wow what an amazing place. I am extremely out of shape and had a blast walking this trail. thank you Douglas family! everyone was so nice. there is not a bathroom near so I suggest using one before you hit the trail.

Love this very dog friendly area to walk! Thank you Doulas Family!

Nice for families to walk along the coastline. Handicap accessible. We pushed our disabled daughter in her chair along it without difficulty. Great view.

6 months ago

It's not a hike - rather a nice place to take your dogs off leash. Solid views of course.

6 months ago

Super easy, family friendly hike. Great for my young kids (3 and 5).

This isn't a hike unless you start by Hendrys, even so it's kind of just a walk in a circle. Good off leash area, great in the spring time when things are blooming.

trail running
7 months ago

Nice open loop with panoramic ocean views. Right above the beach, and Henry's Boathouse.

10 months ago

Beware this is a off leash dog friendly trail! If you have small children and they are afraid of dogs this may not be the best trail to do. The views are amazing and it is a very family friendly hike.

Nice shortish trail. Starts with climb, levels off, then down again. Good for families and runners as well as single hikers. Very pretty views along bluff. You can see the ocean and get nice views of the Arroyo Burro Park below.

3 years ago

More of a stroll, but it's nice that they were to able to preserve a natural portion of the Mesa. Lots of dogs.

Great views! Very dog friendly, but spacious enough. It's a short trail.

Good trail, but its starting to become too traveled. Dogs are tearing it up a little bit, but its a good spot to view the ocean.

Really, really torn up now that it's considered a dog park. Dogs weren't even allowed when it was the Wilcox Property. Each time I go, there seem to be more trails crossing the various areas and the main trails have widened. Of course, the ocean is still there and can't be spoiled. Often there are dolphins playing in the waves.

Wonderful trail views of ocean and great dog park!