Backpacked this on a hot summer day last year and our group of three guys in our early 30s and one cattle dog had our work cut out for us. Made it to the second lake and our one buddy decided that was as far as he was going so we set up camp at the most picturesque site I've ever had. Getting a permit was kind of a hassle but well worth the effort. Wouldn't mind doing this again as a day hike and camping in Big Pine.

Packed up to Second Lake. Weather was beautiful during the day but down into the 20's at night. The trail is full of great views.

Absolutely Beautiful Backpacking Trail . 5.5 miles to 2nd lake with almost 3000 ft elevation gain, carrying a 30lb pack was tough...but well worth it ...A Must Do !!!

Fiance and I tackled North Fork from our campsite at Big Pine. Gloriously beautiful, but take lots if water and a snack! First lake is 2-3 hours at a moderate pace, ~4000 ft elevation gain.

I took this to Second Lake. 2000+ elevation gain. Really balanced trail. Eclectic landscapes and trailscapes throughout. 2 miles in ..Check out the house that Lon Chaney built in the '20's....very cool! This is an absolutely gem of a hike. Unique turquoise colored lakes are gorgeous(due to the glacier silt). Temple Crag and Palisades Glacier...highly recommended.

Didn't know what I was getting myself into with this one. Hiked 5 miles in 2 hours to the first lake of seven. Really physically challenging as there was packs of snow, ice and water to cross but totally doable with good hiking boots and layers. The cabin is awesome. Didn't continue to the remaining lakes because it started to snow a bit and the trail easily disappears deeper in. Overall, truly excited to hike this part of the JMT.

Fun trail, exposed, headed towards glaciers in the background. stopped at the creek, who knows how far and how beautiful the trail gets after, next time!

A great must do back packing trip.. Start off at the parking lot near Glacier Lodge. Take the high trail and head NW towards Black Lake. A good one day hike camp at Black lake catch some fish the next morning and head SW to the fourth and fifth lake. There's a total of seven lakes. To many views to name them all.. Make sure you get all the permits needed..

Monday, May 30, 2016