Anderson Marsh State Historic Park contains oak woodlands, grass-covered hills, and tule marsh. One of the largest groups of people in prehistoric California, the Southeastern Pomo, knew this land as home. Today, descendants of those people still live nearby. Anderson Marsh's archaeological sites hold clues to the lives of the Pomo. Some sites are over 10,000 years old, making them among the oldest in California. The park protects several habitats including freshwater marsh, oak woodland, grasslands, and riparian woodland. If you like to hike, you can take advantage of miles of trails. Trailside signs offer insight into understanding the native plants and animals of the park. The park is also popular for bird watching, hiking and picnicking. Explore the past at the historic Anderson Ranch, with its nineteenth century structures. The park is located at the southeast corner of Clear Lake, which is the largest natural lake wholly within the borders of California. Consisting of nearly 1000 acres, the park contains archeological sites of the Southeastern Pomo that are over 10,000 years old, as well as a 19th Century Ranch House and Barn complex. The park includes a nature preserve that embraces hundreds of acres of valuable wildlife habitat and Tule marsh, with one of the largest Great Blue Heron Rookeries on Clear Lake. The park has a Bluegrass Festival in September. Check the park's official web page for specific information on dates and times. Open sunrise to sunset.

Ends at a beach on Clear Lake. A good place to see birds (including bald eagles in the winter) but it gets too hot and dry in the summer and fall for me to visit, and sometimes the trail gets flooded after heavy winter rains

After four miles, the trail is not maintained. Would never recommend doing this hike

11 months ago

Great place for a walk/hike. Lots of wildlife to see. Mostly flat trails with a few very slight slopes.

Monday, April 04, 2016

close to the parking lot, wide fire trail with flat terrain and a couple of slight slopes that are short in length. perfect for someone who just wants an easy walk after work through the oak chapparal, good for jogging, or for little kids and/or older adults who would like the exercise but aren't cut out for steep and rocky paths. after walking a good distance, two of the trails were still covered in marsh water left over from the rains and I had to turn around.

1 month ago

4 months ago

5 months ago

trail running
Monday, July 18, 2016

on McVicar Trail

Sunday, February 14, 2016