Rock Creek Park

27 reviews
7 months ago

I enjoyed the trail itself. It is along a creek and there are several nice bridges. As others have described, the trail head can be tricky to find but if you follow the directions you will figure it out. My biggest concern is the trash along one of the rocky hills as if someone had been living there, as well as the grown man I saw go down off the path into some brush to join another person and another couple grown men who were up on a plateau.. I don't want to assume anything about why they were there.. And I don't want to assume they could be up to no good but just be careful folks! It was 35 degrees out and the creek was partially frozen over and it was in the middle of the day. Just seemed a little odd for some reason. There were a couple other people running the trail, which helped me to feel safer. I won't be going back alone.