This is more of a walk on a paved road. It's all downhill going in and all uphill coming back out. It's not one I would recommend since there are so many better hikes in the area. It was nice to get outside and it was nice to have the trail to ourselves.

6 months ago

It is a paved road to the river. There are trails on the way down that give you different options to explore.

7 months ago

Pretty easy hike. It's paved the whole way so it's not as challenging as a dirt trail. I wish it was more dirt, but the incline makes it more interesting. There are a few side paths that go up the hill and provide nice views! There is another path nearby that is further south and leads to another picnic area on top of a huge cliff. We'll be making another trip soon to find that path!

9 months ago

Nice little hike to get away from the city for a bit. All paved and pretty much a gradual descent all the way to the river below. Easy to moderate and it definitely gets you breathing a little bit coming back up!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pretty views. Really a road instead of a trail, but still a fun easy hike

Saturday, October 15, 2016