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Great trail, beautiful view of the city mountain range. Been here 5 times and will definitely come back.

4 days ago

looks really easy when you park at the bottom, once you start going and you think you get to the top, sike! the trail turns to the other side of the mountain and you have to climb up that part too. great hike, many places to explore when you get to the top. not a very private hike, there are always a TON of people on it. great view and would do it again!

I greatly enjoyed this hike. It was slightly challenging, but nothing too difficult. There is also a cave! 0:

Steep rocky narrow path, no shade, cool and breezy at the top. great hike for a calorie burn. Beautiful views of SLO and Morro.

Great hike! You can see morrow bay and Avila bay from the top. Beautiful.

I love this trail! I’ve done it a about 6 times!

I'm a senior citizen, just take your time, it's no big deal. Avoid poison

It’s a nice hike and for the most part has great trail markings. There were only a couple places we weren’t sure about but you get good cell coverage up there so we just referee to the app and was able to stay on track.

Not an easy trail, but definitely not hard, and you get some amazing beautiful views of the city.

3 months ago

Coming from the Rockies, I may be a little biased, but Trail was still great. Wasn’t the prettiest trail or the hardest trail, however, before the fog rolled in the views were good and sections were reasonably challenging. Not a lot of people on the trail when I was there, so that was good.

Old favorite!

It was really foggy today, so couldn't see anything. It was still a great hike, and I would totally do it again.

6 months ago

One of the most physically challenging but rewarding hikes I've ever been on. Take a good 45 minutes to an hour to get up to the peak but totally worth it. Inclines are moderate but it's a journey as there's boulders to traverse and uneven ground at times. The rock formations up top are amazing and the views are second to none. Highly recommended. Bring water, a snack and make sure you wear good hiking shoes or boots.

6 months ago

Part of the trail you take to get to Bishops Peak and also the trail you take to the rock climbing section they have up there. Moderate traffic and inclines, trails are maintained well for the most part. Lots of switchbacks, decent views.

What an amazing hike. Probably the most physically challenging one I've taken ever in SLO County. Not as steep as Cerro Alto but feels longer and is arguably higher. The rock formations alone are worth seeing and the views from them are even more amazing. Truly a special and unique place and I would recommend it to anyone, although you have to be in decent shape to make it all the way up and wear good hiking shoes or boots and bring water.

6 months ago

Loved the trail and view. Took my dog and 2.5yo. Do early to avoid the heat if you have young ones and pets.~

Very fun trail with great views. It takes you through the woods, out in the open and then to the peak. Great workout!

Love this hike.

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