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awesome views. hard trail on the way back up

9 days ago

12 days ago

I've hiked this twice, tomorrow will be my third time. Great views! I didn't feel the hike was as challenging as many say, but I can see why it's viewed as difficult. The hike out is uphill the whole way. The view of the falls is spectacular and well worth any effort to get there. I have seen hogs, bears, deer, and snakes on the trail so be safe and enjoy all there is to offer!

Best to take the route from highway 7, the road from Compton was very poor, saw cars and even suv's having to turn around. Trail also wasn't maintained as well as others in some parts, but still a great area. I 'bushwhacked' to the falls, little bit slick on the way there. Cool cave about halfway through the loop.

This is a great trail! The views from the trail are phenomenal, and I cannot tell you the number of wild flowers and various animals I saw. Plus, the waterfall is a must-see. There wasn't a lot of water the day I was there, but it was still very impressive.

The hike up and out isn't as bad as it's made out to be - it took me a little less than an hour to hike the 1.8 miles from the intersection. That's about half my speed on a flat trail - it is, after all, quite the steep climb. I regularly find myself on steep trails (Granny Sneed's cabin back to Centerpoint trailhead, Smith Creek from the falls to the trailhead, White Rock Creek falls up to White Rock Mtn., etc.), so I've had plenty of practice. Just take it slowly if you need to and enjoy the views!

I followed Ernst's directions to the second waterfall - it's not terribly difficult to get to, but it's no cakewalk. I did NOT follow his instructions for getting to the top of the bluff, though. That seemed beyond my skill level and my energy level.

Cave mountain is a drive from Ark 21 hwy back to and including the hike to the Hawksbill Crag overlook.

Hawkbill Crag is a premiere Ark. hike. a must do. It can be busy in the summer months. Many waterfalls in the area.

Awesome hike. Hiked out there today and the falls were rolling!

on Triple Falls Trail

25 days ago

Beautiful after the rain. Short hike but so pretty!