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off road driving
3 days ago

Easy Drive, easier walk from the parking spot to Fonts Point, fantastic views of the Badlands from there!
Well worth the 4 mile drive once in the wash. Just be sure to stay on the driven road and you will be fine. I drove my 2WD Ram while my friend drove his Scion XB and we had no problem getting up and back.

Ghost Mountain was a great little hike. Make sure to read up on the history before doing this one. Hard to believe a family carried everything they needed up the mountain to build their home. Also make sure to take your trash back with you. My Bro and I cleaned up a bunch of trash out of the water catch and around the house. No reason people can't put their protein bar wrappers back in there pocket.

Once you get to the top you get great views all around. We even were able to look back where we parked our car and all the off road driving we did to get there.

The dirt roads to get there are pretty well maintained, but with that said I would recommend small suv at a minimum, 4wd even better. I took Explorer Sport with 4wd and made it no problem. Since it was after rain there was a lot of muddy spots and large puddles, luckily there is plenty of routes around these puddles / muddy spots so you do not have to go through them.

7 days ago

Peaceful walk and beautiful scenery. The trail is blocked off towards the end of the trail right now it seems. It is also easy to lose the trail if you're not paying complete attention. But overall it is a lovely way to spend some hours.

A really nice hike, moderate in length and fairly flat. The oasis at the end was beautiful and peaceful.

9 days ago

Great short hike. We did the loop walking down through the slot first and the up the hill and along the ridge on the road. The slot is really fun!

Hiked to the trestle today. Gates on two tunnels. Encountered railroad agent in service car on tracks. Was friendly, but let us know the tracks are closed and we were trespassing and subject to fines. Beware.

This was an INCREDIBLE hike AND there are a few things you should know.

- Start early, it’s full exposure and can get very hot
- Bring lots of water, more than you think you’ll need
- There is no clear trail or path after the first mile. You’re basically blazing your own trail, this is NOT a beginner hike. It required a lot of focus and attention on where you’re stepping, constantly thinking about where you can find a path to avoid cacti, rocks etc.
- There are many false summits, you’ll know when you’re really at the top

I love the abandoned trains and huge caves

off road driving
14 days ago

Great hike through an amazing landscape. The trail is quite easy to follow once you arrive in the parking lot.
The drive up the dusty road from the 78 is easy enough that 4wd is not required at all. A buddy of mine drove up in a Scion XB and had no trouble. Just be mindful of the patchy sand and be sure to stay on the designated road at all times.
This hike is well worth the trip. Best time to visit is November-April so that the heat isn't so bad.

16 days ago

Easy climb up to a minor homestead ruin. What’s great about this trail is the total panorama of both sides of the hill. Spectacular views of the landscapes. This trail is part of a larger area that is fun and easy to explore. Combine it with the hike to the petroglyphs!

Trailhead is marked. Easy to follow signage on the way in.

off road driving
16 days ago

This review is not for a hike in the Canyon. It is regarding the jeep road in, which is supposed to be suitable for the right vehicles. This is a terrible road. It is not safe to drive, at least not as it is currently. The rain changes these trails, so it may be different at a later date.
Driving a powerful Audi all wheel drive vehicle with higher than average clearance (though not jacked up super high), we have gone on hundreds of Jeep roads, trails off road, and desert excursions. With careful driving we have never had a problem.

The mouth of this trail itself is harrowing. Very steep, deep rocky ruts in soft sand. Looking back, I should have stopped there. Getting out (much later) was very very dicey.

The road in is a lot of soft sand and it’s kind of scary. Once we got to the mouth of the canyon, in maybe a mile or so, there was no safe, clear path and almost immediately we got stuck. Again....we should have turned around earlier or not even driven in. Again we are battle tested, experienced travelers.

Car was stuck, not movable after 30-45 minutes of trying different things to dislodge it. No phone signal. WiFi in car had no signal. So we started walking. It was a Wednesday. Nobody around. Super remote. No traffic. I was hitting my panic threshold. I knew once we got a signal it could take hours and that only a certain vehicle could even drive down that road.

Then, like a mirage, a massive Ford truck with massive tires came down the trail. It was a husband and wife who also thought the trail was scary and they were in a powerful 4 wheel drive truck. They were wondering if they should turn back when we flagged them down. The man had some heavy duty nylon belt-rope and he figured out how to attach it under our back bumper and with some fanfare and creativity managed to pull us free.

This is a cautionary tale. If you feel nervous or unsafe on a trail, driving or walking, turn back. Obviously I do not recommend driving into Canyon Sin Nombre. I know lots of people do it. May just have been the road as it was today.

Always look out for fellow travelers in distress. Out there we rely on each other. They saved us from what was sure to be, a nightmare at best, and possibly worse.

I will go back. Want to see the canyon! But I will park at the mouth of the road and walk all the way!!

Fun trail up to the falls, which we actually hiked past at first (just a teeny trickle) but beautiful ferns are growing in the little bit of water. Easy trail at first but not well marked — just follow the footprints and it’s pretty wide open so even if you lose the official trail you’ll find it again. It ends up with a bit of scrambling at the end through a gorgeous palm grove where there is great cool shade. Bring water!

Quite the adventure! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and socks because it was a long hike.

off road driving
23 days ago

nice easy trail. however there was a giant puddle that many people turn around at. we didn't make it past this point as there were some in our party that didn't want to risk the big puddle.

We did about 2.5 miles up the ridge, roughly halfway to the summit. We decided to call it a day as we approached the beginning of the very steep pitch. The nice thing about this hike is that you can do as much or as little of it as you want depending on your skill level and how much risk you want to take on. I’d say the whole thing is pretty easy until you reach about 2,800 elevation, then it turns into a danger-fest! Very steep after that point and extremely thick with formidable and aggressive vegetation. It becomes straight up mountaineering.

Not another soul out there on this ridge the day we went up, this isn’t a climb to do by yourself. I’d like to return some day and go all the way to the summit. In addition to water and the standard hiking gear, I’d recommend long pants and heavy duty gloves to mitigate the likelihood of getting poked and shredded by agave and cactus. Be safe up there, the view is epic.

Did it before it was too late! Great hike

mountain biking
25 days ago

Mostly flat and sandy
1 climb very rocky
Let a little air out your tires
Lot of fun

We went to the top for the view and came back through the canyon. Fun finding calcite pieces. We had a lot of fun on this trail.

1 month ago

Great hike! I can’t wait to go there again :p

1 month ago

This is a scenic and relatively easy desert hike. We didn't see any rams but it was still worth it. To avoid the heat, I began at around 4:30pm and got back at around 6:30 (fall time). It got dark fast so bring a headlamp or flashlight if you go in the late afternoon / early evening. And of course, bring at least 2 litters of water per person (the park recommends 1 gallon per person, but I don't think that's necessary unless you're going during the day on a hot day, which I wouldn't recommend anyway.

No water right now but super nice hike.

This location does not have any of the sculptures in the post . The sculptures are off borrego springs road near big horn road and the others are south on borrego springs road just past tubb canyon rd. I did not venture out to this trail but found all sculptures photographed, Your best bet to see the sculptures is head over to the visitor center and get a free map. The one star rating is just for incorrect photos.

1 month ago

Great, easy slot canyon. Have to scramble a little to get down to the trail but it’s pretty easy.

After walking through the slot, nice little
trail continues to a view of Fonts Point from the reverse and some miniature wind caves.

Good hike for summer as a lot of it is shaded.

1 month ago

Great little hike! We did it in reverse which I recommend!

1 month ago

This was a great trial however at the time we hiked it there wasn’t much water. The alternate route on the way back is more up hill than the main route. But we did it because I like to do ‘ loop’ trails (it looks better on Strava.lol). Also there is a $10 fee when you enter this part of the park.

Really not many people. Fantastic views and variety

2 months ago

This was a really cool short and easy trail. It had some really nice geological features. Some parts of the slots gets really tight. We had started our hike a little later in the day, but the weather was awesome and the 2nd half of the trail was all shaded. Since the trail is a loop we decided to start the trail from heading West (if facing the slots head left) from the parking. It'll take you through a dirt road (4wd vehicle use this trail too) until you finally hit a steep hill. Go down the hill to the right and head towards the slots. There is a faster option of getting to the slots which is starting at the end and either doing the loop in that direction or turning around at the end of the slots and head back the same way you came in. If you decide to start in reverse remember they're is that steep hill with loose sand you'll have to go up. We found it most rewarding doing it the way we did. But we ran into other hikers that did it in reverse.

2 months ago

The trail is easy to following and just beautiful... that said, this is a HOT hike. I am a well-acclimated desert dweller and heat is not a problem for me, also I am an avid hiker. This was just over 3 miles of what I would consider an easy walk, but even I got a little over heated in this sunny canyon. I am only saying this so that people may take the warning and carry enough water... the park suggests no less than 1 gallon per person and I would certainly agree with that. With the proper supplies, this is a lovely walk with some very interesting geology! Saw a huge herd of Big Horn. Loved it.

on Fonts Point

off road driving
2 months ago

Excellent views

2 months ago

Good quick, flat hike, nice views of the desert, a historical marker about half way that has some good views going south. Looks like it is mostly a road for people driving up to camp or check out the Pictographs a few more miles up.

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