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Nice short loop with about the same scenery as the full pigeon loop.

I love this trail! Beautiful lake spot for great meditating. It is closed today (1/5) due to current hunting season. Anyone know when it opens again?

A cold hike through the woods in late December. I would say this trail is on the easy end of moderate. A gentle downhill all the way to the overlook and then a gentle uphill slope on the way back, with no serious elevation change at all. The view from the overlook, even in winter with the trees bare, is mostly blocked by trees. The trail is very well marked with blazes and signs, and many benches for resting along the way.

23 days ago

The trail has some good length to it, it is very well laid out. But, it is just a simple walk through the woods. No special scenic areas.

1 month ago

This is a great trail for getting out on a short day hike. We’ve taken the kids, the 9 & 6 year old did great. The 3 year old rode in a carrier & was over it about mile 3 but he prevailed. Ha! It’s got a great stopping spot for snacks & a breather at the lake.

Very nice and quick!

Beautiful day with sunshine and my granddaughter

One of my favorites in the area. Been here two times already, it never disappoints.

Found myself lost and confused a lot on this trail. I had no idea where I was! I enjoyed it but I don’t really know how to read the map I think

I got on this trail and took a wrong turn and ended up burning most of the day on it. Once I began to lose daylight I had to get off the trail and take the rest of the way on the adjacent highway so to be sure not to miss the 5:00 deadline so I could get my car out of the visitor center. It was a beautiful hike and and a wonderful day, however I wasn’t sure where I was at for a lot of it and I found the trails mostly unmarked and the map confusing.

Great trail for the whole family.

Pretty little hike with small bluffs and lake shore.

Really enjoyed this short loop through the woods. Fairly easy trail, all wooded and shady.

Easy trail (paved/white rock) with some interesting historical landmarks.

Good variety of scenery, autumn leaves are turning gold and a few red. Hiked on a Monday morning, saw 2 mountain bikers and 4 other hikers during my walk. Fairly easy hike, view of the water was very pretty.

3 months ago

This was a great first overnight backpacking experience for my girlfriend and me. It was long and strenuous enough to test us without being enough to break us.
It was a beautiful walk in the woods. We arrived much later than we intended. Being our first trip, we didn't realize how much preparation time we needed.
The sun had dipped below the horizon by the time we made it to the campsite. Immediately upon arrival, we were invited to the community fire by the NWA Hiking Club. Stories and drinks were shared, and good times were had by all.
The next morning began with breakfast and a light rain. I felt incredible (a symptom of sleeping outdoors), and just wanted to walk. Not finish, but walk. I had to let my legs go. The light rain had awakened and beautified the forest, and my girlfriend and I decided to "hike our own hike". I walked ahead, enjoying walking my own pace and being alone in the woods. The lack of vistas, and the anticlimactic overlook take nothing away from this trail. Walk this trail to be in the forest. To smell the earth and feel its life.

Beautiful walk in the woods.

3 months ago

Peaceful hike, well worn path and clear. I did the short course. Not much as far as views on the short path. Worth a short trip.

Easy trail for all ages.

great trails. Better make sure your horse is in good condition. lots of ups and downs.

This is a nice, well maintained trail that is easy to follow. It is a relatively easy trail if you are in modest shape but did see one lady struggling a little coming up out of the valley as there is some elevation gain. You start at the top so what goes down must come up. Some interesting rock formations and the cave was nice. The cave is a short distance off the standard trail but if you pay attention you will see a path leading up to a rock formation and it is there so do t miss it.

3 months ago

Nice easy short trail. The trail is easy to follow. Nothing really exciting to see on this one. There are 3 bridges that cross the creek but no water today unfortunately. This trail at least felt more like s bike compared to the Van Winkle trail next to it. You can at least combine the two trails for a about a 1.4 mile walk/hike. Good paced parking lot and bathrooms so that’s always a plus.

Short, easy trail. This is less of s home and more just a casual walk at s historic site. You are walking on basically a gravel road. It has a number of spots with signs giving you the history of that spot which was interesting but I love history. The trail head is right next to Sinking Stream so you can do both at the same time and get about 1.4 miles in total. Note that the trail is just off the highway so if you are looking to get away from the sounds of civilization this isn’t the place for you.

Benches along the way. Well maintained trail.

I saw three Ozark Chinquapin trees on this trail! It was amazing to see this rare tree.

you can find peace on this trail if you're looking for it. the trail is adventurous and pretty. My dog and I loved it.

Nice hike .. well marked trails !

A great trail for a short little hike. We did this one in the morning before we left town and loved the scenery. Offers some neat side paths that lead up to some small caves or down to the lake.

4 months ago

Loved this trail. Beautiful hike. Definitely grab a stick to clear spiderwebs as you you travel.

4 months ago

We love this trail! We take our kids out here all the time & they do great. They especially love going in the little cave, hanging out by the lake. Definitely recommend!

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