Photos of Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Trails

2 days ago

The trails at the Poppy Reserve are more like 8 miles and can be strenuous with a brisk pace. Rattlesnakes can be seen stretched across the path asleep warming themselves just avoid them and walk around in a wide arch. What may be an annoyance is the intense freezing wind so have something to cover ears. Definitely have water in hand as the drinking fountains were not working. Pull in and drive up to unmanned kiosk and please make a donation in provided envelope. Then park and you will see the 24/7 unlocked restrooms. Up the path to left is closed visitor center. (Open during poppy season March-April.)
The several trails loop around and it’s wonderful if you like being alone in nature. There’s several easy to medium incline but nothing is difficult just maybe annoyingly windy. Cell phone service is nonexistent. You may see 1-2 people off in distance otherwise may not see a soul. Great distant views and gravel But mostly dirt paths. Don’t skip. Nighttime it’s accessible but tons of nocturnal critters in total blackness isn’t advisable for enjoyment. Downright spooky! Track your steps and you will find your up to 10000 in no time walking all paths. They all loop back - check it out!