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17 days ago

17 days ago

Shortly past the Haw Creek campground is a road to a dirt "parking" area. Park. Then walk back across the main road. Look for a wooden sign that marks the trail. This is a great hike with lots of ups and downs. Great place to turn over rocks and look for salamanders.

19 days ago

19 days ago

Easy 3 miles in and out. Clean path. Beauty along the entire trail; you will want to stop every 5 minutes to look off the bluff. The are three fire pits above Whitaker Point that you can camp at. Tent and hammock accessible. Rocky at some spots. Great over night spot. Saw shooting stars and an amazing sunset because it faces the west

Beautiful! It had a little bit a water in it for our trip but I would love to see it with more! High water levels this would not be a good hike. Even got to see a bald eagle!! And dog friendly to boot!

Hiked on 3/3/17. Beautiful day (even with the smoke from local fires)

When Google Maps welcomed me to "Unnamed Road in Mulberry, AR," I had to laugh a little. The road to Devil's Canyon is a minor adventure, itself, and you really do feel as though you've left civilization behind.
That is, until you start hiking and see the remnants of peoples' campsites. Ugh. Pack it in, pack it out, people. I'll bring a trash bag next time and do some tidying. So look past the few stray cans and water bottles, and check out the view! There are some great overlooks.

The smaller waterfall is really easy to find, and it's an easy hike. You'll have two options to leave the old road and head back to it. Both times, the side trail is marked by a tower of stones. Following the old road just takes you further back into the woods, and it eventually fades.

I tried to find the larger waterfall, but, even with the coordinates from Ernst's book in my GPS, I had no luck. I tried trekking through the trees, but couldn't seem to get to it. I then tried boulder-hopping downstream from the waterfall, but quickly realized that was not a good idea. Considering that the small falls was just a hearty trickle, I think the larger falls might not have been worth the effort on this particular day. I'll go back with a copy of Ernst's directions further once we really hit waterfall season.

What a neat trail! Very short and easy, not much of a challenge, but the river more than makes up for it. I had the place all to myself on a Wednesday morning. I bet it's pretty popular on the weekends, judging by the amount of parking spots available.

The trail was very wet in places. It was pretty easy to avoid soaking my feet, but if you're not very nimble, or there's a great deal of water, prepare to have wet feet.

Love Kings River Falls. Sadly it is a very popular trail so on most days you'll see a lot of people. Great place to swim. Be mindful of snakes in the warmer times of year as I have seen them near the falls. It is a very pretty little waterfall in end so get out there.

26 days ago

Beautiful trail with plenty to see along the way. Getting to the waterfall, I'd rate this trail as easy. Getting back to the trailhead, it's more moderate. You're downhill on the way in and uphill on the way out. Still a gorgeous trail and the end is worth every step.

27 days ago

Beautiful at sunrise