Gulley Park

29 reviews
4 months ago

This is a very easy walk on a paved pathway. if you start at what the guide says is the trail head, you have a very nice and quick lollipop trail to follow. However you are parking on the side of a busy street. If you go to the west side of the park there is plenty of parking in a marked parking lot, which might be a better place to leave your car.

The trail itself is suitable for everyone and is along a paved pathway. There are a few spots where the trees have created un uneven surface in the pavement that may make it difficult for a very short section to someone in a wheel chair.

The path following the creak was very nice and you could hear lots of different birds. If made you think your sound machine for white noise was stuck on the birds setting. For the time I had on this trip to Fayetteville, this trail got me outside and I learned about a park I had not visited before.