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Pros: Best backpacking campsites I've seen, and plenty of them. Abundant water on just about every part of the trail. Beautiful scenery. Very challenging and rewarding.

Cons: There are a TON of downed trees. I guess that could be a positive if you're wanting to add to the challenge. The trail is not marked well at your major creek/river crossings. We made it through with no problems, but find your white blaze on the other side BEFORE you cross water.

Wife and I did it in 2 nights, 3 days. All in all, it's a 5 for us. The cons aren't complaints, just some heads up.

4 days ago

Has it all! Wish there was a little more water to see the side waterfalls. Although it makes the creek crossings much easier.

10 days ago

First of all there are some awesome campsites all throughout the loop trail. The campsites were really good for us and some by the water for quick access. That being said the trail is more than 28 miles. We were tracking it and it rounded around 31 total miles. The scenery was ok nothing amazing and the trail was straight up and down it really didn’t do much for the both of us. Good trail but not great and make sure your in good hiking shape or else you’ll have a tough hike throughout!

Beautiful day hike!

11 days ago

12 days ago

13 days ago

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21 days ago

Great for anyone. Do it in 2-days to push yourself and grow as a human, do it in 4-days to appreciate everything and feel rejuvenated. Athens Big Fork will mess you up! Just keep walkin' though.

Had a great time. It's rated hard for a reason.

I plan on doing this hike every year! Athens was very strenuous but I did it!

28 days ago

Great views on the trail. At some points trail was not well defined, but passable. I was there during a crazy storm, many trees are now down on the trail. We did see a Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar, which can cause a nasty rash, so keep an eye out for those little black and white guys out there!

Great place, wilderness camping. Several sites you can walk from car to, and lots along the trail, as well.