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The Angeles National Forest (ANF) is located in the San Gabriel Mountains and Sierra Pelona Mountains, and mostly housed within Los Angeles County in Southern California. The forest offers developed campgrounds, waterfall hikes, picnic areas, and ample opportunities for backpacking, swimming, fishing, skiing and hiking in the solitude of an expansive wilderness area. Trails are shared amongst hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers and off-highway vehicle enthusiasts. An Adventure Pass is needed to access many parts of this recreation area including parking at many hiking trail's trailheads.

Was really busy but the trail was easy and a nice walk.
I would definately recommend carrying on up the waterfalls to the biggest 1. had the whold place to ourselves for around an hour in the middle of a Sat - was wonderful!

18 hours ago

Super fun hike, pretty strenuous at times. We did this last Saturday in perfect weather and took our 2 dogs. They did fine but would only recommend dogs that mind you and are sure footed. Parts were rocky and somewhat exposed. Nothing sheer but nothing I’d want to roll down. There were some snow patches towards the top and micro spikes were handy but not a must. The distance is 6.5 miles one way - I wish AllTrails was more consistent with this...

Gorgeous trail & waterfall! wasn't expecting to come across a campground, & definitely wouldn't mind staying there for a night.. we did see a young rattle snake on the trail, so keep your eyes peeled

I was there in 2008 - before the station fire. I’m glad I have memories of the trail with the trees intact. I was shocked to see how much damage the fire caused. It was still beautiful.

Gorgeous trail! we didn't complete the 10miles, we did 8! got as far as we could and had to turn back because it became too difficult to get through bushes and climbing over fallen trees, once u hit the waterfall at mile 2.5, I believe, it's amazing!!!

This trail is beautiful! You start out on a fairly shaded portion overlooking some dramatic rocky mountain sides. Then you'll hit Mueller Tunnel. Prior to the tunnel being built, the trail went around the rocky cliff side (you can see some rusty metal rods sticking out from the old chain railing).

After the tunnel you'll hit a water tower looking structure with a fork. The trail noted here is the left option, going up the side of the mountain. It'll take you through some beautiful scene vistas.

Once you start going down the rock gets pretty loose and steep. This is the most difficult portion of the trail. Once you're finally down you'll be at a fire road crossroad. Take the left road and follow it to Inspiration Point for some amazing views.

Great spot for a picnic lunch! On the way back you can follow the same trail or stick to the fire road which will take you around the mountain on a longer but lower grade climb back up. It eventually connects back at the fork at the water tower. If you go this route the total mileage will be about 7 miles.

21 hours ago

Great trail, decent work out & pretty well trafficked. Better than I expected. Recommended!

Hot bring lots of water leave early. Uphill most of the way to the tunnels great hike also sunscreen is a must

23 hours ago

This is an short hike primarily along a paved road with an incline at the beginning and once you arrive it's a nice and quiet with the steady roar of the waterfalls filling your ears. (my visit was on a Tuesday so I met only two other hikers while photographing and enjoying the area). Also, there was even a few snow mounds from the previous evenings light snowfall on the rocks when I arrived, but after two hours, they were gone.
Even though this is a short hike, first time visitors BEWARE. At the end of the paved road, you must traverse a short stretch (15 ft?) of an incline using only hand and foot rocks and this deterred four visitors as I returned from my hike.

OMG‼️ no breaks uphill. Great workout. Up and down. Take plenty of waiter and take your time Beautiful hike.

This has become one of my favorite hikes. it's very much on the side of the road. The trail leads you down hill into a very forested area. It runs a long a stream most of the time, and you'll have to cross is multiple times as well. it's like an obstacle course in some parts. Very fun. Highly recommended.

Great views in all directions! The trails are steep and narrow at times, but very well kept. Echo mountain is a cool historic site, but I chose to walk back to the junction about 50 yards and continue on to Inspiration point which added about an
hour, but certainly worth it. Prepare for little shade along the entire trail.
Parking is free from 6am-8pm on the street adjacent to the trailhead

I did San Gabriel Peak yesterday it was a nice weather 11 miles from Cobb Estate, Echo Mt., Inspiration Point Mount Lowe and final point San Gabriel Peak the weather was cool to finished this trail. I love to explore each day a different trails. If I can, If not I repeat the ones I like more. We live in a wonderful world to explore!!

Had a great time, took my dog who was absolutely pooped afterwards, will definitely be back

The views from this trail are amazing! Like others have mentioned, the trail itself is quite narrow. When you pass other hikers, you have to stand to the side because of this, but it’s general hiking etiquette anyways. I passed almost 20 other people on the trail on a Friday morning, so I can imagine weekends get crowded. There were quite a few benches on the way up, and lots of picnic tables at the top of Echo Mountain.
Parking was manageable even though I came later on a Friday morning. There are no restrooms at the trailhead, so take care of that before you arrive. I’m a medium paced hiker and it took me about 2 hours to complete (including taking pictures and taking a short rest at the top). I’ll definitely be back with friends!

this hike was stunning The Greenery was unbelievable and the waterfall was the Coupe de gras an easy hike it's a must for beginners we will definitely come back again

Easy trail! A little bit harder, but manageable, if you go all the way up and around to the falls. Make sure to hike along the right side of the first waterfall you come to and keep going. The second waterfall is the 50ft one about an 1/8 of a mile further.

I shot a bunch of video on this trail and compiled it into a vlog, called trail mix. This is episode 3!
You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/-5Acb-3FSm8

PS: Here's a playlist to bring with you, inspired by this trail: http://sptfy.com/1US5

Happy hiking!

Eric eyelove

3 days ago

Great hike. Great view. Thanks to the fella that left a midweek hiker pin at the top. Cheers!

It was a great day. The trail was gorgeous. The falls were fun. Loved it all

April 14 up the backbone and down ski hut, no snow on the trail.

Quite a breath taking hike. Part one is to the dawn mine and there are some parts that get a little technical. No bikes or horses gonna make it.. Foot hiking only. Part two is to the Lowe mountain raod firebreak. This part opf the trail zig zags right up the side of the mountain. You gotta be in good shape to make this hike Up to the mount lowe railway firebreak. It's all downhill from there.....

Great views, good climb, definitely wouldn’t call it hard. Fun, fast, sweeping turns on the downhill.

on Old Mount Baldy Trail

4 days ago

Hiked from Mt. Baldy Lodge to the summit via Bear Canyon Trail on 4/16/18. Although I am an experienced hiker, this was one of the more challenging hikes I've ever done, probably due to the elevation gain of nearly 6,000 feet over 6.4 miles, and then suffering that a second time on the descent. By the time I got back to the lodge, I felt like I needed bilateral knee replacements, a shower, a hot meal, and a warm bed. Thankfully, I stayed in the Mt. Baldy Lodge the night before (so I was acclimated and well-rested) and the night after (so I got everything I needed except the knee replacements). Behold, IPA and Tylenol!

I left the trail head around 8am, just behind the church parking lot. It was about 60 degrees. The first mile or so was on a paved road, followed by a nice stint in the woods. After that, there was about 2 miles of grueling uphill switchbacks that almost caused me to give up because the loose gravel sucked! Eventually, I hit about the 4-mile mark, and I kept repeating to myself, "You didn't come this far to only come this far!" Onward, through bouts of gusty wind, a nerve-wracking precipice with steep drop-offs on both sides, and the occasional clear view all the way down to the Los Angeles valley. By the time I made it to the summit, it was almost 2pm, and it was freezing! I saw only one other person at the summit, and he was wearing such heavy gloves that I felt mildly jealous. We sat together for a time, talking about our routes and enjoying the intermittent clear views. The clouds would roll in, we would hunker down behind the manmade rock walls scattered about the summit, and then the clouds would roll away, and we could see for miles and miles. It was a special feeling.

The hike back down took almost half as long, so I returned to the village before sunset around 7pm. Be forewarned, the signs at the Visitor Center claim that the Bear Canyon Trail is only 8 hours roundtrip. I think that's true if you don't stop to catch your breath or enjoy the views at the top. Give yourself about 10-12 hours and take some warm clothing for the summit. All in all, it's worth it.


An awesome ridge ascent from Shoemaker Canyon Rd. Sections of climb really get the heart pumping. There’s a section that stares you down the entire way, but don’t let it get to you. Used Rattlesnake to train for Big Iron. This is definitely a do over!

on San Antonio Ski Hut

6 days ago

Did this one back in November! We continued up from the ski hut, across the bottom of the bowl, and up to Mt. Baldy Summit. Perfect hike! Not easy but the views were definitely worth the trip! For sure going to have to do this one again.

An incredible hike through the quintessential wooded mountains. I tracked it at just under 8 miles. The last 1.25 miles to the peak are the hardest. We made it up and back to the parking lot in about 5 hrs with plenty of short rest breaks & lunch at the top. Weather was ideal at around upper 50s with a subtle yet steady breeze. Bring at least 3L of water, poles (the trail gets pretty narrow & there was unmelted snow), & 10 essentials.

Very fun, there’s a lot of switchbacks, but not as bad as can really be. There were some leftover snow patches that made me a bit nervous, but other than that, not too shabby.

Great hike the only down side is that parking is very limited especially on weekends, get there by 6!

I've hiked in this area a bunch of times and have always wanted to climb Markham. I expected the trail to be hard to follow in the final approach, but it was pretty easy to follow. That said, the final approach is very steep in parts and there's a lot of poodle brush and yucca. I would not recommend doing it in shorts. The views at the top are quite impressive and are different from what you see on nearby peaks. You could easily combine this hike with a trip to Mt. Lowe or San Gabriel Peak if you're looking to extend the outing.

Great hike , get there early parking is limited. We parked 1/4 mile down hill. Mostly shaded hike, not much to the waterfall. The last part of hike coming back is all uphill so be prepared. Will definitely be back.

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