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Almaden Quicksilver County Park is in the southern end of San Jose, California, in the hills overlooking Silicon Valley. The park occupies the site of a former quicksilver (aka mercury) mine that at one time was among the largest of its kind in the world. Relics of the mine still stand at the park. The park includes over 34.2 miles of hiking trails, including 23 miles of equestrian trails and 10 miles of bike trails.

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4 days ago

Love the historical aspect of Almaden Quicksilver County Park! Very interesting past as a mercury mining operation with structures, mining equipment and mine tailings to view on your hike. We started from the trailhead at New Almaden and it was a little steep going up for about a mile after you leave the parking lot. There was fog when we first arrived and it's a very heavily trafficked park but I definitely want to go back and explore more of the trails. I was pleasantly suprised with this "city" park.

7 days ago

A fine view or two, but this one leans heavily on the "family friendly" side; tons of traffic, paved and flat. Would make for a quality & safe trail run, but I like a little more adventure than this.

Love this trail.

10 days ago

Loved this trail!

Was a great trail to take our daughter. Nice little hills and a good hike to the river.

on Quicksilver Trail

20 days ago

Great trail with plenty of shade. Just watch out for parking for it is very limited since it’s in a neighborhood.

24 days ago

Nice loop with lots of deer and birds. 2 historic sites. Nice hike on a cool day.

28 days ago

Very easy to get to from San Jose. Lots of residential street parking at trail head. Easier end of moderate, with a good mix of uphill and down hill. Busy trail, but not too crowded for Bay Area. View is OK, with a river and a reservoir/lake along the way. Watch out for both dog and human feces.

mountain biking
28 days ago

Good trail for mountain biking!

28 days ago

Nice moderate trail with elevations and shady areas. Lots of different trail options to make your hike as short or long as you prefer. Dogs on leash allowed, most people are friendly.

Great trail. It took me 2 hours to complete. There is a porta potty at the trailhead. The south bay can get really hot so I like this trail for the spring/winter or early morning in the summers. It's nicely shaded for about half the route.

Love this trail!

It was great trail. We arrived there on 4:15pm and we finished the loop around 6:00pm. We were excited when we walk half way, but later when the sun set, we scared. we saw un identified wild animal crossed our road ahead, and the rest 30min became so scary since there is no light...it was dark. Guys do not start walking late afternoon to finish the loop to avoid walking at night.

My favorite trail near San Jose. 10 mind uphill, then 40 mins of flat/up/down alternating, then 10 mins down again. Good balance of sun (about 1/3) and shade (about 2/3). Several trail route variations. Dog friendly.

2 months ago

Woods trail is a nice entrance to explore this part of Quicksilver without the steep walls you find off of New Almaden or Mockingbird entrance. The trail shown is NOT 10 miles as noted in the description. Another reviewer estimated 2.7, which is more realistic. You can expand this trail by doing a loop around Mine Hill and Castillero. Gorgeous views and the trails have been recently graded and cleaned as part of a park maintenance plan.

Awesome trails with beautiful views and wildlife. Good workout.

Enjoy hike in the woods with very quite atmosphere in New Almaden Trail. Trees give lots of shade and enjoy green and small creeks. New Almaden Trail is narrow. Maybe a little bit slippery in rainy season. Recommend to enjoy in dry condition.

3 months ago

beautiful trail with lots of shades.

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