Have you ever wanted a local place where you can relax and unwind after a stressful week? Those mountain trips are great, but who needs another long drive? Well, here in your own city we have Wilderness Park. This park is conveniently located in the San Gabriel Mountains at the top of Highland Oaks Drive. A peaceful place that is great for families, small groups and even individuals. Wilderness Park has a nature center with many animals on display and a pond to enjoy. Come out and take pleasure in the wonders of nature that are located in your own backyard.

The hike is fairly easy and short but get there early because it shares a parking lot with a bunch of other hikes (including Mt. Wilson) and it will be full by 7am.
The falls themselves aren’t really that special and they get crowded I didn’t really care for all the graffiti. Kids will be cliff jumping, which I don’t recommend.
Not my favorite waterfall hike in the area but if you’re into jumping off of cliffs, it’s an option.

9 days ago

6-10 hike for

rock climbing
10 days ago

The trail down to the waterfall is nice. Went on a weekday and there were a good amount of people just hanging out near the falls. I don't know how people cliff dive here, looks terrifying! To get down to the pool is pretty hard although there is a rope provided.

The fall in itself is nice aside from all the tagging ):

It was beautiful, except the graffiti. Waterfalls were amazing.

Great trail!

Fun to get to! Has a tricky ladder at the end that you have to go down. The forest that you go through is beautiful. I just didn't like the graffiti tags on the rocks and not much to really see at the end. But in the end I would hike it again for sure.

nice place .

the trail is a lot of fun and Lush scenery unfortunately taggers got in there and ruined some of the beauty of the scenery still worth the trip but the last 50 or 75 yards to hermit Falls is very difficult and we didn't attempt it

Nice easy hike down to riverbed then along it to the pools. Id call it hermit pools. Saw cliff jumping into the pools while there. Amaaazing lushness around the river. 3 stream crossings.

Very sad to say this place has been ruined over the past 10 years or so by an influx of graffiti, trash and degradative gang culture using it as a hangout to drink and play loud (terrible) music. What a shame.

2 months ago

I’ve been here back in 2012 and again recently and it looked so different I almost didn’t recognize it. There was sooo much graffiti and trash! Very crowded with lots of young adults playing their loud music and drinking beers and trashing the place. I cliff jumped into the water last time but not this time around, too many rude people and it made me feel uncomfortable. If you do decide to do this hike, please bring a bag with you to pick up trash. It’s a small effort that could really make a difference and it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Fun hike, but so much graffiti and trash! Parking is difficult, suggestion use Uber.

3 months ago

great little hike to start on. narrow trails, that take you on gradual slopes. when you arrive its a little anti climatic as you are approaching from the top of the falls, but a quick scramble down the rocks can lead to great photos. dogs may haveca hard time after the falls as drops down the boulders are a few feet or more. great hike to do in conjuction with sturtvant as you can follor the right side of the river to the bridge and connect with the more popular trail.

Great place, my legs were hurting by the end of the day. I will be returning. parking permit are only needed at the starting trail, when you see the sign that says permits are sold at the store. they only take cash.

on Hermit Falls Trail

4 months ago

Too much graffiti on the rocks. People need to respect nature.

Late review about a month. My friend and I were quite surprised at how easy of a hike this was. Getting to the falls was no problem. it was the falls that was the problem. There were none. There were only stagnant pools of water that people enjoyed jumping into. Coming back, we realized why the hike was so easy. we were going down. Going up was pretty inclined and strenuous because my friend and I were not very fit.

Great Trail

5 months ago

By far the most scenic hike at chantry flats and has less traffic than Sturtevant Falls. However the waterfall at Sturtevant is bigger and more captivating.

5 months ago

It's beautiful and fun. Getting there is easy and all down hill but the way back is uphill so you might need a couple breaks. Overall it's not too hard and is very enjoyable. Make sure to get your pass or bring $$ for parking.

5 months ago

Challenging for beginners but very do-able. Lots of shade. Unfortunately we went when the water was running low, but still a beautiful trail. The waterfall is good except for the graffiti every where around the rocks, took away from the natural beauty. Recommend jumping into the water if you can.

Nice trail with lots of shade and follows river
however, way too much graffiti and trash. so sad.

Nice trail. Drive all the way to the hill with nice scenery. First part of the hike is on the pavement going downhill, then on dirt road with nice shade all the way to waterfall. Love it! Great view and shades!

cliff jumping

6 months ago

First things first..... bring $5 CASH for parking! There are several small trails when you go to hermit falls. I went on the Sturtevant trail which ended with a waterfall. It’s beautiful... possible engagement photo shoot location for folks. Along the trail you will see small cabins and a few creeks. Great lower body workout

Not bad, all of the graffiti on the rocks was disappointing.

7 years ago

Short trail but with some great swimming holes

It’s easy to walk in beautiful to see

8 months ago

Amazing view

The hike is great but once you get to the falls it’s garbage it’s sad that people love to make Mother Nature look like the city. Please stop making mother look like the dead city’s

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