The white dots need to be redone and make sure you wear pants and a long sleeve due to the path being through bushes and very narrow paths.

19 days ago

I loved this trail!

The only setback was the smell next to the dam. There were tons of rotting plants, and the smell was unimaginable

this was an awsome trail but beware the first time I did it I got confused even with the numerous trail markings and ended up on the 10 mile trail that connects to this one and 10 miles hurt haha, but if you stick to this one it's very versatile light boulder climbing combined with flat trail.

Arguably, the most versatile trail I have ever hiked. From pines and high grass to boulder climbing. This trail offers a little bit of everything if you do the whole loop. Be aware that there is little relief from the sun, so plan accordingly on warm or hot days. A must hike.

Very populated area, but pretty. Lots of trash, well, because there's a lot of people who use the area. Trails can be hard to find at times, but you can't go wrong if you make a wrong turn- you're still not out in the middle of nowhere. $3 to park.