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1 day ago

One of my group’s go-to trails for incline training. We always do it counterclockwise (steep hill first) and the easy decline after you reach the top never gets old. The trail is easy to follow. Watch out for poison oak!

trail running
2 days ago

the bf and i jogged our way there and it was pretty fast hike. Views breathtaking!

loved it!

3 days ago

Love this hike! Beautiful viewpoints throughout. Is great for everyone. Definitely some uphill work one way or the other depending on where you start. But entirely worth it!


Decent short hike for a workout! Climb up the steep hill and then easy hike back. Weather is good today for a hike. The trail is green with wildflower and butterflies!

mountain biking
3 days ago

Was a beautiful trail. W tried to hike it. BUT Definitely should not be marked kid friendly , there way too many mountain bikers. Steep hills where bikers flew fast at us. And not too many areas to step to the side to avoid.

Beautiful shaded trail, creek and waterfalls are a nice treat. Currently closed.

10 days ago

Such beautiful views of the river and great scenery! We loved it! Perfect weather in April!

Trail itself I’d consider moderate. I’d highly recommend if you want to hike, to NOT take this trail in the park. 99% of people on this trail are mountain bikers that will mow you down. So irritating every five minutes having to jump in bushes to accommodate them and even more difficult if you have a dog. If you’re a mountain biker, great trail for you. Just be considerate that people hike this and you can seriously injure them if you don’t call out your presence before hand.

Great hike if you go through the rock climbing area and make the loop around and back. The cave with fossils is closed now though.

Is beautiful loved

Easy nice trail. The trail itself isn’t too long but does lead to many other trails.

good challenging hike for the first half mile or so, and then it levels out and starts to descend towards the end of the trail. there are 4 waterfalls on the trail you can't miss them. best time to go would be in March when it is raining.

This was a beautiful hike! I’m very out of shape and wanted to get outdoors to jumpstart my fitness journey. I did get really winded going uphill, but took breaks and powered through. I would definitely rate this as a moderate to easy hike for most. If I can do it, ANYONE can.

16 days ago

The trail itself is easy and really pretty but the downfall is dealing with all of the mountain bikes. There are places to jump out of the way through most of the trail but space is very limited in a couple of areas.

Be ready to pay 10$ for parking

Amazing hike. A lot of people. But still recommend to see the dam.

Great hike with a nice of variety terrain and some decent climbs. In early April ‘18, California Pipevine Swallowtail butterflies were everywhere; in January there were California Newts.

Overcrowded, people with speakers, bros in white shoes.

Agree with the moderately easy comments in other post. Nice hike though.

20 days ago

21 days ago

Went here on 4/1/18. Made it to the mine but it was closed off with cement, which was disappointing. A lot of people on the trail and parking was difficult. Maybe it was because it was Easter? Good day trip hike. The middle fork of the American river was running high and always beautiful up in this location.

Parking was easy and free, so that’s a good way to start things off! The trail was pretty easy to maneuver, and is pretty neat in the early morning. Later in the morning, I noticed a lot more trail runners and other people (not a bad thing at all, just an observation). I will say the views are pretty killer for a fairly short hike. Also, if you are in it for fitness reasons the last 1/4 mile is a good leg burner! I would totally recommend it!

great trail! If you chose to hike counterclockwise the first mile or so is definitely a straight up hike with very little level ground to recover on. Once you do reach the top of the hill it is smooth sailing from there. Today was my second time hiking it and it was a beautiful time of the year to explore up there, not too many people and I did encounter snake.

Really lovely area, nice and shaded on most parts. Only issue was that the route is confusing and it is longer than mentioned here, took about four hours for myself to complete. Saw some super cute salamanders in a stream and some great views of the canyon and river. Great workout as well! Excellent!

Great hike with a little bit of everything — flat trail, inclines, rocks and streaming water! The pathway is very narrow. Enjoyed seeing all the greenery and a few small critters!

Great little starter hike!

Great hike! First half is in the sun, second is mostly in the shade. The dam was a great place for lunch, and it’s all downhill on the way back so it made for an easy trek back after hiking up hill on the way in. Highly recommend.

This was a beautiful trail. Everything was green and blooming. There were a lot of butterflies.
The trail was fairly easy climbing on the way up and downhill back. There was a Dam at the top. It was beautiful and there was a rainbow at the end.

Its much farther then I had thought. Beautiful trail with amazing sight seeing. make sure you leash your dogs at all times. I did receive a ticket for no leash on my very well behaved German Sheppard, but couldn't have been from a better looking, funny, all around Park Ranger, so in the end was kinda worth it lol ENJOY!!

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