Bernal Hill provides visitors with a breathtaking 360-degree panorama and clear views of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown, San Bruno Mountain, and the hills of the East Bay. These windswept slopes are still sunny when Twin Peaks is shrouded in afternoon fog. Red-tailed hawks soar overhead, the breeze sends waves undulating through the native grassland community, and visitors hike around the hill’s peaceful summit to escape from the complexities of urban life. As one of the few remaining natural refuges in San Francisco, Bernal Hill is a special place for the city’s human and wildlife inhabitants. A paved limited-access road and a network of well-defined dirt trails wind around the hill’s flanks and provide access to the summit.

4 months ago

5 months ago

This is definitely one of my favorite walks with my dog because starting from the bottom of the hill, I can get a bit of exercise at the same time. The views from the top of the hill are indeed stunning on a clear day. I also like the public art up here.

I love Bernal!

This is my favorite spot for a nature walk in San Francisco. You get a stunning 360 view of the city. The walk is easy and there are cute dogs everywhere! It's also a great workout spot if you run the loop several times. Someone added a swing at the very top, but I wouldn't hop on as it looks quite unstable. There are 2 tiny lots for parking; one at the foot of the trail, and one midway up. Make sure to park at the one at the foot of the loop!