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Here is my suggestion for this ass kicker. Park at the bottom of the ski lifts (no adventure pass needed) and head to the trail on the far left of the parking lot. Trek up to the top of the first incline and go left back to Baldy Bowl trail... there is a little tiny sign on your right. Hike up the ski hut and have lunch and then prepare for doom. It’s so steep and challenging and the sun is beating down but you’ll feel so accomplished when you get to the top. Don’t miss your picture with the plaque at the top like we did!! Head down Devils Backbone. The trail is beautiful and scary at times (I’m afraid of heights) but I made it. When you get the ski lift, save your knees and go left. It’s a nice walk down to the notch restaurant. Have dinner. We paid for the Moonlight BBQ dinner in advance online and the food was soooo good. We didn’t stay for the concert, because we were dead.... and taking the lift down after 13 Miles was the best $15 I’ve spent in a long time. My car was right there off the lift and thank god because we could barely walk. Marked this one off the bucket list! But I’d go back to Baldy Notch and do a short hike any day. Great operation, good food and friendly staff. So remember: ass kicker is up Ski Hut and down Devils Backbone. You would need poles to go down ski hut because it’s so steep. Good Luck!!

Well I started at the parking Lot of the ski lift. Took that Turkey shoot trail (brrruuuuutttaallll) and eventually made it to the notch.
I recommend wearing something that supports the Ankles cause its a steep climb up. Devils Backbone was awesome and scary. You come to a part where you're hugging the wall cause the drop off on your left could mean death. So just watch your step.
Its my first hike like this one. So it was brutal. But I would totally go back.
Be safe!!
Bring plenty of water and sunscreen cause it's pretty exposed to the sun.

1 day ago

Nice trail if you are looking for a fairly gentle hike with nice views. The trail goes just above and behind residential neighborhoods, including passing right by the house where "E.T." was filmed.

Mt. Baldy hiked on Saturday, June 23, 2018, temps projected to be between 50-77° varied by elevation, sunrise: 0539 hours, sunset: 2006 hours, wind: 5 km/h. Start time of hike at approximately 0515 hours, end time approximately 1215 hours, total miles hiked, 10.1. By virtue of moral support and the best of a hiking crew, this hike was unlike any other hike I have done before. The mere presence of support on the trail made this trail very much doable, fun, and forever memorable. We hiked this trail counter clockwise via Manker Flats, and if I may add, a very wise decision! (As a side note, you may have done your research already, but just in case, do not mistaken Maker Flats Campground as the trailhead parking lot, two very different places! Just continue driving up past the campground, you'll see the actual parking lot on your left, that's if you show up early! If you get a late start on a busy day, you may have to park as far down as the campground, along the road.)
The trail is not a gentle nor gradual introduction to incline; it is very much a never ending steep grade, and has few areas to give you flat ground. The first 3 miles are on a service road, the road is paved and then converts to a dirt road, plenty of room! At approximately 3.5 miles, we reached the ski hut, this was a good resting place to nibble on some food as I was oblivious to the a** whooping that I was about to get served with. The rest of the hike was hard; a never ending steep grade that just served me with the mother-of-all a** whoopings as a novice hiker. Reaching the summit felt impossible, but so many people were running up the devil's back bone and up the mountain that leads you to the summit, it was unbelievable! The devil's backbone was not at all as scary as it sounds, but the narrow paths you'll trek shortly after you cross the devil's backbone are very scary! Reaching the summit was an indescribable accomplishment, and reaching it with amazing people can never be forgotten....all-worth-it! The trek downhill is a beast of its own, different terrain and you might slip a few times, trekking poles would be wise!
One foot in front of the other and happy trekking to you.

One of my favorite local hikes

Short, beautiful, oak-shaded trail to a waterfall. Rated easy, but I would not wear flip flops or take my grandmother on this hike: uneven terrain, some uphill. But if you're somewhat prepared and in shape, well worth doing.

Definitely challenging. Gnats, mosquitos, and poison oak are in full effect. Going up thru Sturtevant is particularly steep in last 2-3 miles to the summit; other side is more gradual. But the entire trail was shaded (at least 80%, minus the summit).

All Trails' directions leads you to the summit (DON'T USE IT). Google Maps to Chantry Flats. We clocked the full loop at 14-16 miles, not the 12.6 miles on All Trails.

Cosmic Cafe is a legit place to eat. Apple pie with ice cream was out of this world!

Nice challenging but easily doable trail for kids. Great view and opportunity to explore the ruins as reward at the end. Probably closer to 5.25 miles altogether. Heavily used on the weekend.

This hike took me over three hours so I agree it must be more than 8 miles and needed this application to stay on trails because it is not always clear. It was the best hike I have been in Southern California. Lots of trees, and lots of water. Nice historical sites too. It is difficult in terms of miles and some narrow/rocky passages but the trail is well established in most places. There are mosquitoes and poison oak.

Nice and cool down between the trees. Once down in the canyon area the trek is pretty leisurely. I ended up jogging back from the waterfall with my partner.

Hiked the left side of the loop on the way up. Got to the top in 3 hours. I didn’t need a map or gps. Not bad for a novice like me! Great trail with awesome views! I will definitely do this hike again!

completed this trail last weekend and we knew it was rated difficult but the mileage is way off. it says 12.6 but we charted 16.2 miles with an apple watch. make sure you have a full day to complete this hike. if you are not in top shape it will take you more than half the day. beautiful hike and definitely recommend.

A Beautiful hike! It's so amazing to find such a lush oasis of nature just minutes from the metropolis of LA. The hike is strenuous and exhilarating, but not necessarily difficult. There are only a few spots where one might put a hand on the rock for stability. The trails are meticulously maintained, well marked, yet deserted on a weekday morning. This route weaves in and out of multiple terrain and flora zones. We saw brazen deer and signs of bear. The June flowers were captivating: from giant yucca sprays to fields of monkey-flower, from lupin to phacelia, and many dozens I cannot name. Care must be taken in the shade as the abundant poison oak often invades the trail. Sturtevant Camp was peaceful, but there were too many mosquitos to stop and eat. My GPS recorded 10.7 mi, including Mt Zion, excluding the waterfall trail.

6 days ago

Started early @5:00am to avoid heat once your close to summit old Baldy. Offered great views and great ascend and good training for Mt Whitney.

Nice hike. Did this counter clockwise and glad I did. Breakfast at the ski lodge then up to the summit. Very chill hike. That 50 foot section of goat trail on the DBB is an adrenalin junkies dream. On this particular Saturday, probably 100 people enjoying the summit. Happy Fathers Day!

I loved this hike! I took the Sam Merril trail to Echo Mountain and took the left turn onto the Inspiration Point trail. The signs are pretty easy to follow. The signs will tell you it’s 8.7 miles but I had a couple GPS trackers that told me I did a total of 10.6 miles.
The Echo Mountain portion of the trail is really busy, almost annoyingly so. Once you turn off to the Inspiration Point Trail the crowds die down dramatically. I think I passed 2 people the whole time. It was very cloudy and overcast once I got to the top and there was zero visibility but I still enjoyed watching the fog roll around the mountains.
There are picnic tables at the top so bring food and have a little picnic, it will be well deserved!
The little signs make for great photo ops too.
I definitely recommend this hike and will try it again when the sun is out to see how far I can see out.

Very good trail, on the way back you go to a big steep hill, but every else was fantastic.

Easy short trail.

BaddAssHike nice encounter with the long horn sheeps

7 days ago

Good easy path ways, clean and nice wild flowers to enhance your nice peaceful hike. Save your energy for the return as there's a steep climb back up to civilization. Don't forget to bring your adventure pass! Parking can be made possible via valet service for $20, parking on the side of the road or if your lucky in the parking lot.

Trail is just South of Glendora Ridge Rd and just East of the truck parking. You’re looking for a large yellow gate that is somewhat hidden

View at the top is sick!!

What a view and strong wind!!! Went up via Ski Hut and down via Devil’s Backbone. The night before I was so nervous about Devil’s Backbone since I have fear of heights and read so many review about the drop on both sides. But tried anyway to go through it myself and succeeded. The trail is spacious enough for me not to think that I would fall even with high wind hitting from the side. It was spectacular view on both Baldy Bowl Trail and Devil’s Backbone. But the later is certainly my favorite trail so far. Garmin InReach log 11.5 miles of this loop.

Fun trail. It’s a little short, but a good quick workout

Wonderful hike to the top. Four stars because of the descent via the dirt roads. Next time I'll return via the same path up.

Lots of flatter sections and the brutal steep section to the summit (~ 1/2 mile). Really loose and step and I ended up slipping on the way down. Has some of the best views of Angeles Forest I have seen but hike wasn't my favorite. Watch your footing on some of the flatter trail sections, I had my foot sunk into a few hidden animal holes. Sooo many flies on the downhill section before the climb to the summit but that is to be expected this time of year in Angeles Crest. Next time I will go up to Mt. Waterman from Three Points and it doesn't seem to have the dip into the saddle, followed by a crazy incline!

Did a solo trip with my dog. It was my first time making it all the way to mt wilson. Very difficult after sturtevant camp cabins all up hill. Amazing views. Definitely will go back on a cooler day.

Went on this trail yesterday and it was brutal! I did love it because it gave great views. I was above the cloud bank, seeing Catalina Island, and was even able to see deer! I did get aggravated during the last half a mile/mile because it was so steep and going down, it was easy to fall if you didn't have poles. I would suggest a lot of sunscreen because a lot of it isn't in the shade and the sun will hit you everywhere. It's extremely rewarding & you feel great once you get to the top so I definitely encourage anyone to try it! I will say that it is way beyond 12.5 miles- the health app I have clocked it in as 14-15. I know, I know, it's only 2 miles but once you get to a certain point those two miles will seem like 5 and you'll be clawing to the bottom.
**Park or camp out at Manker Flats and you just have to walk about 1/4th a mile to the trail head.

Very challenging hike. If you do not like heights or extreme drop offs on both sides then do not take Devils Backbone. I am not a fan of heights at all. Went up from Manker Flats to the ski lodge then up to Devils Backbone and could not do it. Started getting vertigo and all sorts of anxiety 50 yards in. Had to turn around go down and back up the Baldy Bowl Trail. Way better trail with less exposure and better forest views. I saw a big horn sheep on my way down by ski hut and a deer at the very bottom of the Baldy Bowl trail. 15.9 miles total and over 5,700 ft of elevation gain that day.

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