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Established in 1972, Buffalo National River flows freely for 135 miles and is one of the few remaining un-dammed rivers in the lower 48 states. Once you arrive, prepare to journey from running rapids to quiet pools while surrounded by massive bluffs as you cruise through the Ozark Mountains down to the White River.

Beautiful! I'm from Texas and just started the hiking game. It was breathtaking!! That was partly from the views and partly from the way back up. Like literally took my breath... I just started making my overweight self do some cardio a couple months ago. Honestly, most able-bodied person can do this hike! I'm working up to a big hike in September so wore my 30-40 pd backpack. I stopped several times to enjoy the views and out of need on the way back up.

Great shade and only a couple people. Wear hiking shoes FOR SURE and will need lots of water on the way back up.

Seriously one of the Best trails I've been on. If you're looking for adventure, you've found it here! Note towards the end of the trail there are 4 rope lines you must use to get up to the bluff. Once you reach the bluff, you will scale the side to the left. There is a little hole you must pass under then climb just a little more before reaching the Eye of the Needle. There is also a cool little cave just off to the right.

Fun trail! Took me 3 hours. I ran some. The bluffs are beautiful. Great morning hike. Today there was thick fog until about 9:30 but it had cleared by the time I got out to the bluffs. Awesome views. Easy-moderate trail until you get near the bluffs. Then you just have to watch your step. Nothing crazy, but pay attention. Some slick spots. The first half off the trail is smooth enough to run a lot. If you're going out before most people (I didn't see others until 10) bring a stick to clear spider webs. There were a lot.

Ouch. Not for a rookie like myself.

One of my favorite places. The ambiance of this place make me come back again and again.

Can't wait to do it again!


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beautiful views at the end. trails are in good shape. agree with previous poster who writes the rest of the journey is rather basic. good exercise tho'. bring bug spray. and lots of trash at the end of Goat Trail. pack it out, please!

28 days ago

This was tough! I camped at big bluff and hiked to hemmed-in falls the next morning and back out to centerpoint trail head. The walk back was brutal.

Goat trail offers incredible views and photo ops but the hike down Centerpoint to it is unremarkable except of course for the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. I'm sorry to give this Trail three stars for that reason because I imagine it's festooned with beautiful colors in the Fall and quite a treat.