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kid friendly

Loved the Grove. It was normal hill trail with no one else around. Could do without the cement part of the trail that is by the lake.

Easy paved trail. Don’t take the GPS to the location on AllTrails. Just put in Atalanta Park and it’ll route you to good parking there. This GPS location takes you somewhere kinda weird to start.

20 days ago

Easy, paved walk. Great for little ones and older ones.

Great level park paved walkway excellent for kids

3 months ago

We walked the paved loop with two small kids - a great afternoon family walk spot!

I'm from Rogers and have spent a lot time at Lake Atalanta during my child hood. My mema lived in a house up the hill from the lake and we would walk around the lake regularly. I'm a runner and love running trails. Two years ago when I figured out that they spent a lot of time and money to fix up the park and make trails around the lake I was very excited a spent two days running around the lake. I've made it a point to go there ever time I go home. If you take the hardest route of trails it's pretty technical lots of quick elevation changes and twist and turns. Beautiful views and always a great run. Much better than the humdrum of road running. The only thing I'm not to keen on is the board walk. I understand why they did it but in my opinion they could have left it out and just fixed up the road that went around it. It is fun to run on but it is the one thing I would change about it.

Very easy trail with beautiful views!

7 months ago

Nicely paved trail. Wide enough to accommodate walkers/runners/cyclists. I would rate this as easy not moderate Trail. Close enough to my house where I’d do it again when wanting a quick walk.

Nice easy walk on a paved trail. Plan for cyclists and lots of other walkers with doggies and children. Very beautiful area.

Hate what they’ve done to it

11 months ago

Very pretty

Too easy for a hike. But there are hiking trails adjacent to it.

Nicely paved trail. Wide enough to accommodate walkers/runners/cyclists. I would rate this as easy not moderate Trail. Close enough to my house where I’d do it again when wanting a quick walk.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Great views of lake. Over-head lights all around the path. Wide enough for people walking and cycling.

We saw a bald eagle.

very good starter trail. For lower key, you can drive closer to lake for 2.6 mile walk.

before the spring 2017 flood this was a daily walk for me. I will be going back once the repairs are completed.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Pretty trail. Can't say it should be rated as moderate, more an easy walk. It is beautiful and not super crowded though.

I love this trail. Its nothing exotic, but great if you want to kill 15 mins or even a couple hours. Easy to access and easy to navigate with kids or your dog. Pretty little lake with lots of fish and turtles. Several good spots for casting your line if you wanted to do a little fishing. If you hike or bike up on of the well paved there is an amazing mountain bike course along with several well maintained trails.

Very nice

The trail was great! The parking from Poplar stinks though. They're working on the park and once it's complete it will be awesome! I would suggest parking on the actually Atalanta Lake parking spot.

Absolutely a gorgeous walk. Of course it was the only walk we didn't bring our phones to take pictures. The lighting tonight was just beautiful and the lake was like a Bob Ross painting.

Have read some comments that it smells...it is a lake and it is going to have a smell. It smells like any other lake I've been on.

There were signs indicating the installation of a boat ramp/. I think this would be a huge mistake as it would disrupt the serenity of the lake.

Great walk!!!

Starting at trailhead on Popular st, it's a dead end with no parking. We ended up parking downtown Rogers and walking to the trailhead. Nice paved trail and several dirt trails, some fairly rigorous! We ended up going on "The Dump" trail, "Frisco", and "Billygoat" trails then ended up walking the paved trail that goes around the lake. About 5 miles round trip to where we parked. Would be good with kids too. I plan to bring my 7 year old soon.

I been doing it for years.

Its a beautiful place for sure. However the place stinks a bit. Other that thn it's great for a leisurely trail.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Great for all ages!! And sports.

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