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4 days ago

Very easy walk or run and quite busy but so so beautiful! Its a must see in the area.

trail running
4 days ago

Easy and rewarding

no shade
5 days ago

Nice trail, for both hike and trail run, Keep in mind there's no shade. Not many want to hike as far so nice and quieter than other hikes around the area. $9 dollars to get into the reservation, good idea to arrive early and enjoy the most you can. I also did the Palm Canyon, Victor Loop and Andreas in the same day.

16 days ago

Did this as a relaxer hike the day before doing San Jacinto in September 2018. Weather was great and it’s a beautiful area. Started in Palm Canyon, hit Victor trail after about 2 miles. Little over 2 miles for the Victor trail both together just under 4.5 miles. Would not recommend doing this in the heat, the Victor trail is VERY exposed. It was hot but manageable in September however. Always bring plenty of water. Took 3L for 2 people and drank it all, the sun can be punishing.

1 month ago

Nice out & back... as a bonus, we saw a small herd of mtn goats along the way!

I think it is important to note that this trail is in the Agua Caliente Indian Canyons (https://www.indian-canyons.com/indian_canyons), and not in the Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument as it is currently noted here (as of 12/10/2018). There is a fee schedule per person (not per car) to get into this park, but the price is WELL WORTH IT!

Great trail, awesome views

This is a no joke trail.
If you plan to go back and forth, be ready to spend 5-6 hours of intensive trailing up and down, sometimes literally claiming. This trail is not labelled Hard because it is long, but because it will exhaust you.
Bring a lot of water and electrolytes.
As a less difficult alternative (about 4 hours) you can take West fork North to Coffman and back to Trade Post via Alexander trail.

2 months ago

Made this into a loop by doing the West Fork North Trail to the Coffman Trail and finally to the Alexander Trail (hot) to the Trading Post. Ended up being 8.4 miles with 2133' of elevation. This is a great trail to do in the Spring when the creek is running strong, the waterfall is raging, and the cactus and plants are in full bloom.
One of my favorites in the desert.
Link to recording:

A nice hike. Saw no one else on this trail; very quiet. Start off on the Palm Canyon trail and branch off at the trail sign about 1/4 mile or so from the trading post. Note that you need to pay a $9 per adult fee to enter this general area (Indian Canyons) as you are on Agua Caliente Indian lands. Entry area open from 8 AM to 5 PM (last vehicle allowed in at 4 PM. Website is indian-canyons.com

LOVE this trail. Super easy and very very scenic. Had a little picnic here halfway through with the kids. Definitely recommend.

7 months ago

This trail is fantastic. Beautiful majestic mountains surrounding groves of palm trees that create the sensation of being on the set of a Jurassic Park movie. The trail down to the grove has a moderate slope but is doable even with some physical limitations. Reccomend going during the fall or winter as it can get extremely hot during the summer. There is a cost to enter the park, but it is half price in the summer if you are ok with 100 plus temp. Some birds and plenty of lizards came to visit as well.

9 months ago

The weather was perfect in Palm Springs. Not too hot and cloudy, so off we went for a 3.1 mile hike to Palm Canyon and Victor Canyon. It was amazing. Palm Canyon is a beautiful easy hike through a mile of Palm Trees that follow a small creek which at times I am sure is a river. We hiked on Easter Sunday and saw beautiful spring flower blooms. Once we reached a mile, we read the signs and decided to take the 2 mile hike back to the Trading Post via Victor Trail. It gave us beautiful views of rock and cactus formations, mountains and city views of Palm Springs. I highly recommend hiking the addition 2 miles instead of back tracking on the same trail you hiked in on. Bring at least 2 liters of water, good hiking shoes, sun block and snacks. Keep an eye out for rattle snakes. We saw one snake on the trail. Lastly, when you complete your hike, stop at the trading post and have something cool to drink or a popsicle. Enjoy!

Take it to Victor Trail such a fun 3 miles.

11 months ago

Nice, easy trail. Mostly walking through a sandy wash after you pass the oasis. Oasis was cool, it was neat to hear and see all the activity (birds, frogs, lizards) and have the shade and water there in the hot desert.
It is $9 per person to get in, we arrived at 8:30am and there weren't too many people there. By the time we left at 11:30am, the parking lot was full and there was a line of about 10 cars waiting in line to get in. There are quite a few porta-potties on site, with sanitizer and TP, which was nice. The Trading Post sells just about anything you might need.
We came back on the Victor trail and it was HOT even in early Feb. Like another reviewer stated, next time we will do it in reverse so we can enjoy the shade at the end of the trail instead of the beginning.
We will come back here to explore some more for sure.

11 months ago

Excellent trail for a scenic view of the Indian Canyon area. A strenuous hike with the first mile pretty aggressively climbing switchbacks, then the remaining 2 miles a shallower climb to the marker post. At the marker post, follow the trail to the right about 1/4 mile to the stream. It's a great place to have lunch and cool down before reversing your path for the decent.

Nice trail with pretty palms, quite a lot of shade.....good hike for a hot day.

11 months ago

This was an excellent hike. It doesn't take too long, but is uphill most of the way. The views get better with each step.

Friday, January 05, 2018

This is a real gem. The oasis is beautiful. We did Palm Canyon then returned on Victor Trail. But If I did it again I would do it in reverse. Walk down the sharp decline at the Trading Post but instead of walking straight ahead at the bottom; turn left and get on to victor trail. Then return through Palm Canyon. The shade and water would be even more welcoming as the last part of the hike rather than the first.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

A special place. Not difficult but rewarding.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Great variety with part of the trail pretty flat through the palm oasis and then a more strenuous climb up the ridge flank to fine valley views.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Great easy hike through massive palm groves following the canyon creek bed.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Nice shady walk through a desert oasis with palms, springs and some running water even in December.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Looping back via the Victor Trail added great variety to the hike - the canyon oasis combined with climbing and views of Victor.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Nice hike! Make sure keep going until you get to the tall palm trees at the end. It’s well worth it!

Friday, December 01, 2017

A great hike. Beautiful groves of palm trees. There is an entrance fee $9.00 per person but well worth it. Go early as it got hot after 10am (November 25). We did the victor trail back to the trading post - about 3 miles.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Just an all-around good trail and work out. Not easy but then again not strenuous. A good middle of the road trail with nice views and some elevation change. The first part on Palm Canyon Trail is pretty easy. The reward is on the Victor trail.

Monday, November 06, 2017

We included the Victor Loop to the Palm trail which gave us a 3 miles hike. Very nice. Make sure you have enough water, there is no shade on Victor trail.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Very nice

mountain biking
Monday, June 12, 2017

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