Photos of Angeles National Forest Hiking Trails

1 day ago

one of the most beautiful falls i've been honored to see.

these are the exact coordinates to the trailhead:
34.305323, -118.255444 (34° 18′ 19.2″N 118° 15′ 19.3″W

you need an adventure pass, parking is limited mostly just alongside the road.

there's a clear sign towards the trailhead. there's some cabins at the beginning so be mindful of noise and trash since residents live there.

follow the trail. you will hit a sign that says "trail not maintained by forest service" but it's pretty well maintained by hikers. you'll have to cross the stream a few times. depending on what time you go (whether it's rained recently or not) is how high the water in the stream will be. we never get rain in socal, but it had rained 2-3 days prior to our visit so we figured we'd take advantage and i'm so glad we did.

if you keep following the main path, it leads you to the top of the falls. there's a downward path to the right a little bit before the top of the falls that you can take that leads you to the base of the falls. someone tied a rope to help you climb down and it helps so much.

loved it so much we did it twice. we took our six month old pup and he had no problem. he loves climbing rocks and crossing streams. it really was beautiful.