def one of our top 5 fav. it was our first time and we did some side trails so around about hiking 6.5 miles and we had a guid who has hiked and worked there so we were very lucky. it is well marked and with white spray paint in the rocky areas. Some amazing views when on top of the rocks over looking the lake as seeing the surrounding mountains and the lower section is great for bird watching. there are a lot of side trails. it is def a moderate trail if not hard in some spots. there are some easy parts though if looking for a nice stroll or mountain biking and frisbee golf as well as bocci ball court. this is top five favorite trail we have done. there were maps at the parking lot which is 3 dollars to pay to park unless you have annual parks pass.

Challenging hike on a rocky trail, moderate and not easy.

My daughter and I loved this location. Absolutely beautiful place. Nice hike.

Wow this is a complicated trail. I got off track three times and hiked at least an hour longer than the two hours it says it generally takes to do this hike. I think I would’ve been completely lost if I didn’t have my all trails map to refer to. They were quite of number of people hiking today that also were getting lost. So be careful if this is your first time and use your trail map. Otherwise it was a gorgeous day and a lovely hike

Beautiful! This trail did not disappoint!

I've probably hiked this honestly 100 times or more. one of my favourite places in Prescott to be. This is a strenuous hike make sure to have proper footwear and water. A small snack is also a prime commodity. Above all enjoy the stunning beauty of the Dells. And make sure to take everything with you that you bring in!

Very challenging hike, but enjoyable

Beautiful and challenging hike

I was only here for ~30 minutes since i’m only spending the night in Prescott and then heading up north the next day. it’s very beautiful, if i lived nearby, i’d come back a lot. saw a few people kayaking- that’s cool lol. and we paid $3 (saturday) the people behind us didn’t pay at all...

definitely go clock wise around the trail. it was gorgeous. it took us 2 hours, the trail is really well marked with white dots. plenty of places to stop and take in the scenery. loved every minute!

3 months ago

Great variety of terrain. Go clockwise to get the workout done first. Last mile or so was flat. Map my walk clocked the route as a little over 5 miles.

Really enjoyed this trail. Hiked with our 2 and 4 year olds but there were areas where they needed to be carried down the rocks, or helped. Beginning was a bit boring, the middle is beautiful.
We didn’t bring enough water or sunscreen, bring LOTS of water if hiking this during the warmer months.

Super beautiful trail, sometimes a little steep, nice views.

trail running
3 months ago

I loved this trail. A did a sunset run/hike around it. The temperature was perfect and there was hardly anyone on the trail. I actually like how it isn’t super clearly marked, and how many different parts you can choose todo and still get to the same spot. The boulders where a good added intensity to my run, even though it was more of a shuffle in those parts.

Overall it’s a beautiful and great hike. Especially at sunset. I’ll have to do a sun rise hike soon.

beautiful trail .nice picture's kinda Rocky but do able.

This is a beautiful trail with amazing views of the lake. This is a nice trail because there is very few people on the trail.

Absolutely beautiful. We did the 4.8 mile loop that included Over the Hill and Lakeshore (I believe that’s what it was called.) I can’t wait to go back and spend more time there. It was actually more difficult than I thought it would be, a majority of it was fairly easy but the rocky sections can be tricky and steep. I def. recommend boots and not sneakers if you are in in for the longer hike. The bird watching was also great!

Watson Lake offers lots to see and the terrain is very unique. We went in June and it can be warm with very few places to get in the shade. We started out early, like 7:30am so the sun ended up not being an issue, but I was glad to be finishing up around 11. As an FYI we had planned to hike and then kayak, but the rentals are open Fri-Sun, so we were a day early. It all worked out as we did not need to get more sun after the 2.5 hour hike, so it ended up being a blessing in disguise. As noted the trail is beautiful and unique for AZ, but the route finding can be very difficult. We lost the trail several times, but knew that it followed the lake so when we lost the dots on the rocks we kept close to the shore. Also be careful in the mud flat area on the south end. We tried to take a short cut and cross the cracked dirt where it appeared the lake had receded. It might look dry but it is wet and gushy underneath, I sunk a few feet and boots and shins were covered in a sticky slick mud. Thankfully a bathroom was near to rinse out my boats. Entire loop took us about 2.5 hours, but we were probably bush wacking 1/3 of the way. Think this would be a much better fall hike due to the exposure and it does have some difficult parts so might be too much for beginners.

My husband (55) and I (39) hiked the loop yesterday morning. We parked in the upper parking lot right by the dells and started our hike to the left. We planned ahead and agreed to do the more difficult portion in the beginning. The white dots are very hard to follow at times and I was glad that we had our gps, which I highly recommend! Make sure to stop at the “waterfall” for some tranquil pictures. After you get out of the dells the hike becomes a lot easier and you can’t loose the path anymore. There are many amazing photo opportunities around every corner and believe me we took some great pictures. We finished the 5.3 mile loop in 2h 29m. Please remember to bring water and have $3.- cash ready when entering the parking lot. Also make sure to wear good shoes! Some areas are very slippery. Overall I would absolutely recommend this hike to anyone that is in good physical shape.

Amazing bike and hiking went out with my father and it was amazing love this and I will do this soon

Hike was far more difficult than anticipated. we should have stayed on the peavine trail for the majority of the trail, but unfortunately most of our hike was through the rugged rocky portion of the trail. it was far too hot and difficult for the hikers in our group. Got to be treacherous as we got overheated, worn out and low on water. Thankfully we all made it out, but took over 4 hours, was over 5 miles an we were pretty worn out. Be sure you know where you are on the trail... stay on peavine if your fitness level isn't up for this level of challenge.

I had an enjoyable time out on the trail, but found that it really doesnt skirt along the lake as much as I wanted. The lake is so beautiful that I couldnt help but walk off the trail up to the lake for more photos. I set out to do the entire loop, but managed instead to have zig zagged about 6 miles and was barely a third of the way around the lake, so I ended up having to turn back and walked another 2.5 miles back to my starting point because my water wouldnt have made the whole loop at the rate I went. The dots get hard to follow, Im not sure if maybe the trail is more obvious to others, but I found myself frustrated at a few points when I couldn't figure out which way I should go and it was another 15 feet to the next dot. Particularly by the bottom of the dam where it gets really grassy and green, I did a lot of circling and back tracking. I did have to get on all 4s to climb up and down several times, which isn't usually what I expect on a moderate trail. That being said, I guess if you stick exclusively to the trail and dont zig zag on and off the trail or end up on the side trails, it'll be the hike it says it is, but I found this trail to be at the upper limits of my physical ability as a 24 year old female who is by no means a couch potato, but doesnt exactly make it to the gym all 3 times per week.

5 months ago

It was about 5 miles for us.. but switched off to Peavine trail on the backside and skipped the last lakeshore trail

You do need good shoes and water.

White Dots very helpful but hard to see in places and easy to get off on an Ad Hoc trail if distracted. Some of the white dots are obscured and in other places a bit inconsistent ..i.e a bunch in one pace then spaced out a bit too far in other places. Map is good. GPS is good. Better in morning - cool ... we did rock stuff first than flat trail out...

Good hike. Rocky but slick loose gravel. Nice photo ops.

Took us 3 hours for three, fit adults. Got off the trail a few times, a bit confusing how they all connect and harder than moderate for sure

Definitely not an easy hike! Very challenging, but so worth it! The views are awesome :)

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