker and didn’t take any deviations. Didn’t see any cows or cow poop, horse poop was minimal, and even though it was Memorial weekend Saturday, the people were minimal after passing the cemetery. It offered a nice variety of scenery and landscapes, vast views, trail surfaces, history, and several different geological formations and soil types. Although just outside of Antioch, it seemed much more remote. I will do this one again.

Loved everything about it

I wanted to test out my new pack and poles. Nice day for a quick hike. I saw a young rattlesnake and a baby sunning themselves. A few raptors and a coyote in the distance. No cows, but plenty of evidence. Nice views, but think this trail would be prettier when everything is green.

Gorgeous scenery, varied foliage and flowers, and some beautiful rock paths. Great plant scents and grand vistas...even cows! An enjoyable spring hike.

Beautiful view especially at the beginning couple of miles. Going up the rose hill for a panoramic view of the rolling hills.

Great trail to do especially in spring or winter... Too hot and dry in summer.

8 months ago

As a fit hiker, I would not categorize this hike as easy. It starts with a gentle to medium climb on Stewartville trail with views of the rolling hills and without shade. Ridge trail gets a big steeper with amazing views of the valley and Suisun Bay. Chaparral Loop trail is about 50% in the shade and is on mostly rock slab which can be slick and tough to gain a foothold heading downhill in some places. The terrain and view on this trail is very different from the trail up. This is a good time of the year to enjoy the green rolling hills. Trails are well marked.

8 months ago

Day one backpacking. Great place!

8 months ago

This was a nice hike and if I lived in the area I'd do it often, but it wasn't worth the 45-minute drive. There were tons of very cute cows blocking our trail and the recent rains combined with the cow hoofprints made it a muddy and uneven (but fun) experience. This is definitely a hike to do in winter and early spring as there is no shade and Antioch gets pretty hot in the summer/fall.

This trail is super fun! I brought my 4 year old niece w us and she did great! She did get tired towards the end and after she knocked out in the car lol... but, for people starting hiking, I would suggest it. I’m not in that great of shape and new to hiking and it’s a good starter trail.

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