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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest state park in California. Five hundred miles of dirt roads, 12 wilderness areas and many miles of hiking trails provide visitors with an unparalleled opportunity to experience the wonders of the California Desert. The park is named for Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza and the Spanish word borrego, or bighorn sheep. The park features varied desert terrain and habitats, wildflowers, palm groves, cacti and sweeping vistas. Visitors may also have the chance to see roadrunners, golden eagles, kit foxes, mule deer and bighorn sheep as well as iguanas, chuckwallas and the red diamond rattlesnake. Listening devices for the hearing impaired are available in the visitor center. Many visitors approach from the east via Highways S22, S2, or 78. Visitors from San Diego and other points west arrive via Highways 79 and 78 can have the added pleasure of driving through the mountainous Cuyamaca Rancho State Park--quite a different experience from Anza-Borrego. The highways from the west climb to 2,400 feet or so and then descend about 2,000 feet to the valley. Where the highway breaks out of the high-country vegetation, it reveals the great bowl of the Anza-Borrego desert. The valley spreads below, and there are mountains all around. The Santa Rosa Mountains on the north side of this basin are notably grand. The surrounding mountains are wilderness, with no paved roads in or out or through. They have the only all-year-flowing watercourse in the park. They are the home of the peninsular bighorn sheep, often called desert bighorn. Few park visitors ever see them; the sheep wary in their defense against predators. A patient few observers each year see and count them, to learn how this endangered species is coping with human encroachment.

off road driving
4 days ago

Driving to all the sculptures is a great way to spend a day! Makes for very cool pictures

4 days ago

Hot but definitely worth it! Had to maneuver around people a bit but the slot was very cool to look at and walk through... do it! Can be hard to find because the sign is not prominent on the road.

Really enjoyed the walk. Left before sunrise to avoid the heat. We were unable though to go all the way to the oasis as we encountered LOTS of bees towards the end

Culp Valley offers incredible views of Borrego Springs and out even to the Salton Sea. The vastness of the desert below brings a feeling of humbled vulnerability. I will keep coming back to this beautiful spot for this view! Trails can be steep at times. As always, pack lots of water, wear good shoes, and bring moleskin and foot powder in case of blistering.

Saw so many bighorn sheep!

trail running
13 days ago

Difficult hike with very little shade. Park at the convenience store, but ask for permission because the parking spots are labeled as customer only. Once you have parked, you will be crossing the street and walking down the road about 50 ft to get to the trailhead (dirt road with fenced in properties on either side of it).

The trail is accessible by off-road vehicles so the paths are wide. However, there are some areas where it is difficult to determine which direction is correct due to lack of signage. Follow the GPS on here and you should be okay. Trail should only be done by experienced hikers/runners, expect to spend 4-7 hours out there depending on your speed. Bring at least 3 liters of water.

One source of water towards the end of the hike about 14 miles in (if you started on the western side of the loop first) it is a natural spring run off made for a local farm. It is recommended you filter it regardless.

A quick hike with amazing views. Getting to the trailhead involves driving down a dirt road. 4x4 isn't necessary. It's fairly well graded and only a couple areas are wash boarded. If you want solitude this is the place.

17 days ago

27 days ago

It's not a hard hike, but man, it was worth finding. It was peaceful and there are plenty of crevices to explore. It's family friendly also. It's not hard to find. The sign says "The Slot" go straight down into the canyon and turn left.

28 days ago

Spent 5 days in the interior. Located my old "Sweat Lodge". My journey was Resolved! Good Day!

My favorite hike in the entire county. Absolutely epic! I've also since read you can continue on past the oasis further up the creek to 2 more oases, making it a bit longer and more interesting. Complete with some bouldering and multiple stream crossings. The extremely fit and adventurous can continue from the 3rd oasis up to the summit of Indianhead Mountain. That peak is savage though, haven't attempted it but heard some gnarly things about it.

off road driving
1 month ago

We started on the side of highway 78 and ended on Montezuma. The drive was very doable in our off road equipped Ram. We were in 4 wheel drive the whole time for our comfort but can be done in 2 wheel drive with off road tires. In some places the bushes make it narrow but can be avoided if you take it slow. The last mile had no trespassing signs but the road doesn't get close to the homes so just drive right through and don't worry about it. This trail can easily be done in less than a hour. Have fun!

Nice trail. I went mid June when it was 100 degrees out. Not too much shade around. Very easy climb. Good enough to take kids on. Bring plenty of water and also more water.