Have you ever wanted a local place where you can relax and unwind after a stressful week? Those mountain trips are great, but who needs another long drive? Well, here in your own city we have Wilderness Park. This park is conveniently located in the San Gabriel Mountains at the top of Highland Oaks Drive. A peaceful place that is great for families, small groups and even individuals. Wilderness Park has a nature center with many animals on display and a pond to enjoy. Come out and take pleasure in the wonders of nature that are located in your own backyard.

6 days ago

tranquillity at it's finest. Lots of coverage from trees .

11 days ago

Very beautiful and a great workout on the way back up.

It's a hard one!

18 days ago

Graffiti kinda ruins things. It's fun to take the alternate route back that meets at the foot bridge (except for that climb back to the parking lot)... maybe going counter-clockwise would be better?

20 days ago

23 days ago

hiked on a memorial day, and finding parking was killer (possibly even more than the hike itself). the hike to the falls was simple - mostly downhill getting to the falls (which by the way, has cliff jumping on certain conditions) and uphill coming back.

Loved it.. Very pretty down below.. Dirty at the falls pick up your trash!!

25 days ago

We did this hike and clocked it at 23 miles 50000 steps. It was not easy at the top the switchbacks were relentless. But it was absolutely beautiful with water running through the mountains. We camped there too.