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First off let me start by saying heed the warning, this is a extremely steep trail, the way to the bottom will just about kill you, (depending on your level of hiking performance, there are multiple campsites along the way to the waterfall with nicely marked trails, also a nice overlook at the third campsite) but oh it is worth it once you get to the bottom, very rewarding and nice to get a cold shower at the end, but as before with a tough decline comes a even tougher incline, this trail about killed me, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!

It was a hard hike and when we got to the falls it was only a trickle if your not in shape for stairs don't go. float the buffalo and hike in that way. it was beautiful down at the waterfall though.

good hike ,but there are a lot of trees damage on the trail so you have to climb over and go around the trees

5 days ago

Great hike, great scenery, tons of fun.


trail was short and sweet with gorgeous falls at the end, looked like there was a trail to top of falls but we did not go up, it was a little muddy. have to drive about 3 miles down a dirt/rock road down a steep hill to get to this one. some of the road is pretty rough. overall a great trail, may go back again but in a different vehicle

Amazing and beautiful ! A nice half days hike in and out ! Spectacular views. You need a little experience , although I have seen families . Waterfall is beautiful after rains, or in winter , spring !

Beautiful waterfall and pool . What an easy walk . Need 4x4 to get in and out of county road !

I finally got yo experience this for myself ! I was in awe

on Smith Creek Trail

9 days ago

9 days ago

Very pretty trail. Lots of large rock formations. Features a plane crash site, a rock/bluff shelter, and two overlook points. Steep incline starting out, but it gets better.

10 days ago

This was not one of my favorites. We went in June and it was way overgrown, we had ticks all over us, it was like walking on a deer trail. We did the whole trail, the bottom loop and the top both North and South views and West Trail. I would NOT recommend the bottom loop, there was nothing to see and pretty sure a mountain lion came running out of a large den in front of us. Of course this happened on the very beginning of our trail so we were terrified the rest of the way. We got to the top and went to the North view. Don't take the North View path, take the West Trail. The North View path is over grown and just not a decent trail. The West Trail is much better and takes you to the North View. The North View was beautiful. Very pretty! But I would not do the South View at all, it was very over grown and the View was not that pretty and mostly blocked by trees... the only reason I gave it this rating was because of the North View.

Hope you have good brakes for drive in.