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Great trail for hiking or running, I ran the trail and it has some good hills, but fun and beautiful. Definitely take your phone with the map, you can make a wrong turn very easy.

My fitbit clocked this loop at 5.78 miles so who knows. Was a beautiful hike and not very strenuous. Would return.

Great hike. Lots of up and down, but nothing too strenuous. Not crowded & dog friendly.

The first part of the loop is a steady uphill so I would say it’s a moderate trail. Well kept and there is a small stream the follows the trail for a while. A well shaded and wide trail with tons of ferns!

5 months ago

No markings. Got lost.

5 months ago

Beautiful little trail through a less traveled section of the Arcata Community Forest. A couple steep inclines will get your blood pumping.

private property
5 months ago

The rating is because there wasn't any parking or clear entrance anywhere near where the directions took us. We drove over there with 2 other families and the only parking was permit only because it's right in the middle of Humboldt State. From the road driving by it looked pretty but we couldn't find any parking so we never made it to the trail.

We walked the smaller loop. The trail seemed to be either uphill or downhill, very few plateaus. Not difficult but if you have knee issues I wouldn't suggest it. The main hike is wide and well kept. There are A LOT of offshoots which aren't marked so it's easy to get a bit off trail. My GPS was sketchy on this app so it wasn't always easy to figure out where we were. All that being said, it was absolutely beautiful, had a nice cool breeze and so peaceful and quiet. Just be prepared to wander a bit.

I was in the area visiting from Connecticut and wanted to get an early morning run in near to where I was staying. This trail was super enjoyable and gorgeous. There are lots of trail and they are not well marked, so downloading the trail map would be helpful if you are not familiar with the area. The only thing, is I would personally classify this as an easy hike not moderate. All in all it was amazing. Well worth it!

I’d describe this as an easy hike. It was so stunning that I’m worried I won’t be wowed by Redwood National when I hike there tomorrow. Nicely shaded, gradual inclines, and so many alternative routes that you can sort of choose your own adventure. I definitely recommend downloading the map for this one. It’s easy to get lost, because none of the signs tell you how to get back to the parking lot.

Make sure to also take the creek trail as a detour

This is an absolutely gorgeous hike. I was using Strava to map it, and it was actually 2.6 miles and somehow the last short part of the trailed was a hike up the road to the parking lot, which was a bummer way to end the hike. My 4 year old completed the whole hike and the 1 year old hiked the first 1/2 mile too. We hiked in a consistent drizzle, but barely got wet because redwood trees are amazing! There was also one part of this trail that wasn't clear, the connection of trail 1 and 18. if we stayed on the map provided here, we walked off trail significantly. But all in all it was a beautiful hike and my whole family enjoyed it!

10 months ago

Very nice trail with lots of potential detours. Go explore and get lost

10 months ago

Was an amazing trail with a great sunset overlook at the top of the mountain, but going back in pitch black was difficult because there’s like 50 different small trails and it’s easy to miss your exit

11 months ago

nature trips
Sun Dec 30 2018

This trail was awesome. We saw a deer just 20 feet away and this forest is BEAUTIFUL. I had a great time with my fellow Bakersfield College forestry majors here. This is one field trip I will not forget. All thanks go to Professor Kelly at Bakersfield College and the HSU Forestry department.

Took my family for a little hike. They loved the scenery. This place is beautiful. well kept as well. Love that the trail is dog friendly. My German Shepard is going to love this trail. Going back real soon.

Sun Sep 02 2018

Pretty nice hike. Very representative of hiking in a redwood forest and not too long. We did this hike in a little over an hour and it’s moderately strenuous.

Great hike. There are some hills so would not recommend for true beginner, but relatively easy overall and the scenery is continuously breathtaking. Cool breezes are a plus, too.

coming from Ohio, it was a game changer

My wife and I hiked up trail #1 and then #8 and #9. Overall we hiked about 6.5 miles. Very beautiful and relaxing hike, some of the trail was what I would consider a moderate slope, but nothing too hard. I pushed our 2 year old daughter in a jogging stroller the entire time and there was some uphill portions that were a little strenuous but overall great hike. Saw a lot of joggers, bikers, and hikers. Worth the trip to Arcata to hike!

My wife and I enjoyed this trail. The trail was being renovated about 3 miles in so our hike turned into a 6.5 mile hike. I love walking among the California Redwoods. I reserve the 5 star rating for something that blows me away but I highly recommend this trail to anyone in the area of Arcadia California.

Beautiful trail you wouldn’t know was there unless you were searching out a place for a peaceful hike.

Fri Jul 27 2018

It was a good hike. There wasn't much of a view at the top and there was really only one hard hill while the rest was down hill. But man was that one hill a killer!

Fri Jul 13 2018

Wonderful hike with beautiful scenery and lush greenery

Sat Jun 23 2018

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