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Established in 1972, Buffalo National River flows freely for 135 miles and is one of the few remaining un-dammed rivers in the lower 48 states. Once you arrive, prepare to journey from running rapids to quiet pools while surrounded by massive bluffs as you cruise through the Ozark Mountains down to the White River.

I absolutely love this trail. Somewhat challenging but very much worth it. If you’re a photographer, great place to go shoot! :)

This is a beautiful hike! Multiple rock formations and waterfalls to explore!

Beautiful views. Downhill on way in so plan for uphill on way back. We rested a little on way back up. Really worth it.

Remote rolling trail, follows tops of ridges above the river, drops down into hollows and creek bottoms, fine views of the river and hills in the distance.

12 days ago

We hiked down to the bluff first! Amazing views!! Easy trip down!! Then we hiked above the bluff!!! Even better views!! Next we went back to the bluff then went right further down to the river!! Worth the hike down!! After the river we went to granny’s house!! Neat little place!!! Lastly after all of that we hiked ALL the way back up!!! We spent about 6-7 hours exploring!!! The hike from top to bottom was rough so take breaks and go steady. Had we just don’t the bluff it probably wouldn’t have been to hard back up. Enjoy!!!!!

This hike is totally worth the view! It took us a little under an hour to make it down and about an hour and a half to make it back up. We brought a lunch and hung out on the bluff for a little while. Make sure you bring enough water and a snack. The hike back up has some hard patches, but it’s doable. We stopped about 3 times on the way back out for a breather and water break.

No real scenery until you get to the cliffs but once you get to the cliffs the view is amazing!

19 days ago

Nice hike. Nice views. Good cardio going back up! I definitely recommend doing an overnighter. Really nice!

20 days ago

The hike can be moderate to difficult depending on which path you take. There’s no grand view but worth the hike. We went when the water was low /none. Super easy to lose the trail your on, but follow the creek and you’ll find your way.

Great overlook! Well worth the uphill trek out!

28 days ago

Best place around the Ponca area I’ve seen so far. Challenging, crazy at times, and worth every bit. Lots of bouldering, scrambling, spidermanning through and over rocks along the creek. The water was pretty low but still enough to make waterfallls and swimming holes. We got up to the eye and it was super slick and wet all along the way. Made it a little more fun and challenging. The rope parts up to the cave and lookout are key and thankful for whoever put them up! We will go back and tool around more after a good rain

Hiked down to the goat trail in the snow on January 14th. It was beautiful and worth every step. Kinda steep coming back up hill. A must see!!

This loop is essentially two trails, counterclockwise (1) south half is well maintained "tourist trail" visits a half dozen old mines, mine entrances fenced off, J-shaped, moderate, some gradual uphill. No problem with ticks & chiggers, trail is mostly a wide road.
(2) north side enters forest, is primitive, not maintained, essentially a bushwhack. Good Samaritans hung ribbons on trees, carefully follow the fading ribbons (tread buried under leaves), ascend the ridge thru rock formations, nice vista, then descend back down to the well-groomed tourist trail on the north side. Don't attempt the wild unmaintained north side of the loop unless adventurous and fit.

The hike back up is no joke!! Not to mention the decent being somewhat difficult as well. I’m a young, slightly out of shape, but otherwise healthy person and it was definitely doable, but by no means leisurely. The views are totally worth it, even in winter!! The actual bluff/ goat trail was not as intimidating as I thought but I’m not afraid of heights in the first place. Personally, I would not bring kids even though I saw some on the hike. There was even a family with a baby and a stroller and they were definitely having a difficult time back up. Otherwise I 10/10 recommend this hike!

Great trail. Very nice winter views! Like the previous reviews say easy walk to Big Bluff...all downhill. Hike out another story all uphill.. definitely allow extra time heading back to the trailhead. Great wildlife saw both deer and wild hogs on my hike. Be very careful on the Goat Trail on the Bluff! You can still get amazing views without crossing the ledge. It is literally breathtaking! Worth the walk!!!

1 month ago

I hiked this trail today and it was incredible! Getting to the Eye of the Needle was a challenge but I took my time and held on to the ropes that help guide you up and down the side of the cliff. Also I’m glad I became Pro on this All Trails App because it guided me along with GPS and got me where I needed to be because the trail is not marked.

1 month ago

Hiked this trail on 12/29. What an amazing trail!

1 month ago

Simple, easy, flat hike great for all ages/abilities. There are some great views of the buffalo River at the beginning of the trail. The trail takes you right along the creek for the majority of the hike, which was pleasant.

2 months ago

I did this trail in December and had a great time. I liked the fact that the river came fairly close to the trail several times eliminating the need to carry large amounts of water. The views were nice and there were some old homesteads and cemeteries along the way. The creek crossing to start the trail was a little brisk but there is a fire ring just up from the waters edge and if you strip before crossing,the warming up and drying out is a quick process. At the time of my crossing the water was about crotch deep at the deepest part and there was no current.

2 months ago


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