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3 days ago

I gave this trail a 4 star rating. The trail itself is not very well marked and also not very well maintained but it's still a beautiful hike. I would also say it's a fairly easy hike with the exception of a few stretches that will get your heart-rate going.

Amazing loop, did it in 3 days 2 nights. The first day with the 6 big hills are tough. Make sure to prep. Other than that, amazing trail. Tons of water available hope I do it again soon.

Hard trail, but worth it.

Hiked this trail Labor Day weekend with my dog. It was a decent trail with nice views. It might be a better trail in the fall/winter when the brush has all died down. There was a ton of bushwhacking to be be done and the trail was extremely tough to follow at certain times. Fortunately my dog kept me on the trail for the most part.

This trail had some spectacular views but was very rugged. The first few miles of the trail was overgrown with the bushes over my head and it was easy to lose the trail and follow a game trail instead. Be aware of what direction you should be heading though and you should be fine, using the map on AllTrails really helped. I will definitely do this one again in a few months!

10 days ago

I had an awesome time on this trail. I'll try and get more people to join me at another time.

15 days ago

While lacking the majesty of many national parks, it's a great trail with many features and an easy drive from DFW.

The difficult: there are multiple water crossings, rocky trails, and the hike up and down the ridges aren't messing around--very few switchbacks, just straight up/down. My group went counter clockwise, and there are some portions of the trail along Little Missouri that aren't as clearly marked. We spent a few hours back tracking.

The easy: there is sufficient access to water and if you use the map and take into consideration the distance between water sources, you can keep your weight down by not carrying too much water. There are many good camp sites throughout the trail.

This was my first backpacking loop. Overall I found it pleasantly challenging.

Overgrown hard to stay on trail.

18 days ago

Hiked this on the 30th. Took me 16 1/2 hrs. The mountains will definitely tire you out, nice bored at the top though. Defending is a bit painful if you have bad knees. After those it's easy sailing. Plenty of water around if you don't wait till your last drop. Beautiful place though

20 days ago

Myself and 2 friends hiked to the Eagle Rock Vista from "Winding Stairs Rd" on the east side of the river. We passed the nice waterfall and spring on Viles Branch on the way to where the Eagle Rock Loop and the Athens/Big Fork trails intersect. 75% of the hike was leisurely but the hike from where the two trails intersect to the Eagle Rock Vista was a gasser!!! I'm not out of shape, I'm just a heavy breather!! LOL!! It was well worth it though! The views were AWESOME!! We will do this hike again and plan to camp somewhere over night. Most people who are fairly active could do the hike to the Vista with several breaks on the way. GO DO IT!!!

This is my favorite trail to hike! It's surrounded by beautiful scenery and is an achievable trail!