Small challenges in certain parts on the more difficult trail. Good views. Not a whole lot of traffic during mid day.

I did part of this trail a few weeks ago, but had to turn back after it began to rain pretty severely. I came back today and really enjoyed it. It’s very walkable and has sections of loose rock, but isn’t unmanageable. It’s decently marked. I took the difficult path up, which wasn’t unreasonable. Will be back.

21 days ago

Very private


Did this hike February 15, 2018. I took about 2.5 hours to do the loop, following the difficult path option. I only seen two woman leaving near the start and one man about the 3/4 mark on the way down. The weather was clear and 74 degrees and a 5 mph wind. There are some monsters for homes that are huge you see from the traverse.

I didn’t see these homes on the way in because the difficult option bypasses the traverse.

Nice hike and gives you a workout. I went through 2 quarts of water and could of used a third.


Did this trail this morning. There was not a lot of traffic when I went. There was 10 people that I came across at 5 different occasions. Once you park, the trailhead is .1 or .2 miles away. The trailhead states that the trail is 4.2 miles long, however, I don’t think that adds the distance of the “extreme” trail. My distance at the end was 5.9 miles and it took me 2.5 hours. I’m personally out of shape and found some parts of the trail strenuous. However, the trail was well marked and I took the more difficult trails. This trail is surrounded by the city, but offers amazing views.

This trail is listed as a 4 mile loop. Both All Trails and Map My Tracks logged me at 5.1 miles. You might want to change your mileage quote. It’s a good hike and tests you a bit.

Nice workout in the city.

trail running
5 months ago

I've run it 5 or 6 times. Somehow the first mile is the hardest, but the views are great. Beware on the way back, when you get to the saddle (above the switchback) where there's a T, there's what looks like a trail going off to the left. I took that the first time, and it deposits you in a non-trail. The two correct ways back both start off in almost the same direction. The left-hand trail back (heading north) is almost scrambling, I won't say I was running that part...

This trail is rated moderate but it is not suitable for anything but boots and experienced hikers. Steep, loose and rocky, bring a hiking pole. Not suitable for young children. The ruggedness and vistas are spectacular. Great access to vast, empty state, county, and federal land at North and East trailheads. Makes a great 2 to 3 hour adventure.

Good moderate trail! Amazing 360 views! You can see downtown to the southeast and lake pleasant to the north. Decent climb and a really good training hike. If you do the loop and all the scenic views you’ll get a good 5.5-6 miles in. No shade, bring sunscreen and water!

Loved it! Went on a Saturday morning and there were more people at the trailhead park (west wing park) than the trail itself. Only issue was stopping every once in a while to figure out which path was the right path (need better trail markers). It’s a little narrow in certain sections around the southern peak with steep drop offs (careful with kids less than 8ish).

This is a great trail and easy to get to. also good for dogs. Remember to bring water

This is my go to trail. It's close to my house and can give you a varied workout with distances up to 6 miles.

7 months ago

Nice out and back with a small loop- bit of climbs in places but very moderate overall.

What a nice trail! My husband and I (early 60's) are new to the area living in Glendale. Thunderbird always busy on the weekends so looked for another trail close by. Arrived around 9 and began a lovely hike. It is a good workout with great views.

Good hike

After doing every trail on this mountain, I have to say, it never disappoints. It is a good workout and I love the views of the Bradshaw Mountains and Lake Pleasant to the north.
Crowds on the weekend, but if you can get here during the week, you might be lucky to have the trails to yourself. Spring is my favorite with the green grasses and wildflowers. In the warm months, beware of snakes and swarms of bees.

7 months ago

My family and I enjoy this hike. I've completed it several times with them and by myself. It is also pet-friendly. I would also recommend this for trail running. There are crowds on the weekend, but the views of Peoria are nice. Bathrooms are at the trailhead if you start from Westwing Park.

Went in the early morning, around 7 am, it was still nice and cool throughout the whole hike. It was pretty rocky but manageable. Had a beautiful view of the valley and was lucky enough to watch a hot air balloon float by!

Where is the trailhead?

Went after lunch, and it got warm on the West side. My husband and I enjoyed the views from both sides of the peaks and also enjoyed the fact that our heart rate went up. Definitely a moderate trail.

8 months ago

Enjoyed the hike very much! It was fairly easy, even for non-experienced hikers. A bit rocky here and there but the views were worth it!

Great hike, north side much more challenging

8 months ago

Was a really fun hike wasn’t too bad took about two hours but we kept on stopping and looking at the view kids loved it!!!

8 months ago

Trail is rugged and the west, alternative, "extreme" summit is VERY steep. I did it in sneakers but wish I brought hiking boots. Nice views fun trail.

After 1st km km, a great sidewinder type of trail, fairly rugged, that circles three or four peaks and walks you along a few ridges. Nice views 360.

So many people don't clean up after their pets. it might just be the people in the neighborhood since you have to walk behind homes a ways to actually get to the trailhead. It was my first time so will be back and go farther. Not busy at all from 8am to 9am.

9 months ago

Great view! I loved it! It has plenty of places that level out so it’s not bad at all. The view was a huge pay-off! Wow!

Should be rated hard. Loose rock everywhere, very technical. I enjoyed it and the views were terrific, but you need good boots and a taste for precise foot placement.

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