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The Angeles National Forest offers natural environments, spectacular scenery, developed campgrounds and picnic areas, swimming, fishing, skiing and the solitude of quiet wilderness areas. Trails winding throughout the forest accommodate hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers and off-highway vehicle enthusiasts.

10 hours ago

August 19th the creek is completely dry save for a few areas where there is stagnant water.

I hiked this with my boyfriend with the intention of going all the way to Tom Lucas Camp - I knew it was overgrown and the trail would be hard to find, but we wanted the trip to be a little adventurous.

We started around 3pm. The last climb before the waterfall is pretty tough especially in the heat, but we made it and continued our way down the trail skipping the waterfall trail that forks to the right (it was dry anyway). The trail after that continues to get less and less maintained. There is poison oak everywhere - before the waterfall, you'll have no trouble with it if you can identify it and use a stick in some areas to move it out of the way. Past the falls, requires a little more intention with where you step and what you're rubbing up against. Past Lazy Lucas Camp you will need hiking pants as the trail is little better than bushwacking, although it's not too difficult to follow as there are cairns and pink ribbon on some of the trees.

We were unable to find Tom Lucas Camp even when our GPS said we were right on top of it. The brush is so thick and we were not able to see any flat area where a campsight might have been. We doubled back and ended up pitching camp at about 6pm in a sandy opening where there was evidence that others had camped there before.

Be warned, the further areas of this trail are heavily infested with poison oak (we washed everything with Tecnu when we got home and I still expect for some to develop in the next couple of days).

We were completely isolated and slept in our tent without our fly - we broke camp and started back at about 7:30am. There return hike in the morning was really beautiful and nice! I'd love to go back once the creek starts flowing again.

It was kind of eerie in the beginning. Dark lots of warms , hornets , and tons of bugs- no joke. Thanks to previous hikers. We got tons of bug spray. The trail was short but had everything within that distance. You have to cross the creeks, boulders(can be slippery with dirt on it) , logs, big hills and lots of natural obstacles.
Trail was not easy to navigate through. At the end of it you don't see the water fall. Because as you come up it's not facing you. It's on the left when you get to the top.
I almost got lost on the way back. Different views from the back. Going down the hill. Take mental pictures of the land marks. That way you don't take wrong turns.
Short but tortuous.
Have fun!


Beautiful trail and mostly under cover of trees, which makes it easier to get through the 10 or so miles. So much to look at from waterfalls to cabins, Creek dams and so much more. Was fortunate to see a dear and a snake. So much fun, next time going to check out the observatory.

miss this place. hope they re-open it soon.

beautiful and tough

When I went, a good portion of the trail approaching Condor Peak was too washed out and over grown to pass safely (especially alone, I agree with previous hiker, bring at least one, but ideally two or more other people for safety). After a number of passes that were nothing but 45 degree slopes of loose gravel ending in a sharp drop into the canyon, which were hard to get a foothold on, I turned back at about 6 miles in, when the trail required that I cling to a tree while scooting across a narrow outcropping rock not even as wide as my foot, with nothing but a sheer drop below. I missed Condor Peak this time, but will be heading back out to approach it from Trail Canyon trail over Iron Saddle next time.

Also, at mile marker 4.50, when you enter the trail head, look immediately to your right for a sharp uphill trial passing under some overgrowth. This short trail meets up with the main trail after about .5 miles, and saves about 3 miles round trip.


Not worth it. So sketchy that you spend most of the trek trying not to fall off the trail. I made it to the top, came back and felt stupid for allowing myself to get stuck is this long, frankly dangerous, joyless challenge. No trees, no stop spots to munch, stretch, the bush is manageable, the climb is fine, the trail blows chunks. Oh, and the views in August, smog city, which I'm cool with. This is the edge of my outdoor love, I need cool trees and trails that don't wash out beneath me. Back to the Devil's Chair (choice trail) for me. One and done, I won't be back in the trail's present condition. The dip I took in Big Tujunga at the end was amaze balls, and almost made up for the trail.

Great Hike. Distance is actually 12 miles

Good place for hiking.