overall a really great hike! the southern, Eastern and Western sides is boring but the northern Boulder area makes up for it! in the boulder area watch for the white dots placed about every 20' on the rocks. they will guide you along. do not assume the path follows any worn dirt path ( of which there are many) along the way. Stay with the white dots. some of the dots cannot be seen until you get up to the boulder so pay attention to your compass and map. also, be especially alert when other trails intersect the main trail as they also have white dots.

allow 2.5 - 3.0 hours for the full hike. we are in good shape and are faster walkers but it took us 2.5 hours. Have fun!

Beautiful & scenic hike! Take the loop along the lake and not the straight & narrow loop. It’s more challenging and much more beautiful. Bring picnic to eat when you get down in the bowels...picturesque! Remember to take your trash with you.

“Easier” to go south from parking lot and loop around. Get the ugly marsh out of the way and end up on the pretty lake for second half

16 days ago

Beautiful scenery. Follow the white dots or easy to get off trail. Took us 3 hours to complete. I would rate this as moderate due to lots of climbing up rocks with very little flat sections.

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29 days ago

Loves this trail!! Beautiful scenic views and fairly smooth. Some spots are a little rough, but the lake view makes it all worthwhile!

Loved this hike! I was a bit nervous going into it with a weaker left knee, and this being my first hike but all went well. There were some small beginner scrambling areas and some areas where you do some rock climbing, but all of it was so worth it for the beautiful scenery. I would definitely recommend this hike, it was lots of fun and the sights are worth all the work you put into it.

Loved this trail! There are some tough spots and small climbs/scrambles, but nothing terribly difficult to handle. We went very early in the morning and spent about 5 hours hiking around the lake and taking in all the amazing scenery.