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The East Bay Regional Park District began acquiring land for Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve in the early 1970s. Today, most of the mining district is within the Preserve's nearly 6,096 acres. The area is an ideal location for hiking, picnicking and nature study. Naturalists conduct a variety of programs relating the Preserve's natural and historic resources.

This was a really nice trail. It's pretty strenuous though I wouldn't consider it super hard. There's a lot of ups and downs on it though and right away you're on a steep incline before it levels out on the top before dropping down a couple more times. It takes you through some different landscapes which is nice and it's a combination of wide trails and single track. Expect a lot of cows to be around but they didn't bother us much. Also saw a coyote and heard several others howling off in the distance. We didn't see many people and it was a beautiful day. This is a nice hike overall and would definitely recommend. I would not go if it's muddy though, the trails would be rough to hike through.

11 days ago

Great view from the summit!

So beautiful!!!!!

Always a good place to get out and stretch your legs

18 days ago

There is a kiosk at the entrance to the park which will collect $5/car to enter the park if the kiosk is staffed. When I went on a Saturday in January at 10:30 a.m. though, there was no one at the kiosk so we did not have to pay the entrance free. I would recommend that you expect to pay $5/car in case the kiosk is open when you come though.

Note: The trailhead is not the first parking lot that you see after the kiosk. Drive father down the road into the park to find the trailhead parking lot.

This trail will feel moderate for moderately experienced hikers and will feel difficult for inexperienced hikers or folks who are out of shape. This park reminds me of Briones Regional Park with rolling hills, city views, and lots of cows grazing in the park. Except I saw about twice as many cows here as I did in Briones Regional Park.

Definitely watch your feet for cow feces because it’s pretty much everywhere. I also couldn’t really find a good place to break for lunch midway through the hike, so settled for a scratchy patch of grass in semi-shade in between piles of cow feces.

There is a steep ascent on part of this trail that will freak out inexperienced hikers and make them rethink coming. If you bring a group of people with a mix of hiking experience, this is where you will see the most difference in people’s fitness levels and most likely people will not be able to hike at the same pace as at flatter parts of the trail.

This hike is ideal to do during cold and cloudy weather since there is full sun exposure pretty much the entire trail. Make sure you bring sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses even when going during winter. Also bring plenty of water since the sun will wear you out.

I’m glad I experienced this park, but don’t see myself coming back soon.

19 days ago

Great hike, very pretty, everything was very green. The kids thought they were dying (19,16,11,9) but had a great time.

1 month ago

I love this trail, and all the trails here at Black Diamond. awesome views, easily attained. my dog loves it too!

1 month ago

beautiful trails out there, kids liked all the different mines and sights. lower trails are fairly muddy after the rain, but once you get up the hill a bit it is rockier and less muddy.

This is one of my favorite trails in Black Diamond Mines. I like to hit it with my 2 year old son in a hiking carrier near the end of the day. I’m tall and there’s no brush for me to dodge!

The trail is what you make of it. If you take your time, it’s pretty easy after the first mile. I am always up against the park closing, especially in the winter, so I do this as fast as I can. It’s a great workout, if you keep the pace up.

Also the views from the top are amazing. In the early morning you can see the sun reflecting off the delta, in the evening you can see the sun setting with Mt Diablo in the background.

1 month ago

Trailhead parking in Clayton off Clayton Road. The hike up is not very interesting, dirt road and cow grazing grass hills. However, once to the top enter Black Diamond Mines Reagional Preserve for a much more interesting landscape. Be sure to see the old mining air shaft (waypoint provided) and loop around the ridge for great views and a nice spot to break for lunch.

Great Hike. I did this loop Counter Clockwise. Pretty flat at the start after .7 miles at the switchback too river view trail it starts too climb. Not super steep. Lots of cows. End of the loop is really steep going down.

Some steep parts but nothing to bad. Good trail for the pups and the cemetery is neat!

Awesome for families and pets! Great view points and panoramic views. Highly suggest for all ages and fitness levels

on Stewartville Trail

2 months ago

Incredible views of east contra costa county. Lots of coyotes, cows, hawks and wild turkeys along the route. Will definitely be back to do this again.

Great view from up here!!

My kids and I favorite trail here ❤️

4 months ago

AWESOME Hike, Intense Up Hill That Last A Good While . Took My Dog, He Loved It . Be Aware If Wild Life, No Problem With The Squirrels But We Did Encounter A Rattle Snake

4 months ago

Great trail, very scenic, definitely challenging. There is very little sun cover, so bring plenty of water and sun protection. When you get to the first fork, go straight instead of up the giant hill on the left, you have enough of a challenge later. Enjoy the views and the natural beauty because it is quite something out there. Be sure to keep an eye out for the ridge trail to loop you back to the cars (if you strictly follow the Stewartville trail signs, you will find yourself on a not so scenic 1.6 mile detour that is not worth it). Please note, that the ridge trail is definitely the challenging part of the "loop", so save some energy and water for it. Also be warned, if you're planning on bringing your dog, keep him/her on leash as we did encounter a rattlesnake today (this also being the reason for docking one star). Overall, we had a great adventure but were slightly unprepared. Enjoy!

Enjoyed this hike! Definitely has a few areas where you can go where it can be more challenging or easier depending on what you are looking for. Awesome place for pups! Only negatory would be the very few shade spots.

8 months ago

So much fun the family and I did 5.76 miles went all around the park so much to see and definitely will come back love this place

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