mountain biking
7 months ago

I ventured up Pleasanton Ridge via Augustin Bernal Park for the second time. But instead of parking and climbing up Longview Drive, I got a tip that you can start at the top of Golden Eagle Way instead. You need to enter a gated community to access this staging area, which will require showing your ID and having the guard write down your license plate. But this will save you some of the initial ascent up to the ridge and the staging area is very safe and secluded.

I tried some new trails this time. I followed Sinbad Creek south until it ended at Kilkare Road. Apparently the locals don't want you to go any further. So I doubled back and headed north for a while. I reached a gate and could have continued further, but decided to head back up the ridge as the sun was soon going down. Next time I think I'll venture further out. It looks like further north it's possible to go west and connect with Sunol Ridge, but I think that is still off-limits waiting to be developed by the park district.

I came down the front nine on my way back. It gets pretty hairy going down that trail on a bike and I was a little out of my comfort zone. I would be very careful hiking on the front nine as it intended for extreme mountain bikers.