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Alum Rock Park is located in the Diablo Range foothills east of San Jose. The park offers 13 miles of hiking trails and has a little something for everyone, from flat trails that allow access to Penitencia Creek to steeper hikes that climb the ridges of the South Rim Trail and the North Rim Trail. The canyon features a visitor center, ample picnic areas with picnic tables, a playground for kids, and volleyball courts. This park is a great day trip from Oakland, the San Francisco Bay Area, or the Santa Clara Valley, and downtown San Jose in the South Bay. There is a small possibility of mountain lion sightings, and you may also encounter poison oak or bobcats, but the majority of the flora and fauna are more benign. The rugged beauty of the foothills is well worth the trip.

mountain biking
5 days ago

I'm used to mountain biking in Washington so maybe I'm a little biased, but I didn't love this as a mountain biking trail. Some great views at the top, but very little technical work required, mainly just brute leg strength. It was also a little too crowded to get any good speed up without someone being in your way. Not a bad ride, but also not great.

One of my favorite local hikes. Challenging but not overwhelming, gorgeous views of the South Bay and foothills. Parts of the trail higher up in the hills are very narrow, so be prepared to squeeze up against the hillside if a biker is headed your way (as the other side of the trail is often a steep hill or cliff down). There is very, very little shade along this hike so be prepared for the sun! I've only done it on cool and moderately warm days; I don't think I'd do it on a very hot day. I've seen multiple deer nearly every time I've done this hike.

Good uphill climb, beautiful views!

mountain biking
25 days ago

Love it up there great place to hike or mountain bike!

easy trail along the creek. signs could be better

It was a nice day hiking. We had a good day and it was a big fun. This trail is good for any age to try. Have fun and be safe to anyone plan to go hike there. Don’t forget bringing water bottles.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail and managed well with a baby in the stroller and a toddler on foot. Also had my mom who uses a cane with me. Will be back!

Parked at rustic lands (free) and took the Penitencia creek trail east through the valley floor. Then we started on the north rim trailhead as indicated on this map. When you get to Eagle rock, look out for great views of circling hawks and turkey vultures. This actually ended up being a nice scenic loop because you can get back to rustic lands easily from Eagle rock (no need to backtrack to the trailhead).

Great morning hike with enough elevation to get the heart rate up. There's lots of shade but it's never too covered up. Tons of small wildlife scrabbling about.

Easy one

trail running
3 months ago

Please remember this park will be close half hour before sunset. Make sure drive your car out of the park.

4 months ago

It’s a nice shaded trail that follows the creek. The creek has fish and leads up to mineral springs. We saw deer and hawks along the way!

trail running
5 months ago

Super fun single track when Penitencia Creek trail turns into South Rim trail. A little too much pavement and can be crowded along Penitencia Creek trail. Some of that can be avoided by taking the North Rim trail and connecting to South Rim.

My very first hike ever back in 2009. Starts off gorgeous, then the sun kicks your ass as you trail uphill lol it's a gorgeous hike with a well-earned view. Don't bring your rookie friends in this hike if you plan on making it to the top.

Fun but views are pretty steady

it a great way to get some fresh air love to run it very challenging beautiful views at top wildlife very open

Had an AWESOME tine with my family. Great for picnics, games, throwing a football then having a great walk with tons to look at and beautiful surroundings.

Take ~2hours. Beautiful trail with many animals (beware of snakes, though).

7 months ago

Some easy trails. There's a playground, so its kid friendly.

trail running
8 months ago

Super fun trail run. Lots of chances to wander around the hills and explore. Will definitely go again.

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