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Trail is just South of Glendora Ridge Rd and just East of the truck parking. You’re looking for a large yellow gate that is somewhat hidden

View at the top is sick!!

1 day ago

Por el día el clima estuvo increiblemente perfecto soleado y por la noche fresco. Para aquellos amantes de la naturaleza hay mucha fauna y flora, ahora todo esta verde y con flores. En mi caso traía una mochila con con equipo para acampar, provisiones y agua lo cual hizo mas pesado y cansado todo.  El plan dormir en la punta de la cima y al día siguiente regresar. Recomiendo llevar repelente mucho mosquito!  palos de apoyo para hike hay partes con terreno no confiable, es un sendero pesado y requiere condición física, personalmente hice varias paradas para disfrutar mi alrededor y tomar aliento, no llevaba prisa por  llegar a la cima pero cuando llegue sentí una satisfacción enorme me encantó la vista.
 Definitivamente el regreso fue mucho mas fácil pero aún asi tener precauciones especialmente en el descenso por toda la arena suelta y piedras pequeñas que hay en el camino.
Terminé muerta pero amé todo, sin dudarlo regreso!!!

What a view and strong wind!!! Went up via Ski Hut and down via Devil’s Backbone. The night before I was so nervous about Devil’s Backbone since I have fear of heights and read so many review about the drop on both sides. But tried anyway to go through it myself and succeeded. The trail is spacious enough for me not to think that I would fall even with high wind hitting from the side. It was spectacular view on both Baldy Bowl Trail and Devil’s Backbone. But the later is certainly my favorite trail so far. Garmin InReach log 11.5 miles of this loop.

Lots of flatter sections and the brutal steep section to the summit (~ 1/2 mile). Really loose and step and I ended up slipping on the way down. Has some of the best views of Angeles Forest I have seen but hike wasn't my favorite. Watch your footing on some of the flatter trail sections, I had my foot sunk into a few hidden animal holes. Sooo many flies on the downhill section before the climb to the summit but that is to be expected this time of year in Angeles Crest. Next time I will go up to Mt. Waterman from Three Points and it doesn't seem to have the dip into the saddle, followed by a crazy incline!

This is such a beautiful trail despite the heavy traffic during the day and being so close to the city. Arrived 5:30 pm on a Friday afternoon with a friend to give him a taste of backpacking. Very few cars in the parking lot and only one other gentleman with cooler heading down to a cabin for the weekend. After a quick detour to Sturtevant Falls we head up the upper trail where we see our last person hiking down the mountain. Beautiful views of the canyon and a few spots where I get signal to text my family where I am. As we approach Cascade Picnic I am left without signal and daylight fades quickly through the dense foliage. We end up hiking in the dark since my friend was having a hard time walking up with his pack. Just as I start getting uneasy about hiking in the dark.. the wind brings a familiar smell.. smoke from a campfire. We get to the campground and its basically all our with one a couple up towards the end of the 6 campsites. I quickly set up camp and collect wood to for a small campfire. The sound of insects and a stream puts me to sleep. The next morning I wake up early to the rhythmic pattering of the early morning trail runners. Soon after a parade of early bird hikers, runners, and their dogs stroll on by consistently.

This is a gorgeous place to test out new backpacking gear or simply feel like you are further Way from the city than you really are. You will run into a lot of traffic on the way down the mountain depending on time you leave so prepare to make way through the narrow sections of the trail.

Very challenging hike. If you do not like heights or extreme drop offs on both sides then do not take Devils Backbone. I am not a fan of heights at all. Went up from Manker Flats to the ski lodge then up to Devils Backbone and could not do it. Started getting vertigo and all sorts of anxiety 50 yards in. Had to turn around go down and back up the Baldy Bowl Trail. Way better trail with less exposure and better forest views. I saw a big horn sheep on my way down by ski hut and a deer at the very bottom of the Baldy Bowl trail. 15.9 miles total and over 5,700 ft of elevation gain that day.

3 days ago

Very challenging hike due to incline and elevation but great views and great work out.

it's was on my list for the sixpack of peaks challenge. the devil's backbone is the toughest part. if you slip you can fall to a certain death on both sides. i wouldn't recommend taking children or animals on this part of the hike. it is dangerous & people have died there.

Great hike but even funner bike ride! Lots of incline, streams, rocky terrain, bring water bx it can get hot. Half sun half shade and some “permanent campers” up top so be aware.

Amazing hike and views.

register ridge to Baldy is an ass kicker. It is not many miles but hell it's straight up. Great workout and hike.

i parked at manker flats and road my bike to ice house after leaving my car by the trail exit, its all downhill to icehouse if u do this make sure your bike brakes are good but its a fun quick ride.

this trail has a.bit of everything scrambles, uphill,down hill, sun and shade, limited water except beginning my gps clocked it at 15.5 miles but i took the road down from thunder the slops were to steep for my liking. a very quiet hike once on the three t's trail. This is training for something more intense but will give u some burn enjoy bring lots of water on hot day lots of exposure.


Nice trail with very nice views. Parking lot was already full by 7:30am! Wow. However, we managed to find someone just leaving. Will come back very soon! 5/5

I did this trail clockwise and started up Baldy Bowl because I couldn't find the start of Register Ridge. Do not attempt going down Register Ridge unless you are a mountain goat capable of sliding down loose rocks without injury. Bring water (I brought 48 oz), snacks, trekking poles and wear proper hiking shoes.

Nice little trail, quite short but very easy. A lot of lizards!

10 days ago

Enjoyable hike with lots of shady spots and water stops near the creek, making this warm midday hike great!

There are spots where you need to climb a little bit, making it kinda tricky if you have a dog...even a larger agile dog. However, with a few lifts to aid my pup we managed.

Moderately travelled trail on a Sunday, but with enough space between hikers to feel you are alone.

Also, a lot of bugs however they were all mostly ladybugs so no big deal.

Overall greatly enjoyed this hike!

Wonderful views with easy parking on a Thursday morning.

Baldy bowl trail is a challenging yet rewarding hike. The incline definitely gets you ready for tougher hikes and a great trainer for Whitney. Completed yesterday in 2 hours 20 minutes. Finally saw my first big horn sheep at the summit and after years of coming here I thought that they were a myth!

There is nothing fun about this hike. The terrain is strenuous, exposed, tons of yucca plants, very steep, very rocky, and DEFINITELY need trekking poles. It's just as challenging coming down as going up. I have gotten 1/2 mile from the peak twice now and failed to summit due to it being cold and just too exhausting. Do not do this hike unless you are specifically trying summit Iron Mountain. This is not an enjoyable/challenging day hike, but rather a testament of will to prove you can get to the top.

Myself, wife, and 13yr old son did this today. Same loop description, 12mi from Manker. Caught some wicked vertigo on Devil's Backbone, enjoyed a lovely view of the ground till it passed lol. Downhill on skihut was rough, next time we discussed taking backbone back, vertigo, 2 extra miles and all just to save knees and ankles. Overall a great hike!

fun and easy. Only mistake came on a holiday, to many dogs and people.
the falls were lovely.

Great training hike for things like Mount Whitney. We went counter clockwise up Devil’s Backbone. The descent was not the most pleasant experience due to the amount of scree on the other side of the mountain (Baldy Bowl). You really should bring at least one pole on this hike. If you don’t, you’ll be wishing you had one while you’re navigating and trying to balance yourself on all that loose scree. Other than the scree, it’s a very satisfying hike and the views up above the cloud line are amazing. Baldy is completely exposed on the top so be sure to bring a windbreaker or jacket in your pack.

Pretty magnificent hike. We started at Vincent Gap, climbed the 5 peaks and ended at Islip Saddle. The trails were remarkably maintained. We hiked Memorial Day. It was warm but there’s lots of coverage. I do recommend climbing all or most of the peaks. The views are marvelous.

Great fast and refreshing hike. Yellow desert vegetation up above, but a lush green garden in the canyon where you get to hike. And a great ending.

Highly recommend for any one looking for a quick, rewarding hike.

I’m a moderately healthy hiker and we did the loop counter-clockwise (up Falls Road and Devil’s Backbone, then down Baldy Bowl trail) in 6.5 hours. Including about 15 minutes break at the Mt Baldy Ski Resort, and 30 minutes at the summit.

The hike approaching the summit kicked my butt, I think partially due to the elevation, but the views were beautiful and absolutely worth it.

I just wish the trail was better marked in places. Signage isn’t the best. Some parts have multiple possible ways. Many parts of the trail involve climbing up or sliding down loose shale and dirt, so poles could have been nice to bring.

I’d recommend downloading a map ahead of time. We also had a Turn by Turn Guide from HikingGuy.com which was useful to reference at points.

Heads up that you are supposed to get an Adventure Pass to park at the trailhead in Manker Campground. You can get a daily pass for $5 and if you go to the National Forest website there is a list of vendors all over the state where you can get one in advance. (For a daily pass, you scratch off the month and day of your choice, and it’s good until 10am on the day after.) It’s useful to get one in advance especially if you plan to start the hike early and the nearby locations might not be open yet. We did see several cars without them, that weren’t ticketed, so I’m not sure how strict it is, but I’d rather not chance it.

Easy hike, historic, interesting, good views, everyone should do this hike at least once.

Easy hike, historic, interesting, good views, everyone should do this hike at least once.

Difficult hike. Continuous switchbacks and elevation. You really don't get any sections where you are not at an incline. The trail is easy to follow although it does narrow a few times and I felt a bit uneasy. The closer you get to the top the steeper the sections. The day I hikedbthisbpeak was a beautiful day and could not have asked for better weather. I did however feel the affect big the wind bad I got closer to the summit. My hands especially did get cold and were shaking at one point. I recommend taking cold weather gear with you. At the very least, have it available. I didn't have gloves and I only had a cheap wind breaker jacket. I was pretty miserable at the top and definitely wish I'd taken gloves and a sweater/jacket. The view from the top is spectacular. Bring plenty of water, snacks and cold weather prep even if the conditions don't seem to call for it. This is a difficult hike. I'd recommend training and building up your stamina before attempting so that you could enjoy it. Good luck!!

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