Photos of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Hiking Trails

5 hours ago

Overall great hike, although two things are important to know for this one. First, I cannot recommend at all to drive into Pinyon Mountain Road with a normal car. I drove in with a Camry today and it was horrible. I almost got stuck once and had to push while my wife took over the wheel. Eventually we got out, but you might want a 4WD to drive there. Also the sand in the middle of the road gets quite high for the most part, such that we could hear it scratching the bottom of our car almost the entire way. Definitely come with a higher clearing and possible 4WD vehicle. The hike itself is easy apart from some stretches where you need to overcome some larger rocks on the way, but nothing serious. The real pain is finding the trail and staying on the trail. It’s very easy to lose track since there is no marker, only some piles of stones by your fellow hikers. Definitely a good idea to bring your phone/GPS device and keep track on where you’re going, which was a bit annoying for me. Other than that, great views and very typical desert landscape with lots of cactus.