Careful for the rattle snakes!

Very easy trail. Would not consider to be moderate.

Nice trail for a quick afternoon hike. The parking area was open today. Not too many other people out, just a few Mountainbikers. Some of the trails are currently one-way, due to social distancing. It affects the last part (Redtailloop Trail), which is one-way and can only be entered coming directly from the parking lot. So if you want to score the entire 5.2miles start the trail with that part and walk “against” the direction suggested by the app. Some nice views and lots of snakes.

No shade, very exposed and a lot of mountain bikers.

parking lot closed, no street parking, disappointed

Nice short and easy trail with a couple of nice views. Great for a casual walk outside.

Very short but very nice trail. Occasional bikers.

Nice trail with a good view of the bay and lots of rolling hills. Parking is closed because of Covid. Some bikers here and there. Most of the trail is exposed to the sun, but there are some nicely shaded parts in the latter half.

A good short midweek hike, absolutely not strenuous. Some good views. Was hoping to see animals but all I saw were a lot of deer and two bunnies. Be wary, there are a lot of turns to take for such a short hike. Went during the COVID crisis and this is a great place to clear your mind in the vast openness of certain sections of the trail, much better than walking on a sidewalk. The parking lot is closed but parking can be found very close to the trailhead on Arastradero Rd. I think it was legal to park there with all the other cars that were parked on the street. There are designated no parking signs to let you know where not to park.

no shade
1 month ago

Beautiful, lush, and green hike/walk. I marked no shade because there was only a little section of shade so make sure you wear sunscreen, proper coverage, and water! There was a little cardio accomplished which was great! Definitely do recommend!

Nice moderate trail. A fair number of mountain bikers so stay aware. During the COVID pandemic the nearest parking lot is closed off and street parking is banned near the entrance. Try to find parking on Page Mill and walk to the beginning.

I saw a rattlesnake on this trail with my patents and there is a river and a small lake with ducks . I’m only 9years old and I almost fell on a rattlesnake! -Leo G 2020

Great mellow hike. Good for kids and dogs. Not much of a workout though.

Dog friendly, mix of single track and wider dirt paths. Beware of poison oak along the single track sections. Beautiful wildflowers in March!

This was a beautiful walk through the hills. My favorite was at the top of the hill is a huge tree and bench perfect for a quick snack or to just sit and think.

Nice rolling hill hike/run. Lots of traffic, bikes, dogs, horses, etc.

Beautiful peaceful hike. Just the right level for me. Bathrooms and water at the parking lot. Will definitely be back soon !

Lots of trails closed for mud

no shade
4 months ago

I went on this hike with my dog and we both greatly enjoyed it. It's a short hike on a well defined trail with a gentle climb to the lake. The lake itself is a bit drab in January, but we still saw many birds and enjoyed seeing the reeds around the water. My dog simply couldn't understand why I wouldn't let him jump in and play with the birds. Along the way, we saw several on leash dogs and crossed an equestrian. There are trash cans and water (Regular fountain, bottle station and dog fountain) as well as restrooms. Remember to pick up after your dog!

4 months ago

nice one. Decent length

no shade
4 months ago

Walk with chewy, saw a coyote and some deer. Misty cool weather. Chewy did pretty well

4 months ago

Walk is beautiful. Parking at the trailhead is very difficult at the weekends: the small parking lot is totally inadequate, and the "no parking" signs all along Arastradero Road are enthusiastically enforced by the City of Palo Alto.

Lovely and not too crowded on a Sunday afternoon.

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