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Can get some nice views here in the winter when the air is clear. I've hiked the entire length of the trail from Glendora Ridge Road all the way down to the neighborhood at the end of Wheeler. Seen rattlesnakes, people on dirt bikes, bowhunters, and once thought I saw a mountain lion, but it was dark and the possible mountain lion was quick. Scary. Too bad the fire trail by Marshall Canyon has now become private. Takes one more access point to this trail system away.

Did this at 9am on Monday, April 23rd. Didn’t see anyone on trail for at least an hour. It’s decently marked. A few spots where you can lose the trail but fairly easy to figure it out. Last mile to waterfall is a good steep incline. Trail narrows but if you keep going, it widens a bit again. We almost turned back before reaching waterfall. But ran into some hikers finally who said we were close. Continued on and got great views from distance. Final descent to waterfall is almost like repelling down using a rope to hold on to. We skipped that part but still got awesome views. Falls were full. Plenty of pretty wildflowers along the way.

The wife and I hiked in little over 3 miles to the handicap fishing platform. We also checked out future fishing holes in the river and decided we will definitely be coming back with fishing poles in hand.

If you enjoy overgrown trails and poison oak, this trail is for you! I was thankful I read the other reviews and wore pants. This was a training hike for Mt. Whitney and was definitely good exercise. There are a few places where the trail is barely there with loose shale. I was also glad I had my trekking poles. The city views were cool at the top. Worth doing once but not sure I would go again.

Wow, so happy to find this hike. It’s perfect for my 4 year old and what a great payoff! The waterfall is awesome! Obviously better after some rainfall. The trail is easy to begin and gets slightly more difficult. The trail is almost totally tree covered so hiking is shaded all times of day. Good trail for dogs also. Limited parking and it’s posted that you need an adventure pass but I’ve parked there 3 times and never been cited.

This is a great hike, with a good mix of terrain. It was a little hot, so we skipped the Sunset Trail portion of the loop and just did an out and back to Dawn Mine, but it was shady and pleasant down in the canyon.

We absolutely loved this hike. The trail up is beautiful with the landscape changing as ones ascends. We stopped by the Ski Hut and met the gracious hosts, Dave and June. They kindly gave us a tour of the hut and gave some fascinating history. Can you believe they still carry bags of concrete and supplies up there in order to maintain the cabin. I highly recommend a visit to the hut or make a reservation with the Sierra Club to stay a few nights up there. -The summit- The views are amazing with 360 degrees of scenery, lots of picture taking. Still some patches of snow, but none on the trail. The way back down the loop was a little rough with some slippery loose rock, we saw a few falls, but everyone was fine. After the slippery rocks came the Devils Backbone with more amazing views. Then came a long boring road right after the ski lift but it was a nice way to stretch our legs after 2 days of back to back hiking. We enjoyed this hike so much we will definitely do it again. Maybe even camp next time.

Was really busy but the trail was easy and a nice walk.
I would definately recommend carrying on up the waterfalls to the biggest 1. had the whold place to ourselves for around an hour in the middle of a Sat - was wonderful!

3 days ago

Super fun hike, pretty strenuous at times. We did this last Saturday in perfect weather and took our 2 dogs. They did fine but would only recommend dogs that mind you and are sure footed. Parts were rocky and somewhat exposed. Nothing sheer but nothing I’d want to roll down. There were some snow patches towards the top and micro spikes were handy but not a must. The distance is 6.5 miles one way - I wish AllTrails was more consistent with this...

Gorgeous trail & waterfall! wasn't expecting to come across a campground, & definitely wouldn't mind staying there for a night.. we did see a young rattle snake on the trail, so keep your eyes peeled

I was there in 2008 - before the station fire. I’m glad I have memories of the trail with the trees intact. I was shocked to see how much damage the fire caused. It was still beautiful.

Gorgeous trail! we didn't complete the 10miles, we did 8! got as far as we could and had to turn back because it became too difficult to get through bushes and climbing over fallen trees, once u hit the waterfall at mile 2.5, I believe, it's amazing!!!

This trail is beautiful! You start out on a fairly shaded portion overlooking some dramatic rocky mountain sides. Then you'll hit Mueller Tunnel. Prior to the tunnel being built, the trail went around the rocky cliff side (you can see some rusty metal rods sticking out from the old chain railing).

After the tunnel you'll hit a water tower looking structure with a fork. The trail noted here is the left option, going up the side of the mountain. It'll take you through some beautiful scene vistas.

Once you start going down the rock gets pretty loose and steep. This is the most difficult portion of the trail. Once you're finally down you'll be at a fire road crossroad. Take the left road and follow it to Inspiration Point for some amazing views.

Great spot for a picnic lunch! On the way back you can follow the same trail or stick to the fire road which will take you around the mountain on a longer but lower grade climb back up. It eventually connects back at the fork at the water tower. If you go this route the total mileage will be about 7 miles.

3 days ago

Great trail, decent work out & pretty well trafficked. Better than I expected. Recommended!

Hot bring lots of water leave early. Uphill most of the way to the tunnels great hike also sunscreen is a must

This is an short hike primarily along a paved road with an incline at the beginning and once you arrive it's a nice and quiet with the steady roar of the waterfalls filling your ears. (my visit was on a Tuesday so I met only two other hikers while photographing and enjoying the area). Also, there was even a few snow mounds from the previous evenings light snowfall on the rocks when I arrived, but after two hours, they were gone.
Even though this is a short hike, first time visitors BEWARE. At the end of the paved road, you must traverse a short stretch (15 ft?) of an incline using only hand and foot rocks and this deterred four visitors as I returned from my hike.

OMG‼️ no breaks uphill. Great workout. Up and down. Take plenty of waiter and take your time Beautiful hike.

This has become one of my favorite hikes. it's very much on the side of the road. The trail leads you down hill into a very forested area. It runs a long a stream most of the time, and you'll have to cross is multiple times as well. it's like an obstacle course in some parts. Very fun. Highly recommended.

3 days ago

This trail was a lot of fun, bring enough water, especially in hotter months. I took a 3liter bladder and ran out right at the end of the trail. We crossed three seasonal creeks running right now. But they can dry up later in season. Found wild green onions growing in shady areas at the saddle and just north of saddle. They were tasty. Start early to avoid higher temps on north side of trail at lower elevations as temps rise. When we started at the camp it was 47 at 7am, when we got to devils punch bowl it was 87 at 4pm in mid April.

Great views in all directions! The trails are steep and narrow at times, but very well kept. Echo mountain is a cool historic site, but I chose to walk back to the junction about 50 yards and continue on to Inspiration point which added about an
hour, but certainly worth it. Prepare for little shade along the entire trail.
Parking is free from 6am-8pm on the street adjacent to the trailhead

I did San Gabriel Peak yesterday it was a nice weather 11 miles from Cobb Estate, Echo Mt., Inspiration Point Mount Lowe and final point San Gabriel Peak the weather was cool to finished this trail. I love to explore each day a different trails. If I can, If not I repeat the ones I like more. We live in a wonderful world to explore!!

Had a great time, took my dog who was absolutely pooped afterwards, will definitely be back

The views from this trail are amazing! Like others have mentioned, the trail itself is quite narrow. When you pass other hikers, you have to stand to the side because of this, but it’s general hiking etiquette anyways. I passed almost 20 other people on the trail on a Friday morning, so I can imagine weekends get crowded. There were quite a few benches on the way up, and lots of picnic tables at the top of Echo Mountain.
Parking was manageable even though I came later on a Friday morning. There are no restrooms at the trailhead, so take care of that before you arrive. I’m a medium paced hiker and it took me about 2 hours to complete (including taking pictures and taking a short rest at the top). I’ll definitely be back with friends!

this hike was stunning The Greenery was unbelievable and the waterfall was the Coupe de gras an easy hike it's a must for beginners we will definitely come back again

Easy trail! A little bit harder, but manageable, if you go all the way up and around to the falls. Make sure to hike along the right side of the first waterfall you come to and keep going. The second waterfall is the 50ft one about an 1/8 of a mile further.

I shot a bunch of video on this trail and compiled it into a vlog, called trail mix. This is episode 3!
You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/-5Acb-3FSm8

PS: Here's a playlist to bring with you, inspired by this trail: http://sptfy.com/1US5

Happy hiking!

Eric eyelove

5 days ago

Great hike. Great view. Thanks to the fella that left a midweek hiker pin at the top. Cheers!

It was a great day. The trail was gorgeous. The falls were fun. Loved it all

April 14 up the backbone and down ski hut, no snow on the trail.

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