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Went a few weeks ago. The water at the creek crossings was up to the knee and the water was cold! Definitely bring something to dry off with. Beautiful well marked trail. Can’t wait to go back in the summer!

Very scenic. Pretty well marked over all. Watch out for 1.4 miles one-way off shoot in the NW corner

Difficult but worth it.

There was absolutely no water at the time we went, and the entire lake was a mud hole.

As other reviews have mentioned, the first couple of miles up the mountain are fairly challenging. this trail is also not well marked but it visible throughout if you pay attention. for most of the way up the mountain there was fairly good cellphone reception. the views were absolutely amazing! we missed the water falls as the trail turns back to the caney trail east. we started this trail around noon and got to the junction of caney trail around 3. the hike back is easy, but it is longer than expected and crosses the creek several times. the caney creek trailhead is also not well marked, it's a blank board. Overall this trail is demanding at 11 miles and took about 6 hours to complete. It definitely is worth the views and terrains.

18 days ago

Amazing hike with amazing views. We did the hike in 2.5 days

This trail follows the water which is amazing. We started from the Big Agnes North Trail in a clockwise direction. This means the higher elevations are completed last. There are a few places where the trail markings are lacking. Several hikers have tied ribbons marking the trail. We found using the Guthook app really made it easygoing. It works offline which is great since there is no phone service near the trail. The service roads that access the trail are small and have one lane bridges so exercise caution.

great trail.

Absolutely amazing and challenging trail. Started on Wednesday, November 21st at 10:25am and finished Friday, November 23rd at 10:45am. We went clockwise and trekked nearly 11 miles, camping soon after crossing Eagle Rock Vista and the next ridge. Camped along the stream in the valley at some nice campsites. Early start the next morning began with some truly challenging climbs but the views were worth it. Hammered out a total of 11.5 miles that day and camped near a meadow just shy of Albert Pike. Knocked out the next 5 1/2 or so the next morning with the last mile in the pouring rain. We saw deer, raccoon, and heard something early one morning howl like a wolf (it was not coyotes, I’ve had tons of experiences with them). Didn’t see bears but I sure wanted to, from a distance of course. I highly suggest getting in good shape for this hike. I thought I was in pretty good shape but the ridges kicked my tail. Also, call the ranger offices to check the water levels because there are tons of water crossings.

23 days ago

Just went this past weekend with some buddies. Very nice trail with scenic views especially in the fall with the leaves turning color. There are several river crossings and the water was SUPER COLD but all well worth the fun and views. Trails markings are a but faded but after careful observation we were able to make our way just fine. Hoping to come back in early spring.

Fantastic trail. Summer hikes are great with the canopy and many water holes to take a dip in.

25 days ago

we hiked the trail late October. the Little Mo. River gauge at Langley was showing 4.4' when we started CCW at the forestry Rd East trailhead just south of Albert Pike. This is as high as I would feel comfortable crossing most of the deeper crossings, and I'm 6'2". the trail was very scenic through most sections, and was definitely a challenge. we did three 8 mile days and a 3 mile morning to finish up.

the mountain summits, while steep with no switchbacks, are thankfully not that tall (200-400 feet in approx .5 mile for most of them). the rocky creek bed s you follow on the VBT will beat your feet to death, so be sure to wear some sturdy boots. Water is plentiful. aside from the peaks, we were rarely more than a hundred feet from flowing water.

All I have to say is breathtaking views!!

on Eagle Rock Loop

28 days ago

We hiked this trail in October, and had a 7 year old with us. We ended up camping 3 nights, as we were not in a hurry at all. We took lightweight hikers tents, our backpacks had camelbacks, and we ate MREs. I am not exaggerating when I say we probably crossed water 60 times, but sometimes it was just small streams that you could step on rocks to get across. I took water shoes to change into to cross the bigger water crossings so my shoes could stay dry, then I would change back into my sneakers. When I said MREs earlier, I feel they made all of the difference in our energy level. I couldn’t have made it on trail food. We had 2 each per day, and saved something out of them for breakfast. We had some extra water to start, but we took one of those little filters to filter the stream water so that we could pack a little lighter. When we parked and started, we went to the right first. We had studied the map and felt this was the toughest part so we wanted to tackle it first. Brush Heap Mountain has no mercy. It’s a long, steep climb that you think will never end. At the top was a little spotty cell coverage if you wanted to check in with the rest of the world. Other than that, I don’t believe we had any cell phone coverage. So be sure you check in and out with the park rangers.
It was a challenging, beautiful hike. Lots of different terrain to see and experience. We are in our 40s, and had a teen and a 7 year old and we completed it.

Decent trail but make sure you don’t go during deer season. If you do, make sure to bring bright orange clothing as the woods are filled with hunters.

Awesome, so beautiful. Awesome on a 4 wheeler.

great trail. It was great for a family. I had a 12 and 15 year old with me. They enjoyed it. It had a lot of rocks and a few hills.

This was my first trail to backpack and stay over night on! Looking forward to going again. Well marked with great views.

on Eagle Rock Loop

1 month ago

We hiked the entire loop starting at 2pm on 10/25 thru 5pm on 10/28. We started the trail at Winding Stairs and went counter-clockwise. Amazing trail with plenty of fall colors this time of year! Day 1 we did about 4 miles which was a great start. One hill at the beginning and then relatively flat for the remainder of the day. Day 2 we hiked about 8 miles which put us right before the start of where you do a number of climb and decent areas. Day 3 we did about 7 miles. A tough 7 miles this is the part of the trail that makes it rated "hard". We stayed at the top of Bush Master after a tough hike up to the top. Day 4 we hiked 9 miles and finished the trail with a mostly downhill hike with some up and down.

There are many campsites along all sections of the trail, so we never worried about having a place to stop. With that said we planned to land at a campsite about 1 1/2 hours before sunset to setup and have dinner before dark.

There was a lot of water on this trail. I lost count but there were probably 20 water crossings. On all but maybe 5 you could cross without getting your shoes wet. On 5 the water was about knee deep and we crossed using water shoes. I imagine the water level varies based on rainfall and time of year.

There was no cell coverage on the trail with the exception of the top of hurricane knob and the top of brush heap mountain and even there it was spotty.

One of the top hikes I have done. The terrain, type of trees, rivers, bluffs, meadows and valleys varied substantially throughout the park. All was scenic.

Highly recommend!

1 month ago

We did the entire loop 10/26 thru 10/28. It’s a vigorous trail so fitness is important. Water was everywhere so didn’t need to carry much more than what I could drink in 60-90 minutes of activity. No cell service other than on the top of Brush Heap mountain but it’s a task to get there. Awesome experience with incredible views, particularly in the Winding Stairs area. Water was about 50 degrees and was a great refresher on the feet.

1 month ago

I hiked the loop on 10/21 and 10/22/2018 and was very impressed with its scenic beauty and difficulty. Make sure you are in decent shape, especially for the descents on the Athens Big Fork Trail. No need to carry much water. If you get thirsty just bend over and fill your bottle. Some of the best tasting water I’ve ever had. I didn’t bother with water shoes, the crossings are far too numerous. Changing shoes before and after each crossing is just not feasible in my opinion. I hiked with wet trail runners and medium weight wool socks and had no problem with blisters.
There is zero cell service on the trail. Also, some of the mountain roads to the trailheads are paved with hatchets and knives. Flat tires are very common so be prepared.
I’d give this trail 5 stars but then how would I rate the JMT?

1 month ago

Nice solo hike. Can be tough if you are not in shape. Campsites could use to have trash picked up. But all in all an awesome trail with amazing views. Also look for several natural springs. I saw 4 this trip.

Day hike in and out from the Missouri Falls Trailhead on a Sunday. 5 mile drive on narrow gravel road to get to the rec area. The falls are at the start of the trail and several groups were gathered in the falls area. The trail follows the river with several areas to explore in and near the water. The river alternates from rushing over rocks to clear pools of water. One trail crossing through the water was a bit precarious. I did bring extra shoes to cross through the water but with very slippery mossy wet rocks I took a small tumble and fell in! I saw another hiker do the same a few minutes before. It was all in good fun and I would do it again! Beautiful scenery with fall colors throughout the hike. Many places for camping and areas to wade or swim in warmer weather.

Great hike! We started on Caney Creek trail and finished with the Buckeye trail. The Buckeye trail is more strenuous-moderate in some areas. It is also overgrown in some spots making it difficult to navigate, but luckily our dogs have great trail instincts so we didn’t get off track. The sites at the top of the mountain were beautiful. We started Caney Creek trail around noon and finished Buckeye trail right before 6 pm, clocking about 29,000 steps. I would definitely recommend this hike.

Scenic hike. There were a few light water crossings and two bigger water crossings (we didn’t have water shoes so we took off our hiking shoes and went through the water..12” in spots). A lot of camp sites and ran into a fare amount of people along the way. The trail runs along water which makes it very tranquil.

1 month ago

I have been hiking ERL since 2013 and I have hiked it 10 times since then. It offers such great scenery and great places to camp. I have always wanted some ERL trail merchandise but could find any. So, I decided to design some myself. If your interested in an Eagle Rock Loop tee shirt or window sticker go to https://teespring.com/stores/eagle-rock-loop

1 month ago

I first completed the loop in May of 2010. I have completed it 13 times since. One of my favorite hikes!

We parked at the Caney Creek East trailhead and started heading UP the road for the 1.1 mile hike to the Buckeye Mountain trailhead. It was raining the entire time we hiked although we had a nice evening by the fire to dry out our wet gear!
This trail is every bit as strenuous and beautiful as others have stated. I of course was not prepared physically and it truly kicked my fat butt! Plan on mostly uphill for the first couple hours or more!
Katy Falls was very nice and the water was nice and cold. We hiked in crocs via the stream from the falls back to the campground. We had planned to stay a 2nd night but the rain was relentless so we hiked back to the car via the creek east trail.
Very tall and thick underbrush in a few spots which made the trail a little hard to follow at times but if you pay attention you will see the path.
Overall a nice yet challenging trail.
Took us 5 hours to hike to the falls area with lots of breathing breaks!

1 month ago

This trail lives up to the hype of being one of the most challenging trails in Arkansas. It is poorly marked at time making it to decipher it from the other trails in the area. Have a good trail map downloaded on a reliable hiking app. We used all trails and gut hooks. The is no cell reception in this area (especially sprint). There are plenty of water sources and camping spots with amazing views. There had to be 70 water crossings, only 6 require you to get you feet wet. Started at the Mine Creek rd Trail Head and hiked it counted clock wise. Allow 4 days so you can take your time and enjoy all the amazing views. Great trail, could be a knee wrecker so be ready

1 month ago

Great, tough hike! I almost scored this trail a 4-star, but it wouldn’t be fair. We had miserable conditions this past weekend, yet we managed to finish it. Day one was drenching rain that never let up. We started at Little Missiouri Falls and walked about 14 miles. The river was swollen, and the crossings were tough. Even the smaller streams were impossible to rock walk over. The last half mile of the first day, the trail was 6-8” underwater. Day 2 was a success in the fact that there was no rain, but we tackled 10 miles of mountains. They were pretty tough, but doable. Brush Heap Mountain was a steep descent from the direction we went!!! Got a fire started that even when the rain started and put it out. That night temperatures dropped into the 40’s. We had about 5-6 miles to walk in cold rain, but we finished the trail. It was beautiful scenery, and a challenging trail. Don’t underestimate the river crossings! Don’t wear hiking boots! Trail runners will dry out much faster! Lessons learned!!!

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