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In the heart of the gold country, the Auburn State Recreation Area (Auburn SRA) covers 40-miles of the North and Middle Forks of the American river. Once teeming with thousands of gold miners, the area is now a natural area offering a wide variety of recreation opportunities to over 900,000 visitors a year. Major recreational uses include hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, mountain biking, gold panning, equestrian/horseback riding trails and off-highway motorcycle riding. Whitewater recreation is also very popular on both forks of the river, with Class II, III and IV runs. Over 30 -private outfitters are licensed to offer whitewater trips in Auburn SRA. Auburn SRA is made up of the lands set aside for the Auburn Dam. California State Parks administers the area under a contract with the US Bureau of Reclamation

Amazing trail. Highly recommended for those looking to build speed and gives amazing scenic views.

Easy hike and absolutely stunning views. Spectacular trail since it is all the way by the river. Waterfall and rainbow are breathtaking. Will be back on Fall or Spring. In Summer I would say do early morning.

Nice hike 8 plus miles around trip.

Jeremy and I hiked this trail and the views were spectacular! The Forest Hills Bridge is breathtaking and the river runs all along the trail making for great scenery. Clarke’s Pool was a bonus on the way back. Refreshing after being in the heat. Definitely returning for that! Nowhere did i see mentioned about the parking fee. Not a big deal but was unprepared to pay. Thank goodness they accepted Visa. Also, this app says dogs are not allowed on Clementine which is the lake behind the dam. “No dogs allowed” was also on the gate of the trailhead with dog poop bags right next to it. There were quite a few dogs on the trail and at the Pool. Not super clear about the furry ones being allowed or not. Great hike and swim!

I am not the most in shape, but I would still say this trail is more easy than moderate. Not so much to see, other than the river, which you walk above for a lot of the trail. The climbing area was beautiful; we ended our hike there

Awesome morning hike. Stopped to cool off in swimming hole just east of Foresthill Bridge. Dog that was on shore with some folks swimming decided to leave his mark on my backpack which was unfortunate. Lots of places to explore along the rocky shore. Definitely doing this hike/swim again. *** Note: CA State Parks charges $10 to park along the roadway/park area. Booth is sometimes open and accepts credit cards, but bring cash in case.

5 days ago

Wouldn’t hike this trail again. Not much shade. River is a long ways down. Not accessible except at the start. All up hill.

Beautiful little trail that was very quiet, with several stream crossings and places to explore off-trail. A hidden gem! Just make sure you watch out for poison oak and ticks - there are a TON of both this time of year.

Also, if you take Dead Truck trail, see if you can find the broken down truck! Be warned though: it's about a half mile of steep upgrade. Nothing impossible to handle, though.

This was a beautiful hike, but much harder than we expected. My book said it was a moderate level, but our group of moms and kids found it difficult. The cool streams were a lovely break. Lots of poison oak in July. Take plenty of water for the uphill hike back.

8 days ago

Beautiful today!!

Great hike for my wife, who is afraid that critters and snake are going to eat her, so she prefers a nice wide trail. Mostly in the shade if you go in the morning.

I have a love / hate relationship with Training hill, it’s great for hill repeats. And it’s close to a bunch of other trails.

Great stuff

Bring water, especially during the warm time of the year.

Happy 4th Hike. It was a good trail. Lots of poison oak on either side. Most of the trail is wide but there are areas that are single track. Didn’t see any water fails but did pass over a few very minor streams.

So. To start, it was about 90 degrees out when we did the hike, and about 98 when we finished, so that contributed greatly to the overall “uncomfortable” vibes we got. There is about 50/50 coverage, but it comes in big chunks of shade and big chunks of sun, so you can be hiking in the sun for a while which can be quite miserable if it’s even relatively hot. The beginning section on Quarry Trail was nice, pretty flat for the most part, and a couple opportunities to go down to the river. The split to Brown’s Bar Trail and Wendell T Robie Trail was the beginning of the steepest part, in addition to being the least maintained part of the trail. There is poison oak EVERYWHERE, and at points you have to beat through overgrown vegetation (with thorns), and traverse a mud pit (with overgrown thorns, of course) that makes you question whether the trail continues at all. I cannot stress enough how overgrown the trail was. No “awe-spiring” views at the top, or even along the second part of the trail. So long story not so short: If you decide to do the two latter trails, bring LOTS of water (like more than you normally would for a big hike), stay very covered to protect from thorns, poison oak, and other sharp vegetation, and by all means do NOT go if it’s too warm out. Not sure if it’s even worth it, to be honest. Just stick to Quarry Trail.

hiking and a beautiful rainbow and waterfall

good challenge as it offers many options depending on your interest.

Lots of paved road on the middle portion. The trail has you on the cardiac bypass trail. We went to the bottom of cardiac hill and hiked that instead of the bypass.

LOTS of ticks, but very scenic.

Love the river next to the trail.

1 month ago

That first 1.5 miles is a killer but great workout and beautiful hike. Was a little hard to find, didn’t realize you had to take another trail to get to it.. but recommend. Dog loved it!

I started from the dam and found a very overgrown trail (difficult to follow) that followed Lake Clementine’s edge. Keeping the lake to the left of me and following the shore, I ended up at the end of this trail, then hiked up and out on the trail road and made a huge loop back to the dam.

I think this is the hike that I went on recently based on the pictures people have posted. Was not expecting Clark's Hole but it was a pleasant surprise. There's a rock you can jump off of, just be careful because it's slippery. The swimming hole is really deep. Where we were wasn't much space but I think the "beach" stretches out a long the trail (we heard people talking when we were back on the trail walking towards the falls further away from where we had been). There's also fish in the water, so don't be surprised if a trout (?) wants to say hey when you have your feet in the water.

1 month ago

it's a pretty good trail but plain, a few places to see but as a workout is pretty good.

in fact it's a pretty easy hike, little but steady elevation no real effort needed, got a few spots you can check out while you follow the trail. pretty crowded.

Beautiful views of river and forest hill bridge.

1 month ago

Wear good shoes! It’s super duper slick. I almost fell a handful of times

1 month ago

Nice hike! Bring plenty of water. Had to hike about a mile and half from where we parked through cardiac bypass trail but pretty enjoyable.

This was a beautiful hike but the trail was so confusing at the beginning. We got lost n it took us over 10 miles from start to finish. We were able to find the River n the swimming hole. I would love to go back again but I’m not sure if I’m able to find the river the next I go. It was a good hike overall. We had lots of fun.

I would rate it as moderate not hard.

Easy hike, watch out for mountain bikes.

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