Very nice trail the follows a little river. However the trail head is easy to miss and doesn't seem to have a definitive end

Great hike with small kids!!! Trail is next to a stream !

1 month ago

Awesome hike. Starts with a 1.6 mile walk on the abandoned road, and then it's around 4 miles up, the trail gets pretty steep at some points so be prepared to sweat a lot if it's a hot day. 2l of water minimum. Views from the fire lookout house at the top are pretty amazing so it's definitely worth the climb.

2 months ago

I enjoyed this one! The scenery is beautiful, and I like that there's a picnic area. The trail along the stream is so nice, albeit a little rocky in places. I'll definitely be back.

4 months ago

mountain biking
5 months ago

Good hiking trail

6 months ago

short and to the point. best to walk the road and save the riverbed pathway.