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15 hours ago

The yellow/white trail to the stairs was a bit difficult to navigate. If you're not sure where to go, try looking for the next marker across the river! This place was incredible!

2 days ago

Great hike with challenges and rewards galore. Beautiful and secluded swimming holes and lots of wildlife along the way. Many people have left trash at campsites, which was depressing. Why if you love nature enough to hike out to a pristine forest, would you then ruin it with your garbage? Otherwise, a stellar experience.

This site only shows a portion of Lake Oachita Vista Trail, which is actually a much larger loop trail. There are several trail heads. We hiked from Homestead trailhead to Tompkins trailhead and continued to loop back to Homestead. Pretty, quiet, very green, lake views, several benches. We would rate this trail level of difficulty as moderate.

4 days ago

Very challenging 26 mile loop trail with several steep peaks on the southern half. Trail can be cut in half thanks to a gravel maintenance road. Several water crossings mostly less than knee deep but also lots of water to (filter) drink. Campsites are plentiful and usually in good shape near water sources. Pay attention to markers as you cross the Little Missouri or you could find yourself off the trail. Can be hot and humid in the summer. Fall is beautiful with the leaves changing across the valleys at several overlooks.

8 days ago

15 days ago

difficult, sometimes strenuous...
very rewarding.
we got lost the WHOLE FIRST DAY.
follow your blazes.

17 days ago

18 days ago

I loved this hike. We made it all the way to peace rock, and kids swam in lake. Parts of the hike made me a bit nervous with a pretty steep dropoff on one side. Lots of variety with this trail.

25 days ago

It is nice for those who venture off of the horse trail and elevate onto some more narrower rocky passes. Overgrown in areas and not well marked, but hey, venture out. Bring bug spray and sunscreen.

A nice trail, lots of benches to take breaks at if needed. The lake hitting the shore sounded great, I wanted to dive in so bad.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike in the woods that is well worth the sweat! Trail is well kept and marked clearly. Ground cover is mostly poison ivy, stay on the path. Lots of super small ticks, spray spray spray!

1 month ago

early start and good pace and it is ok but if you have the time and the conditions are right start in the SW corner and attack the hills going clockwise then camp at the top of the last one on the first night and after that spend two more nights enjoying the water and surroundings at a leisurely pace

Quiet and smooth. This trail is rated as "hard" but it is not. 3 park benches set up for resting. No hard grades. Would be good for trail running or mountain biking.

Just returned with 3 friends, two have never backpacked before. Tough trail, especially Heap Mountain. On the other side of that, going counter clockwise, much easier. Views make it worth the energy.