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13 hours ago

It gets pretty crowded as a lot of canoers from the Buffalo make the hike from down there. The hike back up to the Compton trailhead can be pretty brutal too. Instead of hiking in from the top, you’re better off taking a day to float the river and making a quick hike up to the waterfall from there. That hike would be pretty short, so it would be well worth it.

21 hours ago

Pretty good ways on a gravel road to a lot where you can park and walk to the falls. Falls just a short walk from the parking area. We got lucky and were there after some rains and the falls were nice. Recommend if you have extra time and if they have had any recent rain.

The waterfall was neat, but the trails could have been more clearly marked (or marked at all).

scenic driving
9 days ago

Beautiful winding roAd through forest with scenic views, weathered barns and rustic cabins.

I hiked this trail Sunday May 7th 2018. It was very well marked and cleared well. It was a few days after a good rain and the falls were running great. I was surprised to see the parking lot very crowded and I passed several large groups of people on my hike. The views were great and the big falls were amazing. I'm definitely going back. It took me about 45 minutes to get to the falls with a few stops for pictures and a little over an hour to get back up the mountain. If you are not fit enough for this hike and just want to see the falls, it's much easier to access the falls from the river by canoe, kayak or raft. From the river to the falls is a short hike that is much easier than the trail up and down to the Compton trail head. I highly recommend this hike!

13 days ago

Rough trail and tough hike but the scenery at sneeds Creek is awesome!!!!! if you follow sneeds Creek past granny Henderson's house, useing the Buffalo River Trail and cross the river, you can eventually pick up the hemmed in Hollow Trail back up to the trailhead. You can make this a big loop with the hemmed-in Hollow Trail.

This was a tough hike. Fun, if you like a challenge. The trip back was the hardest part, as it is all up hill. I was nervous about trying it after reading some reviews. But, it’s doable for most with average physical ability. I saw several families with children on this trail. The waterfall was beautiful. Bring plenty of water and wear good shoes!

It’s not really a “hike”, but a nice, scenic, walk to beautiful falls. Definitely worth it!

Great trail. Nice scenery. The hike back up is hard, but it’s a great cardio workout.

Not the prettiest waterfall, but I believe it is the tallest in Arkansas. Trail was easy going down, but difficult going back up! Take plenty of water!!!

15 days ago

It's a cool hike and a great workout, but I was personally a little let down by the waterfall itself. Perhaps I need to stop expecting so much from waterfalls, but it is almost non-existent unless there has been rain recently. It is still a cool cliff face, but not what I was expecting.

19 days ago

Goat Trail was awesome!!!!

26 days ago

Awesome trail!!!! The scenery is towards the bottom as you near the Fall area. Easy trail to follow, but be prepared, and ready for a workout going back up to the trailhead. Be sure to go when you know the water is going to be running. Absolutely a beautiful area.

great trail, with wonderful scenery along the way and a awsome waterfall at the end

1 month ago

Okay, you can't call a walk of under a quarter of a mile a hike, but it was still fun. There was enough water flowing over the bluff that we got the triple falls instead of the double that we hear sometimes occurs. They are small in terms of water volume, but still nice and taller than many in the area. It was a nice cozy place, the stream was beautiful, and it's worth the steep drive down to get there which is admittedly the hardest thing about this one.

on Triple Falls Trail

1 month ago

Short hike but after a good rain the falls are beautiful!

1 month ago

I wouldn’t actually consider this a hike. The road down to the falls is the most intense part of the journey and maneuvering it actually takes longer than the short stroll to the falls once you make it to the bottom. I personally wouldn’t drive down to the falls without a 4WD vehicle. The falls are absolutely breathtaking and worth seeing.

Stunning views and a tough hike! Definitely bring extra water and take your time back up!

1 month ago

The falls were impressive and a good flow of water was coming down. I couldn’t imagine walking down there just for a trickle because the climb back up is a doozy! Not a long hike by any means but will definitely test your stamina and heart on some sections coming back up. Good times!

Very short walk. Must catch it after a good rain and you will get to see all 3 flowing very impressively. The road down to the falls is a fun journey as well...

Went in March of 2018. The top of the trail head had a chilling breeze but the weather was warm as we went downhill. It was gorgeous despite most of the trees not yet blooming green. It allowed for more views from the heights as we progressed down.

We got off the Trail accidentally traveling down a partially dried creek ending back on the trail at the river and made our way to the falls from there.

Overall a great trail but reveling to ones current cardio fitness on the way back up. I had to stop several times to catch my breath. Totally worth it.

Very short, easy hike! Falls are beautiful. We did this last in a 4 trail day. Very wise decision. It takes longer to drive down to the trail from the highway than actually do the trail

1 month ago

This was a surprising trail. We added this loop onto our centerpoint trail to give us more miles. It turned out to be a new favorite. The creek is beautiful and a good place for water. There were several spots along creek with fire rings and flat spots to camp. There were some old cars abandon Apple orchards and a tough uphill climb.

Awesome falls, easy trail, take your time on the gravel road!

Not the easiest to get to, but that means less people, and in my book, less is more. You're first decision is clockwise or counterclockwise. Clockwise will take you UP the road then onto the trail. The benefit being you finish on the trail. Counterclockwise you will finish on the road going down. The benefit being an easy walk downhill to finish. There is a trail to the Thunder Canyon Falls that you will miss if you are not looking. If you've read that it's slippery, it was an understatement, expect to slip and maybe you won't. Don't neglect the fire pit at the northern most portion of the trail. It's a great place to have lunch or play in the water. There is nothing spectacular about this trail but it is a solid 4 star. The distance is obviously longer if you trek back to the falls and it will take you longer than you think to get there.

I'm an average hiker and this trail was challenging coming out of the hollow. It took about an hour to get down to the falls, well worth the time, I must say. It was beautiful!! Short hike to the river to see it's beauty as well. Coming out was tough. Multiple stops to catch my breath, it took me about an hour and forty-five minutes to reach the top. Take plenty of water and a snack.

2 months ago

I love this trail. Hard enough to make you have to rest but not impossible i would stay away from in the hotter parts of the year if your not in really good shape. Plus jb trading post is real close to the trailhead. Really cool store with really staff.

2 months ago

Not really a hike but the falls are beautiful! A 4wd is definitely needed for the drive in. There is another easy trail just before the low water bridge that ends up on the river. We took that after seeing the falls and it was perfect with young kids.

2 months ago

Great view of the falls. Pretty short, but great photo opportunities.

when you start going up the hill there are tons of fossils on the side of the trail in the rock mounds.

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