I'm from back East and am used to hiking in "the green tunnel." This is a fantastic change of scenery. Great trail with some fun technical pieces for beginner scramblers. Make sure to watch for the white dots. They are there but sometimes you have to search for them. A great mix of rock scrambling, dirt/sandy path, views, and flat wide trails. We got a little off trail at the northernmost end but thanks to GPS we located the Peavine trail easily. We elected to stay on this trail rather than access the lakeshore trail portion just because we were running out of daylight. I recommend allowing 3 hours so you have time to stop and enjoy the views.

There were some pretty parts with the rock formations and lake. However, it got EXTREMELY buggy and it made it impossible to enjoy the hike. Also, anytime we would get close to the water it reaked and smelled like sewage. It was hard to enjoy anything about this hike.

Awesome trail, be sure to go off trail a little. Wasn't to hard of a hike but lots of great lagoons and water pools. The back is best part.

1 month ago

While this site rates this loop as moderate I would have to say it is difficult. I would say that 3/4 of this loop is more boulder climbing than hiking and the only flat part of the hike comes at the end on the Peavine trail. As stated there is very little shade and due to the little water movement of the lake is does stink around the lake. Views of the lake come and go during the hike but are spectacular. This was our first hike for the fall and it was a hard but great workout.

Long trail lots of elevation changes and rocks to climb not for the faint of heart

Beautiful views throughout the majority of this hike. I would say avoid this in the summer unless you go early. Also, even though the trail is marked with white dots, I got off track quite a few times.

Great day-hike. Best done in overcast weather or after 5pm to avoid the heat and sun. Once on the rocks, there is no shade. The trail can be difficult to follow if you lose track of the spray-painted white dots on the rocks. On the way back (or there, depending on your route), you'll be walking along the old railroad track (no tracks anymore, but a wide gravel path). Benches are available along the lake, and ducks and geese are not far away if you have food to share.