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Very moderate. Campsites everywhere. Little traffic. Water tastes very clean.

My wife and I walked this trail on March 5, 2017 with our grandkids (5 and 8). It was cool and misting rain and the trail was wet, but we had an amazing time.
The trail was a bit treacherous at about the halfway point going up the mountain, but we managed by going slowly and holding the kids hands. It wouldn't be so bad when the trail is dry.
It was a beautiful walk and an awesome way to spend a day. I'll be returning to back[pack and camp with my grandson soon!

Good trail with great views!

Fantastic trail make sure u are in shape to do the 7 ridges of 4000 ft plus elevation... Beautiful trail but mountain area is not very well maintained. If u keep a steady pace and are in good shape it can be done in 2 full days but ideally 3 days and I lot of good chillin in the water holes would be ideal... Water socks and keeping it food secure from the creatures is a must... Loved this trail and would definitely visit again to catch the things I missed...

Wish I had more time. Went too late in the day but the views I took in were special.

27 days ago

Just finished this yesterday. Not for the faint of heart. Or those not in shape. There some very steep mountains and numerous (10+) water crossings where you won't be able to cross in boots or by rock hopping when the water is up even a little as it is now. Would be much prettier in the spring or autumn but even this time of year it's still gorgeous. Did it in 3 days. If you plan on stopping often to fish or sight see (there are a few side trails with killer views on the tops of each of the mountains that I highly recommend dropping your packs and trekking to. Each one is short but very steep so best without all your gear except some water and a camera) then I recommend breaking it up into 5-7 mile stints over 4 days. Highly recommended trail if you're fit enough to make it and love fishing, hiking, and the gorgeous views of Arkansas.

29 days ago

Went with my two good buddies from a Saturday- Monday. It was a blast! Beautiful scenery and plenty of camping sites. What a great hike!

1 month ago

Did this trail in mid July. It was a great time; temperature was almost perfect (could've been a little colder). The north-eastern section of the trail is definitely the hardest (lots of hills), but if you plan your trip to do half the hills in one day, and the other half the next day, it'll be much more manageable. There are tons of super scenic spots on this trail, and plenty of spots to refill water (if it has rained in the past couple weeks). Crossing the little Missouri could be tough if the water levels are high so plan accordingly. Overall, great trip that I plan on doing again.

on Womble Trail

1 month ago

I've been from North Fork Lake to Hwy 270. Enjoyed every step. Love looking out off the top of Gaston Mtn. Haven't seen anyone else on the trail yet but have seen some sign of people being there before me. Can't wait to do some more of it.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Outstanding trail and so beautiful! I started at Little Missouri Falls overflow parking lot because the trail is right in front of you. There were 3 river crossings and it could have been 5 where water shoes are required and there are several other stream crossings as well. My trail runners were damp half of the time. Traveling counter-clockwise, I camped on the straight part of the trail just past Eagle Rock Summit the first night. I fell just 3 miles short of completing my hike the second day, but landed at an incredible campsite to enjoy my last night. Starting from where I did was perfect because you get through the big ups and downs while your fresh. The final one:, Brush Heap Mountain is a real doozy!

Great beginner trek. Made the mistake of trying to take on a rainy weekend, ended up having to walk back to my car in pitch black heavy fog while getting completely soaked (it was a learning experience).

2 months ago

great hike