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Well maintained trail. It definitely falls under moderate.

Pretty trail, well marked plenty of shade. But, uphill all the way. Seems like the rating should be moderate to hard. Not crowded only saw a few other hikers. If you want a workout than this is a good trail.

Not the most picturesque area due to past fire. Couldn’t really tell if we were even on the right trail until to late. Ugly, dry, fire road went uphill until it just dead ended about a mile up Had no choice but to turn back. Saw two possible other ways to go? But without knowing what was ahead , because there are no trail signs whatsoever, and running out of time we just called it a day.

This is a 45m hard since the beginning, after that is moderated all the way to the top, closest to inspiration point, very good hiking

Not very much shade, but an amazing view at the top with the railway ruins! Bring yo’ sunscreen.

Great hike with good LA history at the top. It’s all up hill with very little shade so plan accordingly with water and a hat. Also it’s street parking and it can get busy. Dog friendly

Easy hike with plenty of people on a November Sunday late afternoon. Dry creekbed.

This is a very nice, easy hike with picturesque scenery. Don't be discouraged by the stretch of paved road leading to a more natural, multi-terrain trail featuring sand, decomposed granite, dirt, rocks, boulders, California coastal vegetation and many easy stream crossings along the length of the hike to the USFS dam. There is a nearly unnoticeable incline to the dam. AllTrails reports an 8.2 mi round-trip hike to the dam and back, but my GPS recorded 4.8 mi to the dam (9.6 mi total), with short excursions off the trail for pictures and to allow the dog to play in the stream). The trail forks off several times and offers picnic areas and a couple walk-in campgrounds. There is a small parking lot adjacent to a residential neighborhood that was full at 6:30AM, but street parking in the neighborhood appears to be allowed, at least on weekends. Very shaded early in the morning with longer stretches of open sun late morning heading back to the trailhead. There were very few hikers and bikers early in the morning. Heading back, around 9:00AM, the number of trail users probably tripled--bikers, hikers, runners, USFS on horseback.

Very nice hike. Most of the hike was through the forest and therefore shaded. It was fun talking to the through hikers on the PCT. Spectacular views of the Mojave Desert and the ranges of the San Gabriels. Significant elevation gains at the beginning of the hike and as you approach the summit of Mt. Islip. The middle of the hike is much more gradual.

11 days ago

Good hike, not too hard. Had a few clearings to sit and rest on the way. There was a makeshift campsite at the bottom that made for a
good snack stop before heading back up the canyon. I liked it because it was (for the most part) downhill in and uphill on the way out. Meaning that you’re forced to get your workout on your way out once you’ve cruised in.

Great for a short hike not to hard, but little water coming down the falls.

I love this trail. It is never crowded. The views are most optimal. The switchbacks up Telegraph are gorgeous and the Peak is lovely with a small area between the rocks to grab a bite and look at Mt. Baldy. You can see the green ski hut and just wonder at the Bowl.

Great trail. Good for dogs. Probably not kids, though. Very steep in places.

Nice trail moderate to easy. Beautiful views.

This trail descends into a valley then ascends on the other side to Charlton Flats picnic area, so the elevation gain is split up which was nice. The landscape and views are pleasant, but nothing spectacular (even for Angeles Forest), we enjoyed looking at the plants more than anything. I just wanted to get some steps and climbs in, so this trail did the trick. The trail was pretty much empty except for a caravan of mountain bikers. The beginning portion of this was shaded, which was a nice way to start and end the hike in the afternoon of a 70 something degree day. I would avoid hiking this on a sunny day in heat hotter than 80.

16 days ago

Was a nice hike with lots of trees and it was really neat seeing the cabins and camp. There really wasn’t much water so I’m sure it’s more beautiful when there is. Was shaded most of the hike and the bugs were pretty bad for me. Was definitely a booty buster the last few miles! On the was back down I took the trail to Zion ➡️Hoegee’s camp ➡️back to Sturtevant. So it was more of a loop vs an out and back.

on Blue Ridge Trail

16 days ago

Started this hike first thing in the morning with my two dogs. Had the trial to myself the whole way up. Nice elevation gains and a few switchback. There is a bench that marks the halfway point.

I very much enjoyed this hike. The large rock formations are an amazing contrast to the clear blue sky. The first part of the trail, and the ending part (the same section of trail), is deeply rutted by the trail bike riders making the hiking much more difficult, however, we did not come across a single rider. When you reach the Horse Flats campground, I suggest taking the Mt. Hillyer Trail to the left as you will do the more difficult part of the loop first. You will also see the big rock formations sooner. The return portion of the loop is paved road.

Great trail. Just keep an eye and an ear out for the bikers.

This hike was intense. I will for sure do it again. The view is amazing .

The waterfall is minuscule this time of year. The trail offers a lot of shade and is moderately challenging. Some parts of the trail was super narrow. You need an adventure pass to park. If you get carsick easily, beware. The road is quite windy to get to the trailhead.

Nice but a lot of up and down and much of it is heavily trafficked.

5 miles to Echo Mountain (2.5 up and 2.5 down)
10 miles to Inspiration Point (5 miles and 5 miles down)

Hike through some unique LA history as you churn those legs upward to the Echo Mountain resort ruins. The trail has constant elevation and is a really solid workout. Once you get to the ruins (2.5 miles), take a break, explore the remains, and eat your lunch or snacks here. It is quite enjoyable yelling into the echo phone and hearing your voice reverberate through the mountains - it really carries through clearly!

Now if you want to make this hike special, I HIGHLY recommend going from the ruins and trekking all the way up to Inspiration Point via the Sam Merrill trail or the Castle Canyon (both these entrances are marked with plaques that look identical). This is where the trail gets more isolated, rugged, narrow, and is much steeper! The Sam Merrill trail once you get towards the top, brings you through the backside of mountain where you venture into the shaded wilderness of the woods - really loved this change in the landscape. The Castle Canyon trail ascends up much faster and steeper than its counterpart and is a major workout where you will be huffing and puffing until you get to the top. Be aware of potential mountain bikers trekking down these trails, I was pretty shocked to have 3 of them go by us as the trails were narrow, quite impressive honestly. Once at Inspiration point, soak in the views and lay down before heading back to the trailhead. They have these cool, hollow telescope tubes that are labeled by LA's neighborhoods (silverlake, venice, etc). These aren't actual telescopes but if you had one this would be the perfect time to use it. There are also a good amount of hawks or ravens up here so make sure to gaze and be amazed as they soar around you, I even saw one doing some tricks in the air!

A beautiful mountain hike that is not too far from the city!

Parking: There is free parking at the base of the trailhead.

Really nice, low traffic trail with a rewarding view up top. I hiked this in the end of October and was literally the only person. Signage is a little confusing so keep a close eye on the app. Also, over 25% of the hike is on paved asphalt which I'm not really a fan of. The remnants of the burnt up post at the top is interesting, a lot of molten glass and stuff. If you've done all the well-known San Gabriel hikes, this is a great one to do next!

Keep in mind the change in temperatures from the bottom to the top.

21 days ago

Very good and very challenging hike. Some steep cliffs with long drops; watch where you step! The ascent wasn’t too tough but the descent down the winter creek trail was brutal; bring poles if you have them. Was bothered by bugs at times but not overwhelming. Would hike again!

Very nice hiking! Beautiful view

very nice view.

This is a very enjoyable hike. The only downside is that the elevation climb is on the way back but quite doable. There are some wonderful fall colors going on right now and there is water flowing over the waterfall which is not that common in the San Gabriels this time of year. If you wish to reach the waterfall, make certain you take the Buckhart Trail split (go to the right) when you reach the PCT. The falls are not much further down the trail.

We intended to hike on the Half Knob Trail but we could not find the trail. As a result, we ended up hiking on the Windy Gap Trail which was very well marked and maintained. Great views. We followed the trail only to the Mt. Hopkins Overlook Rd.

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