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Established in 1972, Buffalo National River flows freely for 135 miles and is one of the few remaining un-dammed rivers in the lower 48 states. Once you arrive, prepare to journey from running rapids to quiet pools while surrounded by massive bluffs as you cruise through the Ozark Mountains down to the White River.

This hike is rocky, but well worth the spectacular view. Leave your Chacos at home and wear trail shoes or hiking boots!

My wife and I hiked this and it’s amazing!!! The cave at the end is pretty cool!! Beautiful hike!!

Great views of the Buffalo River - loved the bluffs and winding trail along the rocks. No ticks were found, although a ranger did mention that some of the lesser traveled trails nearby had many problems with this. Loved the views--beautiful!

7 days ago

A beautiful trail, even with low water levels. I went into the cave where there is a small spring fed waterfall. A headlamp is very helpful to make to crawl back to the cave. My 6’4” husband couldn’t get to the cave. The first part of the trail was easy, after that I would rate it as moderate.

A fairly easy trail except for about 1/4 mile section coming back up. Other than that, highly recommended! Go during the week to avoid a lot of foot traffic. I went in mid September and saw 0 other people, it was fantastic. I’ve also hiked it on the weekends and it was a few more people than you might want. Hiked it on January 1st as well, and that was perfect weather (not as pretty without the leaves though).

We hiked from Boxley to Pruitt (roughly 37 miles) from June 6-9. It was hot and tick-filled but a great backpacking trip! The trail was a bit overgrown in some parts, but still pretty easy to navigate--a good amount of blazes helped! Lots of already established backcountry campsites. Sadly, campers before us did not do a good job practicing LNT principles :-(

Quite a few creek beds were dry but we were still able to find a good amount of water.

10 days ago

This was a really pretty trail, but it is hard to get to if your not from the area. Needs better signs. It hasn't rained much so the waterfall was a drizzle for us. Pretty views.

10 days ago

Finding the start to the trail was surprisingly difficult. We overnighted in the Woolum campground, so we also had to cross Buffalo river to get to the trail. It wasn't a difficult river crossing, but this may be a significant hurdle to consider for some; it was just above waist deep. Once across the river, access to the trail is hidden away a short distance up the smaller fork of the river. Part of it is also overgrown, having succumb to the woods.

Once started, however, the trail is quite fine. There were some neat things along the trail such as an old car and a couple of old buildings.

Awesome trail. Loved the rock stairways and different water falls along the way. Wish we were there when water was running. It would be even more beautiful in early spring.

22 days ago

Hiked today and the trail was over grown with tall grass. Ticks were out in force.

23 days ago

Very fun for those who love waterfalls. Kinda crowded on weekends and holidays but overall super fun and beautiful

What a wonderful hike! Varied terrain, views, more little creeks/brooks than you can count. All of this leading to and from an amazing destination that is the Indian Rock House. Not once does the trail become monotonous or mundane - there is so much to see!
Make sure to bring a flashlight or headlamp if you want to explore the small cave within the rock house. If you go after a rain you will most likely get your feet wet as the trail crosses over the creek several times.
Really enjoyed it!

Beautiful!! The trail leading out is extremely rocky so hiking boots are recommended. The goat trail is very narrow - I would not take young children up or anyone frail or afraid of heights. Amazing view!

We camped at the campground the night before in really hard rainfall so of course the trail was really wet when we went the next day. It was really pretty and we only saw one other group on our hike on memorial day weekend. The trail is kinda hard to find, a park ranger had to point us the right direction. Definitely worth the hike. There are several lookout points and waterfalls along the trail. We were also able to sit at the edge of a waterfall looking out onto the river. It was a great spot for our morning snack!

The trail is great but was wildly busy on a weekend day. There was barely any parking left and the trail was crowded. That being said, it's a fun hike with lots to see. There's a couple little caves and the one at the end of the trail is fun to crawl through. Bring a headlight or flashlight and enjoy. Right when you enter the cave, there's a room on the left that you have to duck into, but is quite tall once inside and is a cool place to see.

This hike was a little more strenuous that initially anticipated but the views from the bluff were great. We were there in the fall and the colors were beautiful. I would recommend hiking boots and possibly trekking poles depending on skill/ability. Part of the hike is through a drainage area during rainfall so expect mud if it recently rained.

29 days ago

Wowsers! Hiked this trail on 05/19/2018 and LOVED it! The water level was WAAAY down, so crossing the creek back and forth to keep on the trail wasn’t an issue. However, that’s not to say the hike was “easy” - This is an incredibly challenging trail - There are extremely slick rocks, ledges the width of your foot that if you slipped, you’d fall down several feet into those extremely slick rocks, boulder scrambling and then of course, the steep rope-aided climb at the end. We planned for 2 hours for this 4.7 mile hike, but it ended up taking us 3 hours and 15 minutes, (keep in mind we went crazy fast on the way back) - You should easily anticipate for 4 hours. For those afraid of heights, or those who aren’t sure-footed, DON’T attempt this hike - If you don’t have any of those issues and you’re at a reasonable fitness level and like challenges, then you’ll love this trail. Do note: the last rope is fraying quite a bit - While the other ropes and anchor-types were great, the last rope’s integrity is seeming sketchy - Would definitely recommend a qualified person looking at replacing in the near future. Also note: I picked up a lone star tick on this trail, so prepare accordingly.

The views while walking along the bluffs were awesome! The rest of the hike, we couldn't see anything besides dense forest. Also, several sections of the trail were in fairly poor condition, with some steep sections of mainly loose rocks.

Hike this last year. Amazing views along the goat trail. Views make the strenuous hike back up well worth it.

Spectacular views of the Buffalo River valley! A bit strenuous hiking back up. Would certainly recommend bringing water, some high protein snacks/lunch, and a pair of hiking boots to traverse the loose rock and occasional muddy patches. Trekking poles may come in handy as well on the steeper portions.

1 month ago

Well, I had high expectations and the pictures were amazing. Unfortunately for me, the growth was up quite a bit already and the views were limited. I think it would be wiser to complete this hike early spring before the growth takes off or after the leaves drop.

Love this hike. And crawling back into cave to see fall.

1 month ago

Very nice trail! Well maintained and clean with beautiful scenery! Go in early spring after a good rain to see the waterfalls running full. A little crowded, but so worth it!

1 month ago

This adventure will be at the top of your list once you conquer it. You'll want to make it an annual journey that can't be missed. The trail is difficult, the water is crisp and the views are spectacular. It is a great trek whether it is wet or dry. Water is always present as it appears from the rocks out of, seemingly, nowhere. Try it, you'll like it.

1 month ago

Scenic, easy trail. There’s an underground waterfall if you’re into that.

1 month ago

My favorite trail in Arkansas. It’s not for the faint of heart though.

Really beautiful hike!

This hike had it all! Great views, rock formations, views, a waterfall, creek side parts, an old mine and quarry, and the cave is amazing! Definitely will go back! It was more strenuous that I thought, there was a LOT of uphill portions, but definitely worth it!

Poison Ivy, mosquitos if all trails were like this I’d work out in a gym. Only thing good is the shower at the end.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail. Easy enough for all ages.

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