Hiked this trail several times over the past few years. Several good uphill climbs that will test the lungs. Good population of wildlife and wildflowers. Some decent waterfalls after a good rain or spring time. Usually you can hike all day and maybe see half a dozen other hikers, but I usually go and don’t see another person all day. This trail system has a little bit of everything. Hard sections, easy sections, springs and creek beds, bluffs, lake access and decent views on the higher ridges. Overall a good trail system that is close to the bigger NWA towns and just far enough out that you can feel lost at times.

Do not let the fact that the trail is made up of a series of Old Logging roads fool you. the trails are up and down very steep rugged hills. There is a reason this trail is rated as difficult because it is. also be aware that there are wild hogs in this area so be on the lookout and use caution, as wild hogs can be dangerous even when unprovoked. all this being said, it was a pretty decent trail and it was definitely a good cardio workout. Lastly, be sure to bring water.

There are some key words in the description "a NETWORK of LOGGING ROADS." This is a very strenuous hike. You may have driven some of Arkansas's old logging roads and wondered how a truck loaded with lumber ever navigated them. If the "trail" were any steeper in places, you'd need climbing gear! And there are lots of logging roads back here - you might call it a network - while the trail is well-marked, you will want to pay attention to where you are going.
That said, this is a very pleasant hike through a lovely area. On our first visit, in late fall of 2017, we hiked down to the spring, which was neat, and saw lots of wildflowers and butterflies along the way. Today we took the trail to the top of Trimble Mountain. The views are not great, but what you can see of Beaver Lake is pretty impressive. A warning: this looks like it gets really overgrown in the summer, to the point where the trail is obscured and/or unpleasant.