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The Angeles National Forest offers natural environments, spectacular scenery, developed campgrounds and picnic areas, swimming, fishing, skiing and the solitude of quiet wilderness areas. Trails winding throughout the forest accommodate hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers and off-highway vehicle enthusiasts.

We went up through Devil's Backbone and down the Ski Hut Trail. The first 3 miles is a fire road, which is a great way to acclimate yourself with the elevation. The hike down Ski Hut Trail was bit challenging. Check out our video:


This is such a nice hike. We took a ski lift up to the Notch and it dropped us off in the middle of the devils backbone trail.From the ski lift it takes about 3.3 miles to get to the top of mount baldy. so it's about 6.6 miles round trip. If you don't want to do the full hike this is the way to go! The ski lift ride is $25 round trip

off road driving
1 day ago

Any word on when if at all it will be open?

the first time i hiked the trail i started up on top off Mt. Wilson red box road and hiked down valley forge trail. once i got to the fork i hiked west back to HWY 2 and the main parking lot. i was too tired to hiked back up the trail to where i left my truck so i walked along the road. i totally regretted that lol. overall it was nice, i've been back a couple of times and have seen some does by the creek and even got a picture of a black bear walking down to the creek to get some water.

With the exception of the 1 mile hike to and from the trailhead (road is closed to vehicles) this is a gorgeous hike!

Perfect weather and shade for 3/4 of it makes the distance seem much shorter. Bring insect repellent and a camera. Oh, and hard soled shoes, it gets a bit rocky at times.

Really enjoyed this hike! Here are a few tips: Don’t go in the middle of summer because there is very little shade. We went mid-October and it was just bearable. Still, there are a few shady spots to eat lunch or take a rest. Wear something to cover your legs. There are a lot of scratchy bushes along the trail edges. They aren’t too bad, but after 11 miles you kinda wish your shins were protected. Finally, if you start later in the day I’d recommend parking outside the lot and down on the main road. Your car will be locked in if you get back after dark, and it’s nice not to have to stress about that. xx

2 days ago

This trail is almost completely over grown with briars. I'm sure it hasn't been traveled since the last fire 10 years ago. We stopped to talk to an observatory gentleman who told us about a plant which is worse than poison oak. It started grown from the burn trees and is covering several spots.