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The Angeles National Forest (ANF) is located in the San Gabriel Mountains and Sierra Pelona Mountains, and mostly housed within Los Angeles County in Southern California. The forest offers developed campgrounds, waterfall hikes, picnic areas, and ample opportunities for backpacking, swimming, fishing, skiing and hiking in the solitude of an expansive wilderness area. Trails are shared amongst hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers and off-highway vehicle enthusiasts. An Adventure Pass is needed to access many parts of this recreation area including parking at many hiking trail's trailheads.

I tried this the opposite way round and either I tried to descend the wrong way or getting down the other side is a vertical rock climb? I ended up getting into a sticky spot thinking it would ease up. There were red tape on the trees and I saw some arrows pointing to the top indicating this was a route?

It was a cool experience

12 hours ago

Outstanding! Loved it!

Great hike. You have 2 options. To the right you have steep incline for about 3mi, then gradual down. The left is opposite.

Such a gorgeous, clean, & enjoyable hike! Great for a family and even the dog. The trail follows the trickling creek most of the way. Keep an eye out for icicles and frost around winter. There are great look out points once you round the sunny side of the mountain. Curve back around the shaded side (creek side) and follow the trail up to Bear Flats. It is uninspiring without a view, but it’s a great shaded area to rest and have some lunch. The hollow tree is interesting. Took me about 2.25 hrs with slow pace and plenty of stops to enjoy the woods.

Wow, what a enjoyable walk!

Moderate not hard. Many side trails if you want longer distances.

Great starter hike. Arrived 830a and found parking about half a mile away, trail was clear, nice cabins, pretty scenery, dont go in the toilets, enjoyed skipping across "river crossings" the water was flowing well at the falls. walked in a bit, the dog loved it.. but the incline on the way out could be an issue for some. lots of shade was a plus.

1 day ago

FYI - this is the same trail/head as Fox Mountain, at marker 4.50 on Big Tujunga, only apparently you continue on for another nearly 3 miles. For some reason Google maps has the Condor Peak trailhead up the road a mile or so and so you'll end up doubling back over a short peak with a flat dirt helipad something or other. Apart from that i can only comment on the few miles i had time for, which was mildly stressful due to the frequent drops off the side of the trail. A more detailed review to come when i finish it's entirety, which looks to be quite enticing and remote.

Beautiful trail. I would rate this a more of an easier trail. If your thinking about going anytime soon.. dress WARM. It was 22 degrees in the morning and some grey clouds decided to move towards us making it even colder to the point it started snowing. Was beautiful, but SO cold. We went right at the junction head, but would recommend starting left. There is a fair amount of snow up there.. so be very careful when coming across icy patches. Trekking poles would be a good idea, but micro spikes not needed yet.

Easy hike, I hope Vincent's cabin stays graffiti free.

2 days ago

Good trail, excellent steady climb on the way back out, found a few camp sites in the gulch, will be back.

Good section, plenty of shade, very enjoyable trail. will do again as section D this spring.

Beautiful trail and views. The road was closed about 1.5 miles away from the trailhead as of today Feb 23rd, 2018

nice day hike, easy going with great views. Add Vincent's cabin to finish the day.

The first few hundred yards -- on a badly eroded, trash strewn fire road next to the freeway -- weren't promising, but once you get past that, there are grwat canyon views. Townsend Peak is an easy, bush-whacking scramble on a use trail, though I don't recommend it for Golden retrievers, unless you really like picking out burrs.

good little workout on this hike. enjoyed the scenery and the waterfall at the end was nice. it was extremely crowded and we had to park about a half mile down the road. the parking lot was full and many people were parking on random pull outs down the road (we did too). you'll need an adventure pass. there was a large group (at least 60 people) when we went, so it was crowded. nice overall.

Definetly worth the hike. Gets pretty tough past Sturtevant campgrounds especially carrying 40 lbs of weight backpacking.

I love this area but it’s easy to get lost because there are so many trails and roads. It is not moderate, it is hard if you are not in good shape! Road/trails are a steady incline but so worth it. For those asking about the swing: once you get to the campground, you will see 2 white signs. Hike between them (trail is on the right). After a short distance you will meet up with the road again. Take Sam Merrill trail east or west (there are signs) to get to the top of Mt. Lowe. I took West because it looked easier to navigate (the trial is slightly hidden by a log and I walked right past it. Look for the sign). Gorgeous views and a cool little swing. 18 miles total for me, using sunset ridge to start the hike. I uploaded the funky little map I saw, which is pretty accurate!

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