It was good morning hike. This was my first time hiking this Heart Rock Trails. Love it.

1 day ago

Beautiful trail... this is what mountain hiking is. But, we missed the trail down to the waterfall/hear rock and ended up bouldering our way down the creek at least an extra half mile until we hit some cement and then hiked up, up,up a dirt road to the water treatment plant (pee-yew!) and then back on the paved road. I think we went 3.5 miles total. As you hike the trail, if you get to two logs blocking the path, back track a little and head down... that is where heart rock is. We missed it by probably 20 ft.

Great trail, but for anyone under 2 years old its a bit much, lots of sand like dirt on slanted slopes. Overall, a great hike.

7 days ago

8 days ago

A lot of fun, great views, glad the family was there.

Fun and super easy! Easy parking and directions through iPhone maps. Take your kids! It's family friendly and great for cute family photos!

17 days ago

Nice piece of nature. Would probably be nicer after a rain. Went on a weekday and hardly anyone was there. Trail runs alongside the creek (on the right when you start out) Trailhead goes through Camp Seely facilities (you should pass the pool on your right to begin trail. Easy hike for active kids and adults. Good taste of "hiking" for kids/novices as there are some rocks and up and downhill sections (nothing crazy but elements are there). Bring a lunch, lots of nice spots to eat, minimal graffiti, and off trail spots you can take kids to explore especially near water. Hike out and back should take no more than 30min to an hour but can be prolonged with some lunch and exploration. Only drawback was the giant flies. They didn't bite but were annoying as they swarmed frequently even with bug spray. But I will take giant non biting flies over mosquitoes which I hear are more abundant right after a rain.

been bringing my kiddo here since age of 6months now 3yo and place hasnt been trashed like other places :)

19 days ago

23 days ago

very nice trail. kid friendly

25 days ago

This was a nice and easy hike with lots of shade. Good for kids and beginners. Getting acclimated to the altitude change was pretty quick, not like in Big Bear. Be VERY careful climbing on the rocks and even up the hills off of the trail; the ground is very soft and the rocks are slippery. This apparently is lady bug mating season so they are swarming everywhere; very cool!. BUT!!! lots of biting flies, mosquitoes and fire ants. I don't normally get bit and I was eaten ALIVE! I have so many bites that I cant count and they even bit through my pants. Wear repellent and watch where you sit.

26 days ago

This was a fairly easy hike. We took our two year old and he was able to hike along with us. The area was beautiful and lush with greenery. You followed a stream the majority of the hike. Definitely recommend.

Just did this yesterday - it was a beautiful walk but BRING YOUR MOSQUITO REPELLANT! Oh my gosh, I can't remember the last time i saw so many blood suckers! If you have your repellant on and with you, you will have a very enjoyable hike! The ladybugs are out in swarms - never seen so many ladybugs too! Pay attention to the trail - we followed someone elses hike on alltrails after we walked right past it and got lost. Look for the rock on the right that has an arrow on it with a heart and turn there. No official signs are on the trail. Butterflies were also abundant! Easy hike if you follow the correct path.

27 days ago

great trail for sunday family funday kiddo really likes this trail.

28 days ago

Good hike for beginners. If you park in the dirt lot before Camp Seely, walk about 1/4 mile down and head into Camp Seely which is where you'll start seeing signs for Heart Rock Trail.