2 days ago

Great, tough hike! I almost scored this trail a 4-star, but it wouldn’t be fair. We had miserable conditions this past weekend, yet we managed to finish it. Day one was drenching rain that never let up. We started at Little Missiouri Falls and walked about 14 miles. The river was swollen, and the crossings were tough. Even the smaller streams were impossible to rock walk over. The last half mile of the first day, the trail was 6-8” underwater. Day 2 was a success in the fact that there was no rain, but we tackled 10 miles of mountains. They were pretty tough, but doable. Brush Heap Mountain was a steep descent from the direction we went!!! Got a fire started that even when the rain started and put it out. That night temperatures dropped into the 40’s. We had about 5-6 miles to walk in cold rain, but we finished the trail. It was beautiful scenery, and a challenging trail. Don’t underestimate the river crossings! Don’t wear hiking boots! Trail runners will dry out much faster! Lessons learned!!!