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Annadel State Park, located 60 miles north of San Francisco on the eastern edge of Santa Rosa, offers miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, and trail riding. For wildflower lovers, Annadel Park offers a great variety of flowers from early Spring until early Summer, especially on a hike around Lake Ilsanjo. The best months to see the park's wildflowers are April and May, but there are some plants in bloom as early as January and as late as September. Dogs are not allowed on trails. Dogs are allowed on a leash under your control only on Channel Drive (a paved road) within the park. Lake Ilsanjo offers excellent fishing for black bass and bluegill. Black bass weighing nine pounds and more have been caught here. A purple plastic worm is a favored bait for the bass, while the bluegill favor garden worms, small crayfish, and grubs. If you are 16 years of age or older, you must have a California fishing license. Ledson Marsh dries up by late August or early September and so no fish are found there.

I would rate this route as a moderate one. I hiked this trail with two other ladies. We started at Parktrail trailhead and went onto Canyon Trail, around Lake Ijsanjo and down Spring Creek Trail.The weather was perfect for today's hike - cool with a little fog. We were fortunate to see many does and bucks out early. Clearly mating season has begun. It took us a little less than two hours to do the hike - about 2 to 3 miles an hour. Great workout.

1 month ago

Beautiful vistas, even in foggy weather. Watch out for mountain bikes if you are hiking!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Definitely not kid friendly. My 8 year old had to push his bike for half of the trail due to so many rocks. It should only be attempted by an Intermediate adult.

This is a nice starter trail if you are just beginning hiking, it has nice distance but only slight elevation changes.
Nice mix of sun and shade with no views.
Looks like mainly used for a bike trail.
Once you feel comfortable with this trail then move up to Hood mountain, Armstrong or Sonoma Mountain. ECT

No Dogs... The starting doesn’t say that nor does the listing... but the trail goes into Anadale which does not allow dogs.

The real issue is the people on the trail, usually the older retired type with nothing better to do then stop and harass you even when you’re trying to leave.

A very nice walk in the park. elevation gain is minimal.

Nice hike with lots of beautiful scenery and a good amount of wild life  its a good hike if you want to get a good hike in for the whole day and feel it the next day. I enjoy going once a week!

Beautiful. Moderate climb, the marsh at the end is gorgeous. Combination of burnt, new, and existing plant life. Rocky paths, not many people out there, occasional mountain bikers.

good first 3.5 miles with a walk on asphalt for the last mile.

A pleasant, moderate hike to Lake Ilsanjo and back. Went on a very sunny Saturday afternoon in early July. Nice heat under the sun but not sweltering.

nice rock garden for mountain biking

Beautiful first 2 or 3 miles with nice views. Ended up walking the last mile or so on the road in the sun though.

pretty fun and easy hike.

Beautiful hike with lots of variety. About half was shaded, the other half exposed. Lots of wildlife including flogs and deer.

This trail is just down the street from my house. At this writing the trail is open an cleared but there is a great deal of evidence of the October wildfires. The park suffered a great deal of burn but is open and clear.
The level is probably difficult with large rocks and roots in some places. Lots of hikers, mountain bikes and runners but it’s never too crowded.

trail running
8 months ago

Beautiful trail, especially a few days after the rain with a strong stream in the creek. Other than a short stretch that was too steep for me to run up or down, moderate trail. Free parking on the street near trail head.

I noticed lots of 4+ star ratings on this trail but 3 stars on sugarloaf vista, just a few miles away. They aren’t really even comparable from a views and terrain diversity perspective. maybe it’s the mountain biker preference for this trail.

It is a beautiful hike, but many bikes on the main trail. we got lost for a little bit because the rain has washed away some mud, and plants are thick. overall, it is a fun hike

This trail should be rated moderate, at best. There are not a lot of steep climbs. It is a bit long if you’re not used to hiking 6 miles.

9 months ago

Great quick family hike! Took about 2 hours round trip with 3 Kids(13,12,10). Hit most of the goals on my Fitbit in 2 hours. Not bad!

Very easy trail with some great views along the way.

My go to route for an efficient, fun 5 miler. Always fun bombing down rough-go and getting in some good flat around the lake. Add 2 extra miles by taking a right at Orchard and coming back on Cobblestone to meet up with Rough-Go.

There’s a nice series of trails, some challenging. It’s picturesque though also crowded with many people on the trails which are narrow and often shared by mountain bikes whizzing by which definitely disrupts what could be a calm scenic vibe.

Wonderful easy trail!

11 months ago

Went to trailhead but it’s all private property, no trespassing

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Nice variety of not too steep and level. During winter small brook to cross.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

This review is outdated since I did this hike before the fire- not sure its condition now. Beautiful, particularly at dusk.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Very nice lightly moderate trail. Not many birds, but lots of bikes on this Saturday, but all well trained in trail etiquette. Very relaxing.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

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