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5 days ago

Took the loop to the trail to thunder canyon falls last week. It was very peaceful and the falls were just gorgeous. I will definitely be going again to explore more.

Fantastic trail especially in the winter. Great views the whole time! Decent bouldering in some spots. The hike back uphill will get the blood flowing but the hike down is as fun as it gets

16 days ago

We were skeptical about this hike after hearing about all of the tree damage. However, they have cleared out the trees on the main trail down to the bridge/picnic table. Seeing the damage the tornado did to those trees was a sight to see in itself. Very early on in the hike there is an opportunity to take a left off the main path and go hike down to Elise Falls. This was the best part of the hike for us, although it was pretty steep. Once you get down to the creek bed, keep following it down until you see a tee with an arrow sign on it, which directs you up a smaller creek. At the end of that creek is the fall. It was beautiful, even without water.

Great hike with amazing views. The North view was especially beautiful. Well kept trail with some cool stops on the way up. We will be back!

the road down to the trail is pretty steep. we took a 2 wheel drive Honda pilot down to it and had no problem getting back up the road. recommend going to falls after a lot of rain. easy hike though.

Have been hiking this trail since 1981. The largest free fall waterfall between the Rockies and Appalachians. Beautiful, especially in winter.

Very accessible and two great views - north and south sides of the mountain. The first 10-15 minutes are grueling but after that it is pretty flat. It was very enjoyable for me and my old dog. The leaves have all fallen so the views were great!

1 month ago

Certainly a cool hike, I intend to go back after a big rain as the waterfall was mostly just dripping when we were there. Make sure to bring water, but the uphill hike back is not as bad as I thought it would be.

Great hike. I didn't know a 2 1/2 mile down hill hike would wear you out. But wait, the uphill hike will make you rethink the downhill part. Fantastic views, bring plenty of water. Finishing the round trip will give you a sense of accomplishment. Most strenuous, enjoyed it. Do It!!

Hiked Round Top today and it was beautiful weather and views. The distance from the parking lot up the Crouse trail, around switchbacks, two loops and one spur trail and back to the parking lot was 3.8 miles. The trail map was difficult to interpret at first and we weren't really sure if there was one trail or two until we finished the second loop. There is one trail but several options of directions to take. There are no blazes, but this trail is so well worn that none were necessary and at junctions there were great signs. South fork was by far the most beautiful view!

I haven't been in the spring, so I don't know how grown up it gets. But, right now as of nov 24. Is the best time to go. There were lots of ppl there as well but not so overcrowded you can't enjoy it. Just means the trail was good and packed down. The views are awesome and the plane crash was.., idk. I felt kinda sad about it. I think the crash happened in 1946. Overall a nice and peaceful adventure!

Love the trail. The benches and fences are rotting. This would be a great boy scout project.

One of my favourite places, the natural bridge and caves were amazing. We've done it twice and will again.

2 months ago

Perhaps my favorite place...a challenge to get in and out and lots to explore.

Super short and easy with beautiful falls, but go when there is water.

The connector from the parking area is steep. The crash site is interesting and the views are great.

2 months ago

Great hike. 500 feet elevation gain on way back

This was a very nice loop. It was our first time backpacking and it was a good trail for that. Pretty well mart except for coming out of Kyle‘s landing was a little bit confusing as The GPS did not follow the trail.
Overall I would definitely do this again.

Trail is hard to follow. There was no water in the waterfall. Not much traffic

2 months ago

Short and easy trail. Not the prettiest in fall but should be fantastic in spring after a good rain.

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