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1 day ago

Great hike, did it over 3 nights with two short days on either end. Easily possible in 2-3 days if planned correctly. Trail is well marked, water everywhere, campsites at regular intervals so a fairly easy trip logistically. Would definitely recommend

There were seven of us from the trail running group called GOATS

3 days ago

Hiked the loop in 2.5 days and 2 nights. Began at the Little MO/Athens-Big Fork Trailhead, hiking counter clock wise. We chose this direction in order to get the difficult sections out of the way right off the bat. And I'm glad we did. Brush Heap Mountain is no joke. None the less I had a blast. Great camping spots along the trails with many of them close to the river. Plenty of water to drink and a few nice swimming holes. Met a lot of wonderful people on the trail, many from different parts of the country. Love this trail. Planning to hike it again in November.

3 days ago

Beautiful hike! Loved seeing the beginnings of the fall foliage. Numerous creek crossings, which were fun, and nothing too treacherous because the water is rather low. The few peaks had some wonderful views as well!

4 days ago

Absolutely love this trail. I can’t wait to finish it.

8 days ago

Great trail, pretty tough for a novice like myself, but extremely rewarding. Saw 4 snakes, 2 of which were less than a quarter mile apart. Well marked, plenty places to camp, plenty water sources. Would recommend to wait and go during cool weather, it got up to 90 F one day in the eagle rock mountain section and that's about all we wanted. All in all beautiful 3 day trip.

11 days ago

12 days ago

14 days ago

definitely planning a second trip out for 2018

19 days ago

Headed out on a Monday afternoon. Only two other cars in the parking lot. If you've crossed the bridge into the Albert pile recreation area- head straight up the road with the amazing pot holes. The trailhead is 2.1 miles up that road. The trail itself is easy to follow if you have a keen eye and some route finding ability. It's clearly not used much. The white trail marks are the ones you want to follow. Turn left at the first fork from the parking lot and cross the river on your right. There are ample camp sites down this trail. Lots of bugs. We checked for ticks and got lucky. Lots of DEET :)

When others say the trail is somewhat overgrown I'm assuming they had a better experience than we did. Haha. We went over labor day weekend and the buckeye trail was so overgrown! There were weeds that were taller than me and I'm 5'7. And talk about burning all your energy, wading through a sea of grass and weeds with your 30lb pack. It was quite comical. We even came across someone that was totally off the trail where it turns to the south to go down to caney creek. If we hadn't been there at that time who knows how long the guy would've been lost and the sun was going down fast at that point. Also when coming from buckeye trailhead, about a quarter to half mile the trail comes to somewhat of a fork. One way is straight ahead of you, the other looks like a switch back. Luckily I had read somewhere to not take that "switchback" it's goes to an old mine or something. It took us all of 5 hours to get from buckeye trailhead down to the creek. We camped by the creek and the caney creek trail part was a breeze compared to buckeye. Overall it was an okay trail but in March we did trails in ponca and had to do the same amount of effort for much greater reward.

26 days ago

A warning about how to get there at the end of this review.
This was a wonderful trail. We started at the Athens Big Fork and Little Missouri trailhead, which is down a dirt road and not where Alltrails picks it up. It's a nice wooded hike for about 4 miles to the beautiful (if busy) Little Missouri Falls. From there, the trail follows the river off and on for as far as we went. The sections away from the river never lasted too long and were nice on their own, but following the the river was great. There are numerous campsites along the water, most of them very nice looking, and the trail is nice and level (if a bit rocky at times). When we did this (with pretty low water levels), all the stream crossings were easy, but I can see how it might be difficult if the water level rises.

A word of caution getting there... Google took us down NF-512 through Albert Pyke, and the road was closed due to flooding (looked like it had been closed awhile), so we backtracked to Polk Road 602... That definitely ended before Google said it did. So just take Albert Pyke to Mill Creek Road and ignore Google.

Love this trail!!!!

28 days ago

Drove up from Austin and did the loop in just over 2 days. Day 1 was all 6 peaks, tough, but rewarding and some great views. Day 2 was much easier and lots of water holes to jump in to and cool off. The road leading to the SW parking location is super rocky and at times I though I might have to turn my Camry around

1 month ago

I gave this trail a 4 star rating. The trail itself is not very well marked and also not very well maintained but it's still a beautiful hike. I would also say it's a fairly easy hike with the exception of a few stretches that will get your heart-rate going.