It's great mostly because it's close to home. But it does get crowded. Even though there's acres of empty sand, people love to conglomerate on the running and biking trails. Good three mile trail marked at every 0.25 mile and extends into the downtown/shoreline village area to the west and Belmont shore to the east.

Truly accessible with multiple entry/exits, Including switchbacks (from Ocean Blvd), from beach-level parking and from stairs. So, customizable, cool (but sunscreen necessary) and beautiful.

Nicely paved walking/jogging path. I run it almost every morning. It gets busy on the weekend, but everything gets busy on the weekend. To extend the path go down the peninsula to Bay Shore Walk and Ocean Front Walk.

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facil muy seguro muy bueno para caminar o correr MA's si es De noche

Great boardwalk to walk or bike :)

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Friday, May 13, 2016

I've walked part of this before but found it much, much more fun on a bike. If you go early in the morning around 7am you can find parking for free in one of the lots close to the Belmont shores side. Make sure you're back by 9am because the ticket police are just waiting to start ticketing and they are pretty aggressive. You can ride right along the ocean, which is really great, to Seaport Village then hang a sharp left along the the embankment where people fish and it takes you around to the coast guard station. I usually take a breather there then ride back. It's so lovely and I've never found it too crowded. You might want to check if there's anything special happening before you go because almost every month there's something exciting going on such as the marathon, Long Beach Grand Prix, sandcastle building, or the annual jazz festival. Catch a cup of coffee on 2nd street afterwards and it's the perfect morning.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fun walk to just enjoy the beach. The water is a bit dirtier than most of the beaches in So Cal but it's still an enjoyable place walk, bike, or swim.

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