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In the heart of the gold country, the Auburn State Recreation Area (Auburn SRA) covers 40-miles of the North and Middle Forks of the American river. Once teeming with thousands of gold miners, the area is now a natural area offering a wide variety of recreation opportunities to over 900,000 visitors a year. Major recreational uses include hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, mountain biking, gold panning, equestrian/horseback riding trails and off-highway motorcycle riding. Whitewater recreation is also very popular on both forks of the river, with Class II, III and IV runs. Over 30 -private outfitters are licensed to offer whitewater trips in Auburn SRA. Auburn SRA is made up of the lands set aside for the Auburn Dam. California State Parks administers the area under a contract with the US Bureau of Reclamation

9 hours ago

Great for all levels. The rock climbing area is a must see- my highlight!

Parking can be tricky but the walk is lovely with awesome views of the river and nice rock formations. My 8 and 10 year old loved it. Some good geocaching along the trails too.

Not a winter hike. Trail is in the shade and it was freezing cold. Not many views of the river below. Hike is wide and traffic is high; the trail dead ends at the dam with no other trails from there to view the lakes. Somewhat disappointing.

Made for a nice short walk. Easy hike to bring the kids along.

22 hours ago

Mountain miles are not as a crow flies. 8 miles to Iowa hill is 20 minutes min. driving 25 mph and 10mph around the sharp switchbacks. The town is very intimate with its residence being more dogs than people you are greeted with tail wags not hand waves. (not joking) Also this towns mayor is infact a dog.

THE TRAIL HEAD: LOCATED behind the market and is clearly marked with a large sign. Most likely you will be greeted by dogs and they will guide you down the hill to the river. (Penny is the Australian Shepard, Moose is the sweet Lab)

DANGERS: poison oak everywhere (public land). SPRING do not pet the dogs they roll in poison oak.. This is common sense... part of the trail has collapsed but nothing you can't overcome. If you have a fear of heights the trail is basically a cliff edge.

1 day ago

Easy trail and great for dogs trail is wide enough for horses and bikes to get through

1 day ago

Easy, not moderate
Steep climb going back to the highway, but short so not so bad
Secluded enough that it didn't feel crowded even with some folks on the trail
Nice views from above, small creek crossings along the way, so so waterfall
Decent hike so giving this 3⭐

2 days ago

Great hike...lots of different options...very beautiful views

Beautiful day to hike and great river views, but lots of people and bikers.

Beautiful walk in the mossy woods. Never did see the waterfall. Only had to backtrack once. Went counter clockwise. Maine Bar trail was extremely steep and even though it was tough going up, I would not want to go down it. Highly recommend this one.

Attempted this hike this past weekend. Access is closed right now. :(

Loved it! Weather was perfect and the hiking not bad at all!

Took my four year old. Great family trail but good luck finding parking:/ it was crazy and it’s a $10 feel if you find a spot in the registered parts.

9 days ago

I think that the reviews that consider this easy maybe run this thing backwards lol.

You CANNOT go in through the Auburn side. The road is blocked 2.7 miles from trailhead and it says NO public. We made the mistake of trying. 02-10-18

pretty sites. not a lot of parking.

Quick and easy hike with some great sights along the way!

Didn't quite make it to he trail unfortunately, the road in is 8.5 miles, very windy, narrow and downhill. I drive a 2005 Honda Civic, after about 2.5 miles my brakes were cooked. Just had them done so that shouldn't have happened. I also had to pass a Jeep on a very narrow part with a shear cliff on the right on me (no guard rails). Didn't feel very comfortable after that. Ended up turning around and going to a different trail. I'd recommend having a vehicle with really good brakes. Not the best road for big vehicles. Be safe!

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