This is a nice place in the neighborhood to take a stroll or jog around the lake. Water is at full capacity now. Ducks are out. Also, great place to sit and have your lunch overlooking the lake.

5 months ago

Super easy walk around the lake. Beautiful scenery and it's neat to listen to all the bird chatter. I often see deer as well. Almost everyone picks up their dog poop. I would really consider it more of a gravel sidewalk than a hiking trail. Sometimes there's a funny smell and little fly clouds, and it is quite heavily used with a road going all around it, but it is definitely still worth a visit.

Easy trail with lots of wildlife

Kind of stinky and sad that the lake is dried up but nice easy walk to bring kids and dogs.

4 years ago

Trail is 1.3 miles around the lake.

4 years ago

A nice trail around a small lake. There is a playground at the north end of the lake.