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5 days ago

Beautiful. Plenty of water access. Really good hills. Loved it.

trail running
8 days ago

Excellent challenge for an out and back trail run. Mostly single track, little switch backs. Not a walk in the park.

Easy hike. I took my 9 year old and 7 year old, each carried a 20 pound pack each, they had no problems. We went in late November. Trail was very well marked with white rectangles painted on trees. The trail had a very "slippery" spots with all the leaves that had fallen off trees. No bugs, other than LOTS of spiders.

Took the dogs, great trail. The winding stairs at the end of the trail are worth the hike. The trail is a little confusing at first, but after you cross the creek just follow the white blazes and it's straightforward.

Our first true hike. Beautiful picture ops at the stream. We found we prefer a loop trail, as this is trail is an out and back. We reached the road at about the 3 mile mark, and wasn't sure where the trail continued from there.

23 days ago

Amazing trail! Definitely a challenge. My fiance and I did it in about two and a half days but we took several breaks to play in the river. Lots of good campsites near water. There are several river crossings so bring river shoes!

Amazing and tough!! definitely bring poles and watch the river levels!

it’s difficult but it’s exciting and beautiful!

Peaceful, yet unremarkable stroll through the woods over one of the lower sections of Rich Mountain. The real highlight of the day was driving the Talimena Scenic Byway on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border. Spectacular views of the Ouachita Mountains! Be sure to enjoy that fresh mountain air.

Hiked the South Loop on 12/2/2017. Nice views of the lake. However, with leaves off, the trail is harder to follow. As long as you're PAYING ATTENTION, you should be fine. White blazes are infrequent in spots if you aren't paying attention. There were 1-2 spots that were close enough to the water to get down to the shore. All letters on the map were well marked except for B. There were double white blazes at B, but not a sign like at the other spots. Make sure to check the hunting schedule as well and plan accordingly. Map: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fsm9_039472.pdf

1 month ago

Troop 99 easy hike for first year scouts loop trail and sleep in OT trail shelter great

great fun

Saturday October 14, 2017 1:00 pm Gayle and I finally reached the Little Missouri Trailhead, our starting point for our 3 night 4 day hike on the Eagle Rock Loop. There are already several cars parked there. We shoulder our packs and check the temp. It's 90 degrees! We head south on Anthens-Big Fork trail. Our plan is to get over Hurricane Knob and Mtn McKinley before setting up camp. We are making good time but sweating profusely and draining our water bottles to stay hydrated. We had no choice but to stop and filter water replenishing at Long Creek. At this time we decide to go ahead and climb Brier Creek Mtn and Leader Mtn. Around 5 pm we reach Blaylock Creek. Gayle starts filtering water while I go and scout out a camp site. We pitch our tent on a ridge overlooking the creek. It's getting dark now so after supper we climb in our little 2 person tent. We know there is a storm brewing and heading our way. Gayle nods off to sleep after a short time. I'm thinking I should keep one eye open for bears and such. Well I guess I had both open all night. Didn't fall alsleep until early morning while Gayle sawed logs all night.

October 15th We awoke at our usual time around 5 am and no storm yet. It's too dark to be shuffling around so as we lay there trying to go back to sleep! The first wave of the storm hits at 6 am. We think oh no we may be here for a while. Around 7 am with the pounding rain starting to seep in out little tent, low and behold, It stopped suddenly. We jump out and start slamming and cramming all the gear into our packs. I hand Gayle a energy bar she hands me a hot cup of instant Starbucks coffee. We ate and drank frantically, shouldered our packs and threw on our frog tog ponchos. Just in time! The heavens open up. We are in a storm and start up Brush Heep Mountain. The climb is steep and slick. I look back at Gayle, she's being pelted by big rain drops, her head is down and stabbing the ground with her trekking poles pushing hard. We are both soaked and chilled to the bone!

We haven't had signal on our phones since we started so we're hoping by the time we reach the top we can send a message to our kids letting them know we are ok. Luck has it! We reach the Summit and we have just enough bars to send. Our family is relieved to hear that we are okay.

After going down Brush Heep Mtn we had to make one more climb before decending down where Anthens Big Fork connects with Viles Branch Trail and turn east. The storm has moved over by then and the temperature has dropped to 55 degree. We exchange our ponchos for our mid-layer jackets. We need energy so we stop to eat some jerky and nuts knowing we have over 13 water crossing ahead of us. By 12:30 we arrive at the Little Missouri River. Did I mention how beautiful the scenery is! The sun is breaking through the clouds warming us. We shed our jackets as we head back north on the Little Missouri trail. Our first stop is at Winding Stairs camping area. Gorgeous place! The clear water running over the smooth stone rocks is just too inviting. We unbuckle our packs put on our bathing suits and shiver as we creep into the frigid rapids. How refreshing was that! We both lathered up with some soap before jumping out. Dang we smell better! Dried off we shoulder our packs and head out. We are starting to wear down and it's mid-afternoon so we start looking for a camp spot. The trail winds with the river and we make one more river crossing before we come to a nice area. We pitch out tent, filter water, fire up the jetboil stove and have a delicious dinner. It's dusk by now so we settle into the tent for the night.

Oct 16. Forgot to mention yesterday we were making our way around this rock ledge coming into Winding Stairs when right smack dab in the middle of the trail is fresh Bear Scat. Needless to say, I was on Bear watch again with both eyes open most of the night, while you guessed it, Gayle sawed logs. We arouse up to a chilly morning around 5:45 am. It's pitch dark so we lay contently in the tent listening to the soothing sounds of water rushing down the Little Missouri. Ready to start the day, I put on my jacket, headlamp and crawl out of our warm cozy quarters. I'm heading down to get our food which I hung up high in a tree last night. Didn't want them bears eating our goodies. Gayle stays in the tent and starts rolling up our sleeping pads and getting our gear organized. It's still dark but thanks to our headlamps we managed to fire up the jetboil and make coffee. We have one cup and some instant oatmeal. We make another hot steaming cup of coffee and head down to the river to enjoy the early morning dawning. It's around 8 am before we break camp. Our packs seem lighter today, everything is dry now from the soaking we got yesterday. We head northward towards Albert Pike Recreation area. It's a steady climb up and down, mostly up, for the next 2.8 miles. We arrive at Albert Pike Overlook around 9:30. Wanting to soak up

1 month ago

This was my second time to backpack this trail and I can’t wait for the next visit.

1 month ago

Good trip! Lots of campsites throughout the trails so plenty of places to set up camp. However, if you tent camp, a lot of places the ground is too hard to stake down your tent.
Trail markings got confusing at a few river crossings.
I wish there were mile markers to let you know how far you've gone but I didn't see any.

Overall it was a great trip!

It was great simple hike. It was easy enough for our 7 year old to handle.

1 month ago

Started at the Little Missouri Falls Parking Area and hiked to the Athens Big Fork Parking Area, which is actually the start of the the Little Missouri Trail. And I made it a loop be backtracking back to the Falls Parking lot. It was nice to see so many people out enjoying the trail! Most were actually backpacking along the trail and spending 1+ nights along the trail. I was the only dayhiker I noticed. There are several campsites clearly established along the trail of you want to stay overnight. The river didn’t have a lot of water, but there we still still plenty of small falls and water holes to see. Most of the fall colors have changed to brown, but there was still some spots of a little color. The trail is well marked with white rectangles. Overall, it was a great hike!

Did it in 2 days in early January. very nice very nice

Pros: Best backpacking campsites I've seen, and plenty of them. Abundant water on just about every part of the trail. Beautiful scenery. Very challenging and rewarding.

Cons: There are a TON of downed trees. I guess that could be a positive if you're wanting to add to the challenge. The trail is not marked well at your major creek/river crossings. We made it through with no problems, but find your white blaze on the other side BEFORE you cross water.

Wife and I did it in 2 nights, 3 days. All in all, it's 5 stars for us. The cons aren't complaints, just some heads up.

Has it all! Wish there was a little more water to see the side waterfalls. Although it makes the creek crossings much easier.

2 months ago

First of all there are some awesome campsites all throughout the loop trail. The campsites were really good for us and some by the water for quick access. That being said the trail is more than 28 miles. We were tracking it and it rounded around 31 total miles. The scenery was ok nothing amazing and the trail was straight up and down it really didn’t do much for the both of us. Good trail but not great and make sure your in good hiking shape or else you’ll have a tough hike throughout!

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