I’m completely unfit, and the switchbacks were a little tough but I still enjoyed the hike and loved the views untitled the clouds rolled in

Nice distance. Elevation. Was warm today. Recommend early morning if no cloud coverage. Well maintained trail. Wear good trail shoes to prevent slipping. Hydrate.
Gorgeous views.

Has a moderate uphill grade, but definitely the best local hike!

Fun, not super strenuous hike! Absolutely great view.

Classic slo hike. Beautiful on a clear day! Also fun to do a sunrise or sunset version.

Awesome hike and has a lot of rocks to climb through and over at the top! A lot of fun:)

Great hike! And beautiful scenery all along the way

1 month ago

Awesome hike! Probably best hike in the area with nothing but pleasant hikers to share the trail!

it was a fun short hike. not difficult and there are shaded areas to get a break from the sun.

Awesome views! Go early if it’s going to be a hot day, and wear good shoes.

I've been wanting to hike this trail for some time now and over this past weekend I finally did! It was a great hike. I couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather and scenery. My mother-in-law joined me and at her short stature she had some difficulty climbing some of the rocks on the trail, but it wasn't at all too difficult. The subtle incline (due to frequent switchbacks) made for almost a leisurely hike. It was a busy trail, but everyone was so pleasant. This trail will be added to my "Will Hike Often" list.

This is a beautiful hike. Steep climb to the top but worth the views. Try and go in a weekday to avoid crowds. We hiked it on a Sunday and there were too many people. The trail doesn’t have a lot (if any shade) so be aware of that during warmer temps. Watch for poison ivy along the lower portion of the trail. The climb does have rocks to go up and down and around etc. so be sure to wear appropriate clothes and shoes.

2 months ago

Good hike, especially if you add in Felsman Loop, about 6.2 miles total. Saw quite a few people wearing running shoes, not recommended, to rocky the last 3/4 of a mile!

I love this trial. it never disappoints,it has amazing views and is a great hike. You should take the time for this hike.

Awesome hike! Probably the best hike in the area!

Great hike. My son enjoyed the climbing part. Good workout and a rewarding view.

Cool rock climbing if you would like. Good exercise
Beautiful scenery

Great trail running, very neat

Great trail, great views

2 months ago

Seemed real easy in the beginning, but boy was I wrong. The views are def worth it once you make it to the top.

Beautiful scenery, moderately challenging trail. Loved it!

Love this place!

Love this place!!

Very nice trail! Good workout uphill!!!

This is the first trail I hiked in SLO and I keep going back. I’m in love with the uphill push to the top. My first time to the top it took just over 45 minutes. Last week my time was 38 minuets. It is what you make it but I prefer the rush to the top and enjoy the way down.

Nice view of SLO!

My favorite hike when I go to SLO!!

Great trail, beautiful view of the city mountain range. Been here 5 times and will definitely come back.

3 months ago

looks really easy when you park at the bottom, once you start going and you think you get to the top, sike! the trail turns to the other side of the mountain and you have to climb up that part too. great hike, many places to explore when you get to the top. not a very private hike, there are always a TON of people on it. great view and would do it again!

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