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The Angeles National Forest (ANF) is located in the San Gabriel Mountains and Sierra Pelona Mountains, and mostly housed within Los Angeles County in Southern California. The forest offers developed campgrounds, waterfall hikes, picnic areas, and ample opportunities for backpacking, swimming, fishing, skiing and hiking in the solitude of an expansive wilderness area. Trails are shared amongst hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers and off-highway vehicle enthusiasts. An Adventure Pass is needed to access many parts of this recreation area including parking at many hiking trail's trailheads.

Went to hike Colby Trail but hiked this trail instead. Although it says moderate it was rather easy, no steep inclines but little rocky and narrow in some place. Even our little pug enjoyed the hike. Good thing most of the bikers have a bell on their bike otherwise you may not see them until it’s to late. Found a awesome tire swing and a cool little cave. Would definitely do this hike again.

Lovely trail! I would do this again and recommended it! Beautiful views throughout the loop. Some icy patches of snow on the trail today, 01/21/18, but not enough to necessitate micro spikes—just trekking poles. The section from Mt. Waterman to the main trail is not well marked, so check your All Trails map at this point especially so you don’t get lost. Check the forecast and layer up as needed.

fun hike, good and easy for kids with 22 easy water crossing.

Pretty easy hike with a few off-shoot trails to choose from if you wanted to. Not too much of an incline, but a good, long walk. We did the full loop and a small off-shoot loop for the swing area (had a picnic lunch here too) and did around 7 1/4 miles from start to finish. Highly recommended, beautiful views. There were a couple areas that look like they may have been washed out from the rain we had a few days earlier, so I’d avoid taking small children or pets in those areas. They only had about a 12-15” wide walkway in those areas, although they were very small lengths to travel.

Beautiful views easy hike, moderate for kids

I didn't go to Devil's Peak, but I went to Mooney. The section to Mooney is overgrown, but if you're feeling adventurous, you can make it to the summit. The effort isn't really worth it though unless you're looking to scratch it off your peak list.

This was a great hike! There was hardly any trash but unfortunately there is some graffiti. There is a pretty big incline so depending on your fitness level this could take a little while. My group made it to the creek crossing in an hour and from there we headed up the river to do some exploring. We didn't see the falls as we were afraid of being cited. We saw a camera or sensor up there that may be used to enforce the rule? Parking is $20 so we were just dropped off to avoid this cost. Overall a great hike that was fun and short! I really hope they open up access to the falls soon!!

This was my first experience with Baden-Powell. What a BEAUTIFUL hike!! It was 19-ish degrees at the bottom, and with windchill, was about 5 degrees at the top. We had to put on our micro-spikes at about mile 2.5; we couldn’t have finished without them. It was snowing a bit on the way up, with strong winds approaching the summit. It was very icy at the top! We were the only people on the summit, which was amazing! No view due to the winds. I can only imagine the views on a clear day. I can’t wait to do Baden-Powell again.

the first three miles on the trail are a bit steep but it's definitely worth it!

Sometimes a little crowded but a good jaunt

Good cardio but too crowded sometimes

Came to check out Spruce Grove Camp for for a future overnight trip. Great, moderate hike that is easy to navigate & has Mother Nature's beauty all around. There was good amount of water in the stream multiple waterfalls & water crossings. Camp is awesome, about 5-6 sites, fire pits, picnic tables & tools (buckets, rake, shovel) just wish people would have more respect for Mother Nature and the outdoors with the graffiti. Oh there is a fork on this trail which allows you to decide upper/lower, took the right fork in and came out the other side to check it out, they seemed to be pretty equal, just a difference in views!

1 day ago

Just spoke with the ranger station yesterday and they confirmed that the entire national forest will be closed due to the gov't shutdown.

My dog's favorite trail. Plenty of shade and stream crossings for the pups to cool their feet in, awesome cabins you'll wish you could have, and a lovely waterfall that some people take a dip in (too cold for me, though!)

after telegraph it's brutal, we were going to turn back because the trail was icy but the sun was setting and we were almost to Thunder Mtn, we kept going but crampons and ice axe are recommended after Telegraph Mtn.

Started around 7:30a. Chilly enough to wear my gloves. All that moving heated things up fairly quickly, had to take them off and my sweater about 20 mins into the hike. We went the easier way (counter clockwise).

2 days ago

Greetings Fellow Hikers!
Does anyone know if the access road will be open in the near future? Hoping to head up the weekend of the 27th.

2 days ago

Nice little trail. Was a bit hard to navigate the trail due to all the dead leaves and rain....but overall a nice trail. It’s good for honing your navigation skills.

its a very nice hike!! I'd say it's rated hard only because of it not being an actual trail but a lot of boulders to cross over which is really fun. I brought my dogs and they loved being off the leash frolicking around!

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