Where is the trailhead?

Went after lunch, and it got warm on the West side. My husband and I enjoyed the views from both sides of the peaks and also enjoyed the fact that our heart rate went up. Definitely a moderate trail.

Enjoyed the hike very much! It was fairly easy, even for non-experienced hikers. A bit rocky here and there but the views were worth it!

Great hike, north side much more challenging

18 days ago

Was a really fun hike wasn’t too bad took about two hours but we kept on stopping and looking at the view kids loved it!!!

21 days ago

Trail is rugged and the west, alternative, "extreme" summit is VERY steep. I did it in sneakers but wish I brought hiking boots. Nice views fun trail.

After 1st km km, a great sidewinder type of trail, fairly rugged, that circles three or four peaks and walks you along a few ridges. Nice views 360.

So many people don't clean up after their pets. it might just be the people in the neighborhood since you have to walk behind homes a ways to actually get to the trailhead. It was my first time so will be back and go farther. Not busy at all from 8am to 9am.

1 month ago

Great view! I loved it! It has plenty of places that level out so it’s not bad at all. The view was a huge pay-off! Wow!

Should be rated hard. Loose rock everywhere, very technical. I enjoyed it and the views were terrific, but you need good boots and a taste for precise foot placement.

Not what I expected. Lots of loose rocks and I felt like I was climbing more than hiking. This is an advanced trail and I was looking for an intermediate trail. I did get beautiful pictures from about a mile up before turning around and having a heck of a time shimmying my way down. Glad I did check it out, just not what I like.

Great low traffic hike! Good elevation and scenic views, highly recommend.

Solid trail that is not traveled by many, so you can easily expect little traffic along the way. Pay attention to the trail map, trailhead and groomed paths. Tucked into the Westwing community and often overlooked as a trail to hike. Very nice views of the NW valley. Make sure you have decent hiking or trail running shoes as the trail has some loose rocks along the way. I wouldn't recommend it for kids under the age of 10-12 either. Dogs are welcome but not a trail I would bring them along if not necessary since the routes can be narrow in quite a few spots.

Easily one of my go to trails in the valley. Not too congested at all, reasonable for dogs also. Good elevation changes and routes to choose from, with 3 total peaks to get to and options around them should you want. Very nice views of the NW valley. Recommended by far.

1 month ago

Nice hike. The rocks are beautiful. Amazing views from multiple view points. The trailhead is easy to follow. Challenging trail with a spot to go rock climbing. This is a good spot to build up your knees and ankles and cardio.

Beautiful views but it’s easy to get off trail without realizing it.
Great moderate hike!

I set out to discover more hiking options in the West Valley and came upon West Wing Mountain. Neat hike! I found the mountain and trail no problem; I don't know other people's problem finding where it is. Just park in the West Wing Park and walk across the street. Or you can walk the other direction and hike Sunrise Mountain. I'll save that for next time!
For a small mountain, it sure is rocky and the trails can get really hard to see. I found myself scrambling to get up a peak on the West side of the mountain, only to realize the trail was on the other side of the mountain. I loved the views at the top and the uniqueness with the desert on this hike! Will do again!

Nice trail but we did get off the trail without realizing it at one point. It seemed like it was a groomed trail but when I pulled out my GPS it showed we had made a wrong turn. Newbies—use your phone/GPS to make sure you’re still on track!

As a family, we enjoy getting out to hike. my 7 &8 treat olds were able to handle the trail, but i wouldn't recommend it for younger kids. I am not a fan of the parking situation. A separate parking area would be nice. As it as now just a stop on the corner of Higueroa and High Desert.

Love this trail for a quick hike that gets your heart beating! Not too hard and has beautiful views!!

This is my favorite of the Peoria area hikes thus far. The steep route is intense and hiking shoes are necessary over gym shoes due to rocky and loose terrain. This one will burn a but, and is significantly more strenuous than other nearby peaks. The views are great and the trail was moderately crowded on a Saturday morning.

Great views!

2 months ago

Beautiful views

I really enjoy going here. Plus close to home is great.

2 months ago

Pretty mellow little hike, close to home. The sunrise was pretty awesome, hence the name I suppose.

2 months ago

Fun little loop. Scenic views.

Great hike and views.

Great hike, with multiple difficulty options. Great views!

Loved this one

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