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The Angeles National Forest offers natural environments, spectacular scenery, developed campgrounds and picnic areas, swimming, fishing, skiing and the solitude of quiet wilderness areas. Trails winding throughout the forest accommodate hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers and off-highway vehicle enthusiasts.

Never made it to the falls. Beaitiful hike. Not a lot of people which made it very peaceful. There were several trails not sure which one was the loop I will have to download the maps so I can see direction to go. I did 6 miles out and back but would love to know the loop so I could see the falls.

20 hours ago

21 hours ago

I went on the friday, it was gorgeous. It even looked better than 3 years ago probably due to the rains. Anyway, the trails were easy, there were other people but not crazily crowded. We first made it to the sturtevant falls, then parted thru a short cut trail to hermit falls which was surprisingly empty. We did not have the balls to launch ourselves down the 50 ft like 3y ago, so we climbed down and enjoyed the freezing pool for ourselves. The way back was the most challenging.

on Condor Peak Trail

21 hours ago

Very nice and clean trail, but really hard enjoyed it. view is beautiful. But you found one or two people going up and dow lot of water and please don't bring dogs.it's too hot for them, it's not any shade at all.

very nice hike for late morning.

Headed up to do Cucamonga Peak but the ice and snow made the idea of the icy descent seemed like asking for a broken body part. So....headed back on the tough rocky narrow Chapman Trail. Can't wait to summit Cucamonga but need spikes and poles....headed back soon!

ayer logre conquistar Iron Mountain por primera vez y lo logre en 5 horas ida y vuelta y si q esta pesada esta muy dura pero si se puede

This was not only physically but mentally very challenging. Would not recommend to beginners. The entire hike is incredibly beautiful though. The start of the trail it like walking through a Disney movie with all the cute little cabins hidden away in the forest. Also lots of little newts to make friends with along the trail sides by the creek.
So watch your feet or your may step on one by accident.
Ascending to the peak was difficult to say the least, so make sure you have lots of water with you. I would recommend a camelbak since they hold more. Also if you don't have trekking polls I would invest in some. We ending up using sturdy sticks since we didn't have any.
Reaching the top is such an accomplishing feeling. Unfortunately the cloud cover was super heavy when we went up, so the view was a bit lacking at the summit.
Be prepared though. The hike down is extremely steep and a killer on the legs and knees. Honestly this was more challenging to me than actually reaching the summit itself.
Overall, it was a great experience.

1 day ago

zig zag to the left & gradual incline to the right.great hike.

Enjoyed this hike, though there was a ton of snow at the Saddle and we were unable to move on to Cucamonga peak. Streams make the trail very pretty in the beginning.

Not a lot of tree cover, can get quite warm. Extremely popular trail, typically lots of people.