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Beautiful Hike. Mostly all switch backs. 360 views from the top. Hike is 10 miles round trip if you go to the very top peak.

Nice easy hike

I love this trail...definitely one of my favorite local hikes. I love that you get the great views of being at over 9,300 ft without too long or overly arduous hike like some of the other local peaks. I highly recommend this hike for those who haven't done it and I look forward to coming back and enjoying this one many times and I have done it twice in less than 6 months.

Parking- Vincent Gap parking lot off Hwy 2...we have gotten there early so it has never been an issue finding a spot and it is a rather large lot (you do need an Adventure Pass)

Trail- it starts near the restroom...the trail to the left going down will take you to Big Horn Mine and the trail going up will take you steeply up to Baden-Powell and there will be many switchbacks and many great views as you make your way up; at about a mile there is a cool wooden bench to catch your breath or catch the great view; it is about 4 miles to the top and you will reach a 1,500 yr old tree less than a half a mile from the top called "Wally Waldron" at a flat kinda narrow portion that is a mini Devil's Backbone; you will then make one final ascent up to the peak where you will see a monument to the namesake who was a Boy Scouts leader and a pole with a writing station that contains some notebooks to log your thoughts, message, etc... and just beyond that you should find the wooden sign that you can hold with the elevation and a US flag

Peak- there is a pretty large area at the top for you to find a spot for yourself/group to not bother others or be bothered by others and there are 360 degree beautiful views

Distance- about 8 miles
Elevation Gain- about 2,800 ft
Peak- about 9,400 ft
Duration- between 4 to 6 hrs depending of course on your speed, how many breaks, and how long you spend at the top
Difficulty- Moderate to Hard (definitely easier than the other SoCal peaks like Mt Baldy or San Jacinto)

Ass kicker! Worth it!

Def all incline most of the way! The start and very end of hike were hardest for me! I got poles & they helped a lot! Worth the hike to the top!

Oak and follow the sign for sunset ridge trail. Then you'll be on the trail that leads to the creek. Follow creek all the way up. Mines closed but it's a fun trail. Incline the way there. Decline the way back. 6.5 miles total

First time here. Great hike. We got here at 8am on Saturday morning, parking lot was filling up. Don’t forget your Adventure Pass! This is a high trafficked trail, very easy to follow and all switchbacks.

There was a lot of PCTers which was awesome to see.

There are also bathrooms at the trailhead (no TP) and a few picnic tables.

I’d say I got about 50/50 shade and sun on the trail.

I logged 8 miles round trip.

this hike was all uphill and it was 10 .1 miles round-trip but the view from the top is a 360-degree view so it was worth it once we got up there and we think we saw a mountain lion but it was too far away to tell for sure

I hiked what I believed to be this trail this past Saturday morning, which was nice and misty. It made for a truly beautiful hike. I am not entirely sure where I made the wrong turn, but on my recording you can see that I did not hike this trail, truly. When I got to the gate for the access road about 7am, it was locked. I found a spot on the street down past the nursery and hiked up the road to the trail system. By the time I got to that point I was so wet and had been roadwalking for so long that I just took the first trail I saw. My total hike was around 4 miles out & back, and I came across both a dwelling far back in the forest, and a beautiful pool of water not far from the dwelling. (I do believe someone lives there currently - it looked that way.) I plan on doing the proper trail soon, but this was my favorite short hike to date.

Did this hike in early May and it was great! A couple of pointers though....
1) I was fooled by AllTrails YET AGAIN on the trail distance. Description says 4.9 miles but it is actually 6.5 miles. The site is usually off a bit but this one is off by quite a large margin so plan accordingly! I did this right around sunset and had to run the last 20 minutes to get my car out by 8pm.. (per the signage you will be locked in after 8pm).
2) The hike is pretty difficult in that it is steep & narrow in several spots w/ slippery gravel so wear hiking boots. I do a ton of hiking and would say this one is borderline moderate/hard. Decent elevation gain but well worth it.
3) Where the f was the dawn mine? There is a sign clearly marked pointing toward it however I ran around that area thoroughly and never found it. Still cool, just was racing the clock due to the distance and did not see what was pictured in some of the photos here. Bummer.
4) Overall beautiful hike. Doing the sunset portion, yes, during sunset made for great views and it really was one of the nicer trails in the LA/Pasadena area. There is a nice little picnic area toward the peak elevation on the sunset trail side & you can see DTLA. Very nice. The stream is really tranquil and there are fun wooden footbridges and rock jumping to keep things interesting on the dawn mine side.
5) Definitely have the trail map handy as there were several times I would have been lost without it. Lots of intertwined trails around here so be careful to stay on this one. :)
Happy hiking!

This place was so beautiful! We spent the day above the clouds. It was windy and cold on the way up but really nice once we got to the top. The directions on my map from the app was not accurate but I eventually found it. You do need a parking pass FYI

14 days ago

A quick fun hike. We all dipped our heads in the falls. It was very refreshing. We continued up the road all the way to the Notch restaurant. We did the trip with kids and doigs.

The view is worth the work!

This hike is wonderful! easiest trail to find and follow that I've done thus far. If you are in good shape and have done hikes before I highly recommend this one. I recommend to start early because it starts to get hot by 10 am. I started at 7 and made it back to the parking lot by 11 and it was pretty hot by then.

short hike to a good view of a fall.

This is a great hike, with a good mix of terrain. It was a little hot, so we skipped the Sunset Trail portion of the loop and just did an out and back to Dawn Mine, but it was shady and pleasant down in the canyon.

1 month ago

This is an short hike primarily along a paved road with an incline at the beginning and once you arrive it's a nice and quiet with the steady roar of the waterfalls filling your ears. (my visit was on a Tuesday so I met only two other hikers while photographing and enjoying the area). Also, there was even a few snow mounds from the previous evenings light snowfall on the rocks when I arrived, but after two hours, they were gone.
Even though this is a short hike, first time visitors BEWARE. At the end of the paved road, you must traverse a short stretch (15 ft?) of an incline using only hand and foot rocks and this deterred four visitors as I returned from my hike.

Quite a breath taking hike. Part one is to the dawn mine and there are some parts that get a little technical. No bikes or horses gonna make it.. Foot hiking only. Part two is to the Lowe mountain road firebreak. This part of the trail zig zags right up the side of the mountain. You gotta be in good shape to make this hike Up to the mount lowe railway firebreak. It's all downhill from there.....

An incredible hike through the quintessential wooded mountains. I tracked it at just under 8 miles. The last 1.25 miles to the peak are the hardest. We made it up and back to the parking lot in about 5 hrs with plenty of short rest breaks & lunch at the top. Weather was ideal at around upper 50s with a subtle yet steady breeze. Bring at least 3L of water, poles (the trail gets pretty narrow & there was unmelted snow), & 10 essentials.

Very fun, there’s a lot of switchbacks, but not as bad as can really be. There were some leftover snow patches that made me a bit nervous, but other than that, not too shabby.

We enjoyed this hike. The trail is not as crowded as other trails in the area. It was actually closer to 6:5 miles round trip. Watch out for ticks in overgrown areas.

1 month ago

Easy to navigate fire road. More an easy/moderate hike. We hiked through the cloud cover in the higher elevation so the views were limited. It was nice to have a reprieve from the sun since there would have been no shade otherwise. Always enjoy a new hike.

1 month ago

I love this trail.....one of my favorites close to home!! Today we just continued on the trail didn’t even attempt to fight through the bushes to get to the peak. That part of the trail really needs some maintenance. Otherwise BEAUTIFUL and scenic. I love it!

Very pretty trail. I extended this and peak bagged Brown mountain

Hiked 3/24/18. Highway 2 open to the parking lot. Really nice hike, woodsy + dozens of switchbacks until the ridge where it becomes pretty exposed with grand views. Come prepared for snow/ice conditions w/ spikes, poles, and maybe an ice axe if you plan to summit. The weather turned from mild to foggy/windy really quickly, so glad we were prepared. Once you reach the 24th or so switchback, the trail is lost in the snow and tracks proceed straight up to the ridge. Good hike for a sure-footed dog, though he was spooked by the roaring winds at the ridge and we descended from there.

1 month ago

Hiked on 3/30/18. There’s still a lot of snow starting about 2-2 1/2 miles in, so be prepared. We lost the trail after a certain point because of the snow, but there were plenty of footprints to follow straight up to the ridge. The views were incredible and we geeked out over the old trees.

Fire road all the way to the top. Not going to get lost here. Good work out. 2.5 hours to the top and down. About 10 miles on my Apple watch. 90% exposed to the sun. Fulfilling.

Great hike as it had just rained so there was lots of water flow in the creek and great scenery. We headed up (east) along the loop first and that was dry and had some shade and then we finished the loop down through the canyon. The canyon was beautiful, shady with trees. We crossed the water maybe 5? Times back and forth following the trail. The only issue was finding the trail once we got to the dawn mine sign. There are many well beaten paths that look like the trail. Using GPS we finally figured we needed to head down across the water at the Dawn Mine Arrow sign and then follow the water down through the canyon.
Also, the loop may be 4.9 miles but by the time we walked from our car to the trailhead, the loop and back to the car we had done 6.5 miles. The trail also has some areas that are slippery with shale rock so if you are not sure footed or in decent shape you may not feel comfortable. The hike has a decent amount of elevation and was an enjoyable workout.

dog friendly and we got to enjoy some snowy and icy views at the top.

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