14 days ago

Good hike because of length and elevation gain. Not a whole lot of sun so anytime you hike here make sure you have lots of water. The hike starts at Dripping Springs campground. $5.00 to park if you don't have a National Park Pass.

This was a great hike - very beautiful and very challenging -but we could not actually do the loop due to multiple fallen trees and a gigantic bee hive in one of the trees. Luckily we could cover enough ground back tracking and taking the other side of the loop. We could not make it all the way though that half either due to the trail not being maintained. All in all we got in plenty of miles but would have been nice to do the loop or at least finish one complete side.

28 days ago

My low rating is simply to draw attention to the fact that the trail is currently impassable due to being seriously overgrown. Travelling counter-clockwise, you're pretty much blocked about 1 mile past the end of the dripping springs trail.

The other thing to watch out for is that camp/tent sites are very limited (at least this weekend - May 28 after a rainy winter) because the foliage is super dense and the terrain is very steep. There's only 1 small site near the area where the trail becomes blocked, so be ready for an uneven tent site and possibly company since the only options are the 1 site or hike down the way you came.

The dripping springs trail section was nice. Great view the entire time. I'm sure the rest of the loop could be a lot of fun when it's passable. Just be sure to check conditions first.

Great day to hike

We started at 8h40 in the morning and finished it at 14h20. We took many pauses to drink water and appreciate the view that is amazing during the entire hike. We consider ourselves as "good beginners". It was written that it is difficult and that it takes 8 hours to make it but we think the most difficult part is that it's a long hike with a narrow trail. There is not that much inclinasion.

I honestly didn't make it the entire trail bc I had my dog but the amount that we did go was beautiful especially with the flowers! I heard from some campers that this was the first time in awhile that there was water in the creek! Can't wait to go back and complete the entire trail!!

I love this hike ....done many times

2 months ago

If you're reasonably fit, this is more like a "6" with 10 being the hardest. The top is a little anti-climatic if you're hoping to end with amazing views. All we found was a sign. But the views are incredible and it's become a favorite.

2 months ago

Not bad for a day hike. Beautiful during the spring season.

good trail like it better than dripping springs follows the creek and a lot of shade!

Serene & quiet, light traffic.

Fun trail! The only thing is that it's never ending.