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In the heart of the gold country, the Auburn State Recreation Area (Auburn SRA) covers 40-miles of the North and Middle Forks of the American river. Once teeming with thousands of gold miners, the area is now a natural area offering a wide variety of recreation opportunities to over 900,000 visitors a year. Major recreational uses include hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, mountain biking, gold panning, equestrian/horseback riding trails and off-highway motorcycle riding. Whitewater recreation is also very popular on both forks of the river, with Class II, III and IV runs. Over 30 -private outfitters are licensed to offer whitewater trips in Auburn SRA. Auburn SRA is made up of the lands set aside for the Auburn Dam. California State Parks administers the area under a contract with the US Bureau of Reclamation

18 hours ago

ok probably won't do again might do tge main trail an see where it gos

I did the full Olmstead Loop. This is a pretty hike on a beautiful fall day. The trails are mostly flat, with a few uphill climbs around Knickerbocker Creek. Saw a coyote and many birds. I got a tick despite wearing long sleeves and pants, so I’ll wear bugspray next time.

Great place to getting some trail running in. Sort of narrow in some parts and people like to ride their horses in the area so be careful.

on Training Hill

8 days ago

did this today after some rain. Trail fine with hiking boots though I can see some parts being slippery with other shoes. The first part is still steep (I keep on thinking it's changed) but very doable, just take your time. Not much scenery until the top and on the way back but still very nice.

trail running
8 days ago

Great place for training. Go counter clockwise twice for a good workout.

No Road Bike Trail! Per the Ranger!

Nice trail, simple but watch out for the mountain bikers!

It seems like this might be mostly a bike trail - I only saw one other biker to about 10 bikers. It was a beautiful rainy day hike!

16 days ago

I took my wife, toddler, and two dogs. We did a loop that combined multiple trails. Great views, great workout, tired son and dogs.

It’s a good hike! At times it can be challenging to find the trail, just because you have to cross little creeks, but aside from that it’s really fun and very scenic. Does start in high elevation, then you descend, but at the end you have to ascend again, so if you’re not in good endurance shape or if you have bad knees you may struggle a bit. Over all though, I’d recommend this hike to anyone that hikes a lot and is just looking for another one to try out. Good trail.

Beautiful trail along the American River with good variety to keep adults, kids and dogs interested. Easy hills, plenty of both sun and shade, gorgeous river valley views, and even fun little bridges over rushing waterfalls. Lots of options to take offshoot trails down to the river. At the river bed there's plenty of safe areas to explore on the rocky shores. There is limited free parking right on the highway by the trailhead. Clean porta potties at the trailhead too!

29 days ago

Steep and a bit unforgiving if you're not in reasonably good shape. You do have a couple of options in your ascent of the hill to lessen the steep grade, but even then it's a good workout.

1 month ago

Trail was fun and challenging. Took the road back up as the downhill kicked my butt, but it still was a challenge getting back up the hill! Definitely going to do this one again and see how I improve!

1 month ago

Moderate easy and dod friendly. Runs along the American river so there are places to stop for the dogs or relaxation.

Very enjoyable journey. Saw only one couple on the way out from 3d Gate the whole way. The Maine Bar Trail is quite steep and poorly maintained, but that short struggle is the only downside, unless you do the loop counterclockwise and have to go up it. Took the Dead Truck Trail on the way back, which added a bit of a workout before it levels off. Creeks were very pretty, even with low flows. Lots of shade, so would make a nice summertime hike, with stops along the Middle Fork.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I've been riding this trail since 1962

nice views but badly marked
be sure you know where you go

Ok trip..We parked on 49 and only hiked a mile before we ended at another parking area. Signs indicated we were at the point but could continue on to Auburn Rec Staging Area (another 1.3 miles). We opted to just turn around there. Minimal climbing on this hike. It was just ok. Wished it was longer. Per my calculations it doesn’t add up to the 5 miles I thought I read it was. Non the less it was an easy lazy Sunday afternoon stroll.

nice moderate hike even though it says no dogs the dogs were everywhere very slippery near falls from mist nice hike

Definitely a moderate to hard hike. Saw a lot of bear droppings some fresher than others so I would definitely recommend not doing this hike on your own. Phone gps map helped to stay on the correct trail. The posted signs can be a little confusing. Overall, beautiful and worth while. Great workout.

1 month ago

Nice trail, steep incline in the beginning but if you’ve been hiking for a while, it wasn’t too bad. Lots of trail runners, watch out, if you get in their way, they get a little grouchy! More moderate than hard.

1 month ago

It wasn’t quite a hard trail but the beginning and end were very steep. Trail head is at overlook side of the parking lot. If we had used that trailhead we would have seen the sign that said 30% grade. The middle part is basically flat and you can catch glimpses of the area where the Auburn dam was to have been built. In the spring there are probably lots of wild flowers. I would do it again for the workout and see flowers in the spring. It would be too hot in the summer. Lots of other trails branch off including the Western States trail.

Great hike. Beautiful trail. Hated. Hated the very end with a switch back 1/2 mile uphill. I made it! And glad I hiked that trail

very hard hike but the feeling of accomplishment I had when I completed it!!! woohoo

1 month ago

Awesome evening/night hike here today. The cardiac part is no joke. Will definitely do it again. Looking forward to doing during the day so I can see exactly how insane the hill is. Used headlamps and flashlights. Was fun. Tons of rocks. Wear hiking shoes for sure. Bring lots of water.

1 month ago

Decent hike. Not really worth the $10 parking fee. Most of the hike is in the shade. Lots of people

Trail closed by cones before you get to it

The cardiac portion is on par with training hill plus a lot of technical aspects due to rocks. It connects to Rattlesnake Bar once at the river. I absolutely loved it. If you’re looking for a good workout with rewarding views, it’s perfect. The river areas has a lot of access and even beach areas. My boyfriend jumped in for a quick swim to cool off. There are “bypasses” for cardiac trail that are well marked and nice if you want to take a less technical trail in spots, but the incline is still the same for the most part.

Outstanding trail with roller coaster Hells going up to the bench and downhill back plus lots of shade

Great hike. Steep, but shady too!

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