15 days ago

Being a beginner trail blazer, my excitement is taking me to new places. My friend and I stretched up at the top where we parked and were speechless at the view. We followed the signs that took us down a narrow broken dirt path. My hesitation lasted only a few moments then, we saw a brownie troop skipping up the incline. Once at the bottom, left would have taken us to the heavily populated tide pools. To the right we walked on washed up or out rocks right along the waters edge to the life guard tower, climbed a couple of boulders and started to walk towards a very big surprise we had forgot about......the narrow broken dirt path. And that is where the real workout began. Stopping twice to catch our breath, we were able to stand and admire the most picturesque view of the ocean and Catalina. Parking was $4. I have panic attacks and major anxiety and after this hike i felt the best i had felt in almost a year!

18 days ago

easy trail, amazing view

Not bad. The trails are steep, but the views make up for it. My friend and I did 7 miles and we were tired. Take plenty of water and enjoy the surrounding area.

The views throughout the whole hike are breathtaking

Plenty of trails to choose from, as well as mix and match.
You can also start from the bottom of the trail: Ladera Linda Park

I love this place. It's my favorite thus far. I love hiking near the ocean